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Halloween --Fanatics create satanic hysteria in children

Added: (Sat Oct 14 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Kids who celebrate Halloween have a new menace besides ghosts and goblins -- religious groups that want to ban Halloween claiming that Oct. 31st is Satan's holiday and trick-or-treating is a sinful ritual that leads young people to paganism. There is a nationwide trend to ban traditional Halloween costume parties in schools due to parental complaints that the holiday is linked to devil worship.

"It's really tough being a kid today.They have to be on guard about being kidnapped or sexually molested, bombarded by peer pressure to use drugs, fears over sexual harassment and worry over a fellow classmate shooting up the school -- Now adults are saying that if you dress up as a witch or goblin on Halloween you're risking hell," says Los Angeles child psychologist Robert R. Butterworth, Ph.D., adding, "No wonder our kids are getting so stressed out!

Butterworth believes that parents who forbid a child to dress in costume and celebrate Halloween actually do more to increase a child's fear and preoccupation of the unknown than by participating in the festivities."Parents, by banning Halloween, give more credence to children's fantasies of scary creatures in the night."

Many fundamental Christian sects around the United States forbid their children to dress up as ghosts and goblins, sport frightening masks, carve jack-o-lanterns and go trick-or-treating.They believe celebrating Halloween, a day based on ancient non-Christian practices, gives homage to the Devil.

Not even classrooms are safe for Halloween haunts.A coalition of religious and education groups around the country oppose Halloween parties or celebrations in schools. Some parents and their children fall prey to satanic hysteria
caused by rumors that up to 50,000 children a year are abducted and ritually sacrificed by devil worshipers.To date, research and FBI crime statistics show no shred of evidence that the allegations are true.

Butterworth advises parents when it comes to Halloween to back off and don't get hung up over spooks and gory preoccupations.When it comes to costumes let the child choose which character to portray. Parents should not force children to dress up in a costume based on their reality.Regardless of a child's costume, ample adult supervision while children trick-or-treat is always a must.It will ease the minds of both adults and young children in the event they get spooked by harmless Halloween mischief.

While trick-or-treating with adult supervision is one thing, parents should not let young children view gruesome horror movies. Parents must realize that children under eight years have difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality in these films.
Nightmares could result.

Robert R. Butterworth, Ph.D. International Trauma Associates; P.O. Box 76477; Los Angeles, California
Telephone (213) 487-7339 (24 hours) E-Mail: robert@drbutterworth.net FAX: (213) 388-5167

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