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Baroness Prosser wrong to encourage women in to men's work

So women in full time employment are paid 13% less than full time men and women in part time employment are paid 41% less than full time men. No surprises here then. But these figures are still, as Baroness Prosser said, an outrage. Her solution though, that women shouldn’t choose low paid jobs bu(Added: Wed Mar 01 2006)

Dubai Ports World, Arab Civility and Who’s Behind the Deal

West Palm Beach, FL – March 1, 2006 - Today, 2008 Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato spoke out about Dubai Ports World and the recent Arab show of civility towards the recent controversy over the British P&O buyout. “Once again the Middle East and the Arab people show their customs in all(Added: Wed Mar 01 2006)

Access-eGov: Accessible eGovernment embracing the Semantic Web

Access-eGov (Access to e-Government Services Employing Semantic Technologies) is an IST project partially funded under the IST Programme of FP6 (eGovernment research). A consortium consisting of eleven partners from five countries (Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Greece, and Egypt) led by the Technical U(Added: Mon Feb 27 2006)

Drugs Investigator Accuses Government of Gross Wastage of Taxpayers’ Money

Psycho-Pharmaceutical Scam Revealed as NHS Spending Rockets Over-Budget “Drug addicts, NHS patients and U.K. students are suffering through ineffective long-term ‘treatments’ whilst the government lines the pockets of psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies with British taxpayers money”, decla(Added: Sun Feb 26 2006)

Ferriday, Louisiana, has designated March 13th 2006 "L. Ron Hubbard Day."

According to The Natchez Democrat story, the town's Board has unanimously proclaimed "L. Ron Hubbard Day" to honor the date of birth of the author of "Dianetics." This recognition was, according to The Natchez Democrat, in response to the Scientology "Volunteer 'Ministers'" propaganda efforts. "T(Added: Fri Feb 24 2006)

Hamas, Israel, the Palestinian Conflict, and Condoleezza Rice

West Palm Beach, Fl – February 23, 2006 – Today, 2008 White House Candidate Daniel Imperato (www.daniel2008.com) elaborated on the diplomatic fumbles of Condoleezza Rice in the Israel/Palestinian Conflict. “I would like to point out to the people of the USA, that our Secretary of State, Condole(Added: Thu Feb 23 2006)

UAE Ports Deal: America Losing Out Again

West Palm Beach, FL – February 22, 2006 – In response to the recent port sale controversy, 2008 US Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato reminded us that the real argument is not whether the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should run our ports, but rather whether any foreign company or foreign governmen(Added: Wed Feb 22 2006)

Imperato Points Out Increased Traffic the French Convenience Store

West Palm Beach, FL – February 22, 2006 – With global tensions escalating, 2008 Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato pointed out that when countries are looking for weapons and nuclear equipment, they visit the ‘French Convenience Store’. “This is the next president of the United States of Am(Added: Wed Feb 22 2006)


22/02/2006 For immediate release Editors contact: Max PR, 020 8939 9029 SOCIAL SOFTWARE TO INTRODUCE AN EXCITING NEW PACKAGE WITH UMIS TO IMPROVE PREVENTION FOR CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE AND THEIR FAMILIES Social Software will officially introduce the complete Universal Monitoring & Information(Added: Wed Feb 22 2006)

Monaco Prince Takes Pole Position

More used to Grand Prix cars than dog sleighs, Monaco’s Prince Albert’s forthcoming trek to the North Pole has been greeted with surprise by many. But the Prince is fairly accustomed to the cold, in contrast to the Mediterranean warmth of Monaco where he became ruler last July following the passi(Added: Tue Feb 21 2006)

Daniel Imperato “The Peoples President” on President’s Day

West Palm Beach, FL - February 20, 2006 – On the day that we are to remember two of our greatest presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, ‘The People’s President’ Daniel Imperato took the time to recollect what made America great and where America needs to go in order to get back there. (Added: Mon Feb 20 2006)


The Combined Region’s resource sharing and interlibrary loan service, UnityWeb, has entrusted the next phase of its development to OCLC PICA, incorporating Fretwell-Downing Informatics (FDI). FDI was acquired by OCLC PICA in 2005. The new generation of UnityWeb brings the separate union catalogue(Added: Fri Feb 17 2006)

Madrid, Spain: Spanish Citizen Endorses Imperato For President 2008 popular

Madrid, Spain & West Palm Beach, FL – Adding to his international support, Madrid based telecommunications specialist Edelmiro Lopez officially endorsed Daniel Imperato for his United States Presidential bid in 2008. “When Daniel Imperato asked me to support him, I did not hesitate for a minute.(Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)

Hispanic Leader Gives Endorsement to Daniel Imperato For 2008

West Palm Beach, FL - February 15, 2006 - Building on upon great momentum, Daniel Imperato secured another endorsement this week from influential Hispanic businessman Edwin Quintana. “I am a firm believer in the youth and in promoting sound diplomacy towards all countries. Daniel Imperato is s(Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)


Afetr the explosion at the Buncefield Oil Depot many in authority including the Chairman of the Health & Safety Commission said it was a very rare event. Bob Willcox disputes this and says it was nowhere near being rare enough. However no one disputes its severity. Risk is defined as SEVERITY x C(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

Can the Motherland Party of Turkey Make a Big Progress ?

Turkey-Real Estates Net ( http://www.turkey-realestates.net ) wants to discuss the future of the Motherland Party in Turkey. Motherland Party was founded in 1983 by Mr.Turgut Ozal, who later became the PM and Prseident of Turkey. After the military coup of 1980 and then the transition to democra(Added: Sun Feb 12 2006)

“Black Box” Warning Recommended For Psychiatry’s ADHD Drugs

On Thursday, February 9, 2006, an advisory committee to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urged the most serious FDA warning, the “black box”, be placed on all drugs prescribed to treat the so-called psychiatric disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The recommendation (Added: Sat Feb 11 2006)

Inherent Presidential Power Is Always Subject To The Inherent Congressional Powers To Make The Laws

( EMAILWIRE.COM, February 11, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- "Congress makes the laws. The President faithfully executes the laws. The Supreme Court interprets the laws." This is how it is now, and always has been, under our Constitution. Nothing about this changes in time of war. Some misguided peo(Added: Sat Feb 11 2006)

Public Purpose – What does it really mean?

(New York, NY, February 8, 2006) – “Before the ‘Kelo vs. City of New London’” case, eminent domain was hardly a household phrase. But since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a couple of decades of case law in this now-famous Connecticut lawsuit, eminent domain has become the subject of the Sunday (Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)

The Prince of the Covenant...The US-Israel Strategic Alliance-Part IV

Please view footnotes/graphics @ http://www.the-tribulation-network.com The U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance—no matter what setbacks—is alive, well and proceeding to its logical conclusion: The U.S.-Israel Defense Pact [1]. Iran’s determination to resuscitate its nuclear program and trade its oil(Added: Tue Feb 07 2006)

Universal Guardian’s Strategic Security Group Awarded $3.6 Million Contract for Security Services fo

NEWPORT BEACH, CA USA, FEBRUARY 7, 2006, UNIVERSAL GUARDIAN HOLDINGS, INC. ((OTCBB: UGHO), an emerging global leader in non-lethal protection products, integrated transportation and global supply chain security systems and strategic security services to protect against terrorist, criminal and securi(Added: Mon Feb 06 2006)

Multi-function torch offers increased Police officer safety.

- For immediate release - Nite International, the UK based torch specialist, has announced the arrival of the PC8 Multi function LED Police torch – offering cost savings and increased officer safety to Police forces throughout the UK. The PC8 has been specifically designed with input from the(Added: Mon Feb 06 2006)

The President Has No Inherent Power Which Permits Him To Violate FISA Or Any Other Law Duly Enacted

( EMAILWIRE.COM, February 04, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- Yesterday, Sen. Pat Roberts wrote that President Bush's warrantless surveillance program is "legal, necessary and reasonable," and that, "Congress, by statute, cannot extinguish a core constitutional authority of the president." Source: ht(Added: Sun Feb 05 2006)

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Distributes 500 Cobra StunLights™ to Deputies and Detention

”The Cobra StunLight™ will provide the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with effective use-of-force alternatives while providing their deputies with the protection they deserve,” stated Michael Skellern, Universal’s CEO. UNIVERSAL GUARDIAN HOLDINGS, INC. ((OTCBB: UGHO), an emerging globa(Added: Sat Feb 04 2006)

Old Catholics in UK Welcome Weakened Religious Hatred Law

The Old Catholic Church of Great Britain along with the Free Catholic Church of Europe alliance took part in the peaceful protest outside The House of Commons to oppose the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill. Archbishop Gary Beaver said “Ministers have done the only sensible thing with this legisla(Added: Fri Feb 03 2006)

How A Business Letterhead Design, Business Cards And Stationery Design, Improves Business

Investment in the design of business stationery has a positive impact on business performance, according to a published report. The report highlighted that successful companies invest in business stationery, business cards and letterhead design as a key input into their business, and see a rate o(Added: Thu Feb 02 2006)

HomelandDefenseStocks.com – Weapon and Explosives Detection Technology for the Security of Airports,

HomelandDefenseStocks.com – Weapon and Explosives Detection Technology for the Security of Airports, Subways, Railway Stations and Crime Scenes L-3 Communications, Analogic, Sniffex, Sense Holdings and Technest Work to Protect Mass Transit Systems and Critical Infrastructure POINT ROBERTS, Was(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Last Chance To Reject Samuel Alito And Hold Back The Bush Executive Power Grab

( EMAILWIRE.COM, January 31, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- It is now almost 10:00 AM, Eastern Time, on Tuesday, January 31, 2006. The Senate vote on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the United States Supreme Court is only about an hour away. This is our last chance to reject the nomination of Sa(Added: Tue Jan 31 2006)

Senate Should Postpone Samuel Alito Vote For One More Week To Increase Awareness Of Unitary Executiv

( EMAILWIRE.COM, January 30, 2006 ) Alexandria, VA -- The Bush Machine will obviously not want to do this, because the more the Public finds out about Samuel Alito's enthusiastic support of the dangerous "Unitary Executive Theory," the more they will oppose him. The Public would never accept the U(Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

Kenya Government Suspends Registration of Political Parties

Is Kenya still a multi-party democracy? This is the question members and supporters of Madaraka Party of Kenya are asking themselves as they mull the information from the registrar’s office that “the government has put on hold registration of all political parties till further notice.” “This is(Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)
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