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Care Instructions to Follow Pre and Post IPL Laser Treatment

Added: (Sat Jun 08 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - IPL laser treatment is a well-known non-surgical cosmetic procedure that gives a lightened, smooth, enhanced and rejuvenated skin not only for the face but for the entire body. It offers noticeable results that last for over a long period of time or even for a lifetime.

IPL laser treatments in New Jersey can treat almost all skin irregularities from vascular birthmarks like hemangiomas and port-wine marks to age spots, freckles, and some hyperpigmentation caused by pregnancy and menopausal stage. Wrinkles, photo-damaged skin and scars because of acne are also reduced. Furthermore, the treatment also helps to remove keloids, hyper tropic scars, warts, psoriasis, certain kind of skin tumors and even chickenpox can be treated. Skin experts especially recommend this treatment for eliminating age spots and redness caused by Rosacea. The laser treatments are done through several sessions which depend on different skin types and conditions.

Pre-treatment Care Instructions:

Optimize your treatment results with the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) by following these instructions closely:

1. Do not wear any makeup, perfume, or lotions in the treatment area before treatment.

2. Make sure to daily wear sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 as sunburned skin cannot be treated.

3. Stay away from irritants to your face, such as any products containing hydroquinone, bleaching creams, Retin-A, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acids, astringents or chemical peels for at least two weeks.

4. Do not bleach two weeks prior to treatment to avoid skin irritation. Again, do not use any self-tanning agents for at least two weeks before your treatment.

5. Do inform the concerned people about any new antibiotics or medications that you might be taking, as they may make your skin sensitive to light treatments, and therefore, they may not be able to treat you for one or two weeks after completion of the antibiotic.

6. Shave the area to be treated a day before your appointment.

Aftercare Instructions:

1. Picking is a big NO as scabbing could lead to scarring.

2. There may be redness and bumps at the treatment site right away after the IPL treatment which may last up to two hours to a few days. If needed, use a cold compress, aloe vera gel, or 1% hydrocortisone as it is normal for the treated area to feel like sunburn for a few hours.

3. Only if there is no extended redness, blistering, or scabbing that you can use makeup. Make sure to put moisturizer on under your makeup.

4. You can significantly reduce the chance of dark and light spots by avoiding sun exposure 4-6 weeks after treatment.

5. Avoid hot water and anything irritating to the skin until initial skin irritation subsides. Again, avoid skin irritants to the face for at least 2 days.

6. In the area treated, do not wear tight, constricting clothing as it can cause irritation and skin cannot cool properly.

7. Until your skin is back to normal, do not perform exercise, receive any body treatments, take hot showers, etc.

8. Contact your skin expert if you have any signs of infection such as pus, tenderness, fever.

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