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Prince Charles to celebrate 58th birthday November 14th.

Prince Charles, heir to the throne in the United Kingdom, will be celebrating his 58th birthday on November 14th, 2006. As everyone knows Prince Charles is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth (Queen of the United Kingdom). www.royal.gov.uk Prince Philip is the father of Prince Charl(Added: Wed Nov 01 2006)

Kentucky Governor Honors Jade Esteban Estrada

Entertainer receives the Bluegrass State's highest accolade Comedy Central star Jade Esteban Estrada is Kentucky's new Colonel Frankfort, KY, October 31, 2006 - Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher recently paid tribute to Latin comedian and singer Jade Esteban Estrada by commissioning him the tit(Added: Wed Nov 01 2006)

Sign the Petition to Legalize Online Gambling

This is a call to protest, to every American citizen that is tired of having their rights striped away one at a time, by a government that seems to worry more about getting reelected then improving the lives of its citizens. The new online gambling ban is causing quite a stir, and many American(Added: Tue Oct 31 2006)

Australia launches program to alleviate skills shortage

The Australian federal government this week launched an A$837 million (C$715 million) program to ease the skills crisis.

The main targets of the program are high school dropouts in need of Year 12 qualifications or vocational training to get a job.

As part of the program, the g(Added: Tue Oct 31 2006)

Female Satirist (Tired Of Death Threats) Jumps Onto Political Overpasses In Dallas

( EMAILWIRE.COM, October 30, 2006 ) Dallas, TX – On Oct the 31st 2006, Designer/Satirist Christa Chantal Allen will be tying 20' x 4’ banners on various overpasses all over Dallas. Ms. Allen: “I am offended that this clueless dumb and dumber Congress many of whom, apparently, had no idea(Added: Mon Oct 30 2006)

Daniel Imperato, 2008 Presidential Candidate, Praises USA Today about Afghan Poppy and Explains Oil

Today, Daniel Imperato, 2008 presidential candidate, praised USA Today about its story on Afghan poppy and explained that oil theft and Iraq are being paid for by US taxpayers. October 25, 2006 – London, UK - Daniel Imperato praised USA Today, while on business in London, for exposing the Afghan(Added: Wed Oct 25 2006)

MI Poll: Granholm Leads DeVos 47% to 43%

Stabenow Leads Bouchard 48% to 42%; President’s Approval At 32% ( EMAILWIRE.COM, October 24, 2006 ) Atlanta, GA – Strategic Vision, LLC, an Atlanta-headquartered public relations and public affairs agency, announced the results of a three-day poll of 1200 likely Michigan voters. The poll has a (Added: Tue Oct 24 2006)

PA Poll: Casey 49%; Santorum 42%

Rendell Leads Swann 57% to 37%; President’s Approval At 35% ( EMAILWIRE.COM, October 24, 2006 ) Atlanta, GA – Strategic Vision, LLC, an Atlanta-headquartered public relations and public affairs agency, announced the results of a three-day poll of 1200 likely voters in Pennsylvania on various (Added: Tue Oct 24 2006)

David Cameron on grandparents.

Press release immediate 24th October 2006 David Cameron has said. 'As we all know, grandparents are the unofficial childminders of Britain. That's why we're looking at whether grandparents and other family members should be able to access the money that the government spends on child care. (Added: Tue Oct 24 2006)

America's Next President, Daniel Imperato, Independent ticket, Speaks on Rice, Rumsfeld, and Iraq

London, England- October 22, 2006 - In a statement from London, 2008 American Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato, spoke out on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Shiia situation in Iraq, and US leadership. While on a global tour, Mr. Imperato has taken the time to address the American p(Added: Mon Oct 23 2006)

Has FOX become an Attack Dog for the Government's Campaign to Silence Critics?

Has the Fox television broadcasting network become an attack dog to silence critics of the Bush administration? A group of American citizens called Scholars for 9/11 Truth says yes. They charge that commentators on the Fox network, already known for its conservative bias, have maliciously compared (Added: Sun Oct 22 2006)

Daniel Imperato, 2008 Independent Presidential Candidate, Speaks out on UN Secretary General-Designa

London England, - October 20, 2006 – Today, 2008 United States Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato, took time to speak out on his position regarding North Korea and the positioning of new UN Secretary-General-Designate Ban Ki-Moon amidst high level business and political meetings. Imperato (Added: Fri Oct 20 2006)

Jadu raises concerns over irresponsible CMS providers

Content management system (CMS) specialist, Jadu, is calling for all CMS providers to better support the e-government metadata standard (e-GMS), for more efficient and collaborative working across the public sector. According to Jadu, some CMS providers are exploiting local authorities by charging a(Added: Fri Oct 20 2006)

Department for Communities And Local Government Commission Training4GIS to Provide Flexible Geograph

19 October 2006: Cambridge - Training4GIS™, the training and consultancy division of The GeoInformation Group™, announce today that earlier this year it was selected, via a competitive tender, by Department for Communities And Local Government (DCLG), formerly the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister(Added: Thu Oct 19 2006)

America's War on Terrorism uses democratization of the Arab World as a main weapon

America's War on Terrorism uses democratization of the Arab World as a main weapon. What might the legacy of the George W. Bush Administration be in the Muslim world? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 19, 2006. America's War on Terrorism uses democratization of the Arab World as a main weapon. A(Added: Mon Oct 23 2006)

More Australian Working Visas Set to be Approved by the Government Next Year

Hawthorn, Australia, 18 October 2006--- For the financial year 2006-2007, the Australian government has launched 20,000 additional job vacancies in its continuing effort to combat skills shortage. A total of more than 100,000 jobs are now available in the land down under, which is what makes the Au(Added: Wed Oct 18 2006)

Lt Colonel Caldwell Powell, Hump Pilot And War Hero, Dies.

Lt Colonel Caldwell Newton (C.N.) Powell, one of the last remaining true U.S. Air Force pilots, passed away late in the evening of October 10th. He passed away peacefully at the home of his daughter, Sharon Hunt, where he had been residing for the last two and half years. Lt Colonel is surviv(Added: Sun Oct 15 2006)

More Brits Chose Australia as Their Immigration Destination

Hawthorn, Australia, 14 October 2006--- More Brits chose Australia as their immigration destination.

This is what a recent British poll has found out: Australia ranks as a top immigration destination. According to the BBC and ICM-conducted poll, 13% of Britons expressed their wish to mig(Added: Sat Oct 14 2006)

Australian Immigration Minister Defends and Fully Supports Skilled Migrants

Hawthorn, Australia 13 October 2006---It seems that not everyone in Australia shares in the country's goal of addressing the skills shortage through bringing in skilled migrants. At least one person is not in favor, a fact that Immigration Senator Amanda Vanstone doesn't find appropriate, consideri(Added: Fri Oct 13 2006)

Australia Updates Its List of Most In-Demand Occupations to Revitalize Immigration

Hawthorn, Australia 12 October 2006--- Good news to skilled migrants dreaming of better job opportunities in the Land Down Under. The Australian Government has updated its list of most in-demand occupation to include nine new professions. The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) is a li(Added: Thu Oct 12 2006)

UnityUK and LinkUK Integration Underway

OCLC PICA and The Combined Regions (TCR) are pleased to announce that the process to integrate the UnityUK service with the LinkUK service has successfully begun. The groundwork for the project to bring together over 100 UnityUK libraries and 78 LinkUK libraries is well under way. Five librarie(Added: Thu Oct 12 2006)

What Will Happen If Violent Groups Gain Power?

What Will Happen If Violent Groups Gain Power? Kamala Sarup If the Violent groups gain complete power, the subsequent history of this beautiful World is likely to follow the history of many other countries that adopted violence, terrorism or Arms groups for a while, only to reject them later, a(Added: Thu Oct 12 2006)

9/11 Politics Turns Bizarre

The Governor of Wisconsin, Jim Doyle, and his GOP rival, Mark Green, both want to fire a controversial instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for holding views about 9/11 they don’t like. Kevin Barrett, a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, is discussing 9/11 and its impact on relations be(Added: Thu Oct 12 2006)

Labour Leadership Challenger Speaks in Hackney

Labour Leadership Challenger Speaks in Hackney Immediate Release The Labour leadership challenger John McDonnell MP will be heading the platform of a public meeting being hosted by the Hackney Trades Union Council and the Labour Party Leabridge Branch. Janine Booth President Hackney Trade(Added: Mon Oct 09 2006)

In-Demand IT Professionals Troop to Australia for Better Work Opportunities

HAWTHORN, Australia, 7 October 2006--- The onslaught of Internet-based projects have prodded the Australian government to add IT professions to its Migration Occupations in Demand List. Various large-scale IT projects, both private and of the government are experiencing serious delays due to the co(Added: Sat Oct 07 2006)

Reality TV Invades Australian Immigration

Perth, Australia 7 October 2007---Skilled migrants from all over the world continue to flock to Australia in response to the country's chronic skill shortage. Now, though, a British-produced reality TV show tags along. Better job opportunities, high standards but affordable costs of living, low (Added: Sat Oct 07 2006)

Beverly Hills Businesswoman Endorses Imperato For President 2008

Los Angeles – October 6, 2006 - Today Beverly Hills Businesswoman, Elizabeth J. Sampson CFP, endorsed Daniel Imperato for his United States presidential bid in 2008. Sampson has extensive experience in the areas of corporate advisory, wealth management, and healthcare solutions, and has built(Added: Fri Oct 06 2006)

Kenyan Youth-Focused Madaraka Party Finally Registered popular

Nairobi, Kenya---October 5, 2006—Madaraka Party of Kenya has finally got the registrar’s nod. Interim officials say they have received the certificate of registration. “We are now a bona fide political party and the voiceless youth now have a chance to compete with the elite in the 2007 elections”, (Added: Thu Oct 05 2006)

Australia Warns Skilled Migrants Against Exploiters

Hawthorn, Australia 5 October 2006 --- The Australian government warns skilled migrants against recruiters who charge for finding them employment in Australia. This is in light of recent cases where some Chinese overseas workers were blatantly charged from up to $27,000.

Australia's ch(Added: Thu Oct 05 2006)

Australia Reports a Surge of Skilled Migrants From India

Indians have become the fastest-growing group of immigrants to Australia. The number of Indians arriving now surpasses the Chinese and the Vietnamese as well as the Italians and Greeks - a major shift in Australian immigration. Skilled Indian workers are vital to the Australian economy, which suffer(Added: Thu Oct 05 2006)
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