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Electric Muscle Stimulation To Achieve Fitness And Performance

Added: (Mon Feb 26 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - 26th February 2018, U.A.E

For exercisers who have been doing a regular 90 minute workout and were told that there is an equivalent but it's only a 20 minute session, it would be a turning point in their training. Electric muscle stimulation uses electric impulses to make muscles contract during the workout, which makes it an intense training in itself. It is a fairly new concept but many exercisers are clamouring to get on it due to the massive incentives.

A personal trainer will do the EMS workout session. It involves the exerciser wearing something similar to a wet suit. The EMS bodysuit delivers current to various parts of the body which then reaches the deep layers of muscle that conventional training would find difficult to get to. First things first, there can be any level of electric pulse as long as it makes the person feel comfortable. These electric pulses then target different parts which include the abs, legs and arms. All this depends purely on fitness goals.

In a normal workout, 50% of the muscles get a real workout. Comparatively, EMS training targets 98% of muscles. And the workout is relatively short. In 20 minutes, the training is pretty much over and the pulse has activated different parts of the body.

The Training

The electric pulse contracts several muscles at the same time per second. While this depends on the workout setting, it still means the electric contractions are stronger than traditional contractions and many more muscles are reached without placing pressure on the shoulders, back and knees similar to if they were lifting heavy weights.

The EMS Session

People may wonder what happens to the body during EMS workout. In a conventional workout, the central nervous system controls the muscles and thus causes the contract. In an EMS training the central nervous system is not involved in any way, the muscles are controlled by external electrical impulses.

Also, it is the best workout for busy adults. It is recommended that exercisers do just one or two EMS workouts per week because of its intensity levels.

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