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Fassit UK Press Response Re - 'Open or shut case in Guardian UK'

Fassit UK Press Release in response to the Guardian article on Wednesday April 19, 2006 entitled 'Open or shut case' Link: http://society.guardian.co.uk/societyguardian/story/0,,1755965,00.html It should be immediately acknowledged that such is the corruption within the Family Court that even th(Added: Thu Apr 20 2006)

State Agency Launches New Logo in its Battle for Health Care

The Office of Private Health Partnerships (OPHP) Wins LogoBee.com’s Logo Design Makeover Contest for Non-Profits A state agency in Oregon that works to increase the number of people with health insurance is sporting a new logo these days, thanks to LogoBee’s designers. The agency, the Office (Added: Tue Apr 18 2006)

LA Group and Actor Corey Feldman Vow Ballot Fight Over Elephant Exhibit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- April 14, 2006 LA Group, Corey Feldman Vow Ballot Fight Over Elephant Exhibit Inhumane and Fiscally Irresponsible Council Decision Will lead to Citizen’s Initiative (Los Angeles) – In response to the passage of the Los Angeles Zoo’s elephant exhibit expansion propos(Added: Sat Apr 15 2006)

Security Expert Michael Witcher Calls for Arrest of Illegal Aliens at Immigration Protests

For Immediate Release Homeland Security Expert Calls for Inspection of Protestors Homeland security expert Michael Witcher suggested today that the Department of Homeland Security should check the citizenship status of every person attending protests of U.S. immigration laws -------------------(Added: Thu Apr 13 2006)

UnityUK goes live in the first library authorities

UnityUK, the next generation resource sharing and interlibrary loan service from The Combined Regions (TCR), has gone live in the first three library authorities to move onto the new system. This represents the first phase of libraries to migrate to UnityUK and comes just six weeks after the announ(Added: Fri Apr 07 2006)

Norman Arch Group (NAG) Call Public Meeting

Campaigners against the proposed sale of Cirencester's Norman Arch by the Town Council are calling a public meeting in Cirencester on May 3rd at 7pm in St Peter's Hall, Ashcroft Gardens. "We felt it was time that the people of Cirencester were updated and were given a chance to ask questions abou(Added: Tue Apr 04 2006)

Conference: Local Transport - engaging local communities

Landor Conference on Engaging Local Communities Thursday 18 May 2006, Thistle Charing Cross, London Transport, urban design and entertainment industry specialist, Landor Conferences has announced a conference on consulting and engaging local communities in local transport plans and schemes. (Added: Mon Apr 03 2006)

RAB's second anniversary

Rapid Action Rapid Action Battalion celebrated it second anniversary last month. Just in 2 years, this organization has earned the reputation and esteem of being most committed instrument in Bangladesh to combat terrorism and Islamist militancy. Bangladesh's Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia entruste(Added: Sat Apr 01 2006)

Encounter or extra-judicial killing?

It is a matter of debate in Bangladesh, as to whether, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) is engaged in extra-judicial killing or the people so far killed were subjects of encounter. Political opponents of the ruling BNP led coalition government are always trying to label such death as extra-judicial kill(Added: Sat Apr 01 2006)

Job Zone Network� is Pleased to Announce the Launch of MilitaryJobZone.Com�

Temecula, CA � April 03, 2006 - Military Job Zone (www.militaryjobzone.com) is a part of the Job Zone Network suite of niche career centers. Military Job Zone, run by former military members with years of experience in the military recruitment and placement industry, is an online career center tha(Added: Fri Mar 31 2006)

Paul Smith, Remote Viewer will appear on In Short Order, Friday, March 31 at 9PM EST

On IN SHORT ORDER, Friday, March 31, 2006 at 9:00PM, Sue Vogan will be speaking with Remote Viewer, Paul Smith. It's out of a Hollywood thriller and highly classified. Nexus magazine calls it "The ESP of Espionage." Is it a hoax or real? Is it currently being used? Can just anyone remote view? C(Added: Tue Mar 28 2006)

Martin Luther King Is For Everybody, Not Just Black People; His Powerful Ideas Can Guide Us All Toda

( EMAILWIRE.COM, March 23, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA - A few years ago, one of my co-workers (from another country) asked me this question: "What did Martin Luther King actually do to deserve a holiday in his name?" My reply was this: "Martin Luther King was the unquestioned leader of the Amer(Added: Thu Mar 23 2006)

A group of people reminds the President about bus crash in April, 2005

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 03/22/2006 A group of people reminds the President about bus crash in April, 2005 People wrote a letter to Mr. Bush in which an idea of developing new and more effective ways to detect drug addicts necessity is discussed. San Francisco, CA - 03/22/2006 - "Detox" c(Added: Wed Mar 22 2006)

The Combined Regions announces UnityUK: The name for its new generation resource sharing and interli popular

The Combined Regions has announced that UnityUK will be the name for its next generation resource sharing and interlibrary loan service. UnityUK is the latest generation of the established Unity service. UnityUK will, for the first time, deliver a national network for resource sharing for the UK as(Added: Wed Mar 22 2006)


The National Coalition of Human Rights Activists (NCHRA) has received dozens of emails (NCHRA@hotmail.com) expressing anger and outrage over "stolen valor," and request the passage of the proposed "Stolen Valor Act of 2005" sponsored by Rep. John Salazar (D-Colorado). The proposed Act will make it a(Added: Tue Mar 21 2006)

Universal Guardian's Service Group Receives New Contract Raising the Total of 2006 Contract Awards t

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., -- Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (OTC: UGHO) (BULLETIN BOARD: UGHO) , a full service provider of non-lethal protection products, global supply chain logistics systems and security services to protect against terrorist, criminal and security threats to governments and busi(Added: Tue Mar 21 2006)


DATE: 20 March 06 EMBARGO: None On Sunday afternoon around fifty people gathered outside the Embassy of Belarus in Kensington, to call for free and fair elections in Europe's last dictatorship. The demonstration, organised by Liberal Democrat Youth and Students (LDYS) was attended by British(Added: Tue Mar 21 2006)

E-government initiatives to cross borders

A new platform to help small and medium-sized government organisations (SMGOs) implement e-government strategies – with the emphasis on cross-border cooperation – has been created and tested by a pan-European team. With people, goods, and now services, able to move freely within the Member States(Added: Tue Mar 21 2006)

ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index- Benchmark Index for the Homeland Security Industry

EMAILWIRE.COM, March 20, 2006 ) New York, NY -- Cronus Capital Markets (CCM) and the International Securities Exchange (ISE), supported by the Homeland Security Industries Association (HSIA), jointly developed the index, which has options currently trading on the ISE (ISE: HSX). The ISE-CCM Homel(Added: Mon Mar 20 2006)

Imperato Calls on Bush Administration for Increased Relations in Central and South America

West Palm Beach, FL - Today - In his daily address, 2008 Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato (www.daniel2008.com) called on the Bush administration to increase ties with Central and South America. One of the first ways that the United States could improve relations in the region is economic(Added: Wed Mar 15 2006)

Independent America

Charlottesville, Virginia. A synergy of diverse minds are developing the blueprint for America 's next great revival. The text entitled "Independent America" will lay out the vision of two gifted and determined individuals with the courage and conviction to conduct an historic run for the White Hous(Added: Wed Mar 15 2006)

2008 White House Contender Webster Brooks on the Budget

Hartford, CT - Today, 2008 Presidential Contender, Webster Brooks laid out his proposed budget that gets war spending under control and reverses our climb toward the $8 trillion debt ceiling by finally ending the drain of wasteful spending. Domestic budget issues must receive the urgency it dem(Added: Wed Mar 15 2006)


Iran’s been referred to the UN Security Council: Behold the final throes of world bureaucracy at its infinite ineptitude. Folks, two to four weeks of sound and fury signifying nothing—and then all h-e-double toothpicks breaks out . . . somehow all this played out back in 2003—just change the “q” t(Added: Sun Mar 12 2006)

First ever, 405 foot Vehicle Barrier turned over to the Air Force at Robins Air Force Base

Robotic Security Systems, Inc (RSSI) announces the completion and turnover of the first installation of the Cable Trap, Active Cable Barrier System (ACBS) for the U.S. Air Force here at Robins Air Force Base. RSSI completed confidence testing and turned over four Cable Trap ACBS to base functional r(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)


NEWS TITLE: ¡®Unacceptable¡¯: The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina AUTHOR: Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D. PUBLICATION: March 2006 ISBN: 1-4196-1839-3 PRICE: $12.99 WHOLESALERS: Baker & Taylor, Booksurgedirect.com RETAIL: amazon.com, borders.com, booksurge.com You may contact the author (Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)

IRAN'S DAY OF INFAMY...There's a Jackephant in the Room!

Historicists are quick to point out that saber rattling is a biggie between and amongst belligerents prior to the outbreak of hostilities—to say the least: Witness Nazi Germany’s bombasts; and of late, the ever-outrageous remarks between Iran and the US-Israel Alliance. That’s why when it comes to(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)


AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER DELIVERS A MESSAGE TO THE PARENTS "As parents you can play an important role in helping your children to understand the dangers involved with using drugs. We are providing practical information to help you to talk with your children about drugs – what they are, what the(Added: Thu Mar 09 2006)

Get Politics out of Planning…to get Ethical

CENTRAL & LOCAL GOVERNMENT should surrender control of planning permits and policy to an independent body of ‘Resource Stewards’, urged Professor Michael Benfield, keynote speaker to the National Sustainable Regeneration Conference 2006 held in Birmingham. Addressing an audience of development(Added: Wed Mar 08 2006)

Equal Parenting laws AN INEVITABILITY, says Australian Parenting group

Australian equal parenting group, Fathers4Equality, has stated that equal parenting time after separation is an inevitable development, simply awaiting a government with enough resolve to put the rights of children ahead of the vested interests of single mother's groups. Currently, the government(Added: Tue Mar 07 2006)

BUSH-BLAIR...The AXIS of Evangelicals

Tony Blair, the Brits’ version of what we thought was Bill Clinton’s reflection—has undergone a steady metamorphosis into the image of George W. Bush. The latest devolution of the once immensely popular Blair into his evangelical counterpart Bush involves divine intervention into the affairs of Mid(Added: Tue Mar 07 2006)
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