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Hair Loss Treatment with Caffeine

Added: (Wed Mar 25 2015)

Pressbox (Press Release) - No this isnít about sipping cups of coffee to reverse baldness, this about slowing down the genetic hair loss process, by stimulating hair follicles with the application of caffeine based hair products like shampoo, conditioners, hair gel, hair spray and mouse etc.
This is a clinically tested study on mice, that the caffeine rich products have been applied on them and see a visible result of hair regeneration. However, whether if the mice where experiencing anything similar to human genetic hair loss is a logical question which attracts animal welfare activistís comments.
The compounds of caffeine are not new for hair loss treatment. It has previously been used in hair loss mediations, including Propecia and Minoxidil. The idea is to target the receptor mechanisms of stem cells in the dermal papillae that directly stimulate the hair follicles.
However, the oral medications are often notorious for raising certain health problems in men, causing prostate disorders, or trigger development of male breast etc. the topical application of these products are deemed to have benefits without any side effects.
So why it is that sipping coffee cannot fight hair loss that the proposed hair grooming products will? It is about the dosage. The savior of hair miniaturization isnít coffee, but caffeine. And so much of coffee wonít be good for the liver and other health related issues. Whereas, the topical products targets the hair follicles alone; the amount of caffeine that is needed for the benefits would require one to have three 3literes of rich coffee every day, which is enough to raise a lethal health hazard.
The caffeine rich hair grooming products are not permanent solutions; they can be a good option to use at initial stages androgenic alopecia. Combining them with Propecia, Minoxidil or any such medications hasnít been quoted to have any risks or side effects but it is wiser to mention the usage of supplements to your physician, just in case to gather considerations if there are any provocative symptoms at all.
As it is widely anticipated among young men, there is unfortunately no way one can avoid the time frame of going bald if they are genetically designed to. From stages of hair miniaturization a number of men, usually young men seek to opt for hair restoration and avoid going bald. However, surgeons often turn down young patients, of around late 20s to 30s, in a bid to have more permanent results, since only the hairs that are genetically immune towards baldness can be used for hair transplant surgery and permanent hair restoration.
Hair Restoration is a complex and extensively studied medical as well as cosmetically prioritized subject. Hair Transplantation is a cosmetic surgery that sees a number of celebrities to cover up bald scalps with a very natural looking hair density using the candidateís own baldness resistant hair to replace onto the bald spots and get a permanent coverage.

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