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Added: (Thu Mar 13 2014)

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In Maaruthi medical centre and hospital, Erode,the department of reproductive medicine headed by Dr.Nirmala Sadasivam had achieved a live birth of a male/female baby for 54 years old Mrs.Pangajam on 28th November 2013 , by the up-to-the-minute IVF technology called CAPSULE TEST TUBE BABY treatment method. This Novel treatment was done for her in March 2013in Maaruthi Medical Centre and Hospital, Erode using a CAPSULE Device called INVOcell ( Intra Vaginal Culture of Oocytes ), a gas permeable, air-free plastic device manufactured in USA. This novel Capsule Test tube baby method was introduced in USA in 2011 and in India in 2012. First time in India, a live healthy baby has been delivered using this method.
Dr.NirmalaSadasivam has explained about this new test tube baby method,“First test tube baby of the universe was born in 1975 in London. In the past 38 years IVF science has seen incredible accomplishments. It started with two days embryo culture outside the body in an incubator has evolved now with the latest mode called “Blastocyst Culture” which offers the best possible success rates of 60-70%. The above said procedures incur expenditures for ovulation induction, ovum retrieval, embryo culture in incubators, culture Medias and for embryo transfer into the woman’s womb. Since most of ovum stimulating injections and the culture Medias in which the embryos are grown are imported, these procedures are expensive and unreachable to a common Indian even today. The exclusive advantage of the capsule IVF is that it attracts very low expenditure which is less than one third of routine test tube baby treatment cost and this procedure needs only nominal Ovulation induction with minimum hormonal drugs and practically no incubation expenditure as both of the above only constitute 80% of the expenditure of regular IVF procedure. This method is an boon for many women and men struggling with infertility whose access to treatment is not possible due to financial challenges, limited availability of specialized medical care and social or cultural roadblocks which prevent these hopeful parents from realizing their dream to have a baby. With the INVOcell Procedure, more and more patients can now receive safe, effective and affordable infertility treatment. The other laudable benefits are that it shares more or less the same percentage of success rate of the conventional IVF apart from making infertility therapy a more personal and comforting experience especially for the female partner.

In this capsule IVF, eggs are retrieved from the woman and it will be mixed with the prepared sperms of the husband in the desired culture media in the prescribed manner. The prepared material will be placed inside the capsule under ideal aseptic laboratory condition by the specially trained personnel. The prepared CAPSULE containing the embryo along with the specific culture media which is going to nourish the embryo during the period of vaginal culture, is kept in the woman’s vaginal cavity as an outpatient procedure without anaesthesia. Vaginal canal has the required temperature (warmth) and ambient gaseous environment to promote the culture of the embryos. The cultured embryos are then replaced into the woman’s womb on third day which will further grow inside the womb like natural embryos with the ideal luteal support.

Dr.Sadasivam, the chairman of MMCH has told the press “ This capsule IVF was done in March 2013 in our centre using the device called “INVOCELL” manufactured by a company in USA. From 10th April 13, the day pregnancy was confirmed the antenatal period was uneventful and both mother and child are doing very well now. This cost effective method is a boon for thepoor infertile couples and they must utilize these opportunities to fulfil their intense desire of parenthood.

Head of the Indian marketing division of the manufactures has told that,“this method was introduced in 2012 in India and the first delivery happened in India, in Erode, in Maaruthi Medical Centre and Hospitals today. As we want to pass on this low cost Capsule IVF benefit to needy infertile population of India”.

Regarding this event Mr.Velappan, the husband of Mrs.Pankajam( 54 years) has spoken to the press with heartfelt of joy and gratitude “ We are hailing from an agriculture family from a village a called Sankagiri in Salem District. Iam married since 25 years and we are taking treatment for the past 20 years in various institutes throughout Tamilnadu and nearby states also. Because of repeated failure I lost money, job and even confidence. I heard about the genuine infertility treatments offered at MMCH , Erode and I approached Dr.Nirmala Sadasivam for a baby. She has shown the right path with a very low cost treatment, and we are now with handful of joy and happiness, for which we are thankful for their medical team for ever”.

Submitted by:Dr.Nirmala Sadasivam
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