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Union Leader and Civil Rights Activist Jesse Epps Endorses Daniel Imperato for President in 2008

Philadelphia, PA – April 2, 2007 – Today, union leader and civil rights activist Jesse Epps endorsed Daniel Imperato as the next president of the United States for 2008. Epps is formerly educated in labor relations at Syracuse, Rutgers, and Cornell Universities and has spent the last 40 years f(Added: Mon Apr 09 2007)

Vote For Best Democrat USA President

Who do you think will make the BEST Democrat President in USA? 1) Hilliary Clinton 2) OBAMA 3) Al Gore To Vote text: F F H K N J [CANDIDATE] to: 81581 (Added: Fri Apr 06 2007)

Many A Slip In Housing And Urban Poverty Alleviation

The Standing Committee on Urban Development (2006-07) have hauled up the government for non-utilisation of allotted funds earmarked for various schemes and leaving the money unspent to the implementing agencies like National Building Construction Corporation. In its report submitted to Parliamen(Added: Wed Apr 04 2007)

Annan Endorses Daniel Imperato for President in 2008

New York – April 2, 2007 – Today public relations professional, Kobina Annan Jr. officially endorsed Daniel Imperato and his presidential bid for the US White House in 2008. Mr. Annan's main focus has been in video production, journalism, photography and international relations. Mr. Annan (Added: Tue Apr 03 2007)

Nandigram not a flash in the pan: signifies demise of red influence

New Delhi, 3rd April, 2007 . Condemning the killing of 14 people on March 14 by the Police and C.P.M. cadres in Nandigram in East Medinipur district of West Bengal, a life-time Communist supporter in an article in the daily Pioneer a few days ago had recalled how in the 1960s Milovan Djilas of Yugo(Added: Tue Apr 03 2007)

Imperato Calls it Again: Arab League Reactivates Arab Peace Plan

West Palm Beach, FL – March 31, 2007 – At the conclusion of their two day summit, the Arab League, led by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, resolved to reactivate their Arab Peace Plan. Since 2005, Daniel Imperato, a United States Presidential Candidate, has spoken out on numerous occasions to ask(Added: Mon Apr 02 2007)

House Speaker Pelosi to Visit Syria, Imperato Says Bush Should Go Instead

West Palm Beach, FL – March 31, 2007 – As the Bush administration criticized plans by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit Syria, Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato stood up to applaud Speaker Pelosi efforts but urged that President George W. Bush should be the one that is going to Syria. (Added: Mon Apr 02 2007)

Uttar Pradesh Cauldron Keeps Boiling

New Delhi, 2nd April 2007.Regardless of the claims made by the principal fighters in the big electoral battle being fought in Uttar Pradesh, the country's most populous state that sends the largest number of members to the Lok Sabha, a prospect of instability continues to haunt the sharply divided e(Added: Mon Apr 02 2007)

David Cameron's speech in Trafford on the quality of childhood

Open letter to David Cameron leader of the Conservative Party from Mike Ellis Chairman of the NSCFC. Dear David, not once during your speech on the quality of Childhood as made in Stafford on 26th March 07 did you publicly reinforce the promise given to the NSCFC by Tim Loughton MP & Geoffrey Co(Added: Sun Apr 01 2007)

Contact arrangements endanger children, Community Care conference hears!!!

Press Release by the NSCFC Without question the Community Care Conference held in London on 29th March 07 was hijacked by woman for woman with the continued influence of the Woman’s feminist movement being its main player. That any child is killed at the hands of a father or mother is a(Added: Sun Apr 01 2007)

One-on-One with Daniel Imperato

i1connect News: 2008 Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato speaks out on Bush, Blair, Iran's Ahmadinejad, and Win Now West Palm Beach, FL – March 30, 2007 - While still in recovery from his recent eye surgery, 2008 Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato gave an interview regarding the (Added: Fri Mar 30 2007)

Let your voice be heard! Isupportthismessage.com - The People to the Power !

During the past elections, there are some American people out there that believe only what they see and what they hear, without getting all the facts. I have seen many vote for a candidate just because they happen to be in the same political party or maybe because he is the crowd's favorite. Man(Added: Thu Mar 29 2007)

Workhouse Victims Still Exist

NEWS RELEASE This news release is supplied by Global News Inc The following is released under instruction of Mrs. Anna Wotton For further information Please contact: Anna Wotton on 01271-374014 2 Law Memorial Houses Bishop Tawton North Devon Workhouse victims still exist, ask Anna(Added: Wed Mar 28 2007)

Family from Liverpool held in chains and caged at Yarls Wood Detention Centre face kidnap, torture a

MOST URGENT IMMEDIATE ACTION Family from Liverpool held in chains and caged at Yarls Wood Detention Centre face kidnap, torture and death if they are deported. At this time a family is being held in chains and caged in Yarls Wood Detention Centre. The Chowdhury family, from Liverpool, (Added: Wed Mar 28 2007)

Scholars file challenges to NIST reports on 9/11

Some members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a non-partisan organization of students, experts and scholars dedicated to exposing falsehoods and revealing truths about 9/11, have filed complaints against the National Institute of Standards and Technology for legal defects in its studies of events of 9/11(Added: Wed Mar 28 2007)

The Renewable Energy Centre weighs up the Value of Energy Performance Certificates

UK households are said to be responsible for a quarter of the UK’s total carbon emissions and the Energy Performance Certificate is the Governments latest step in attempting to change house-holders’ attitudes a greener home.. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is just one part of the contro(Added: Tue Mar 27 2007)

The Renewable Energy Centre: No Stamp Duty on Zero Carbon Homes until 2012

In what many say is his first ‘green’ budget in 10 years, the decision to reward buyers of carbon neutral homes with no stamp duty is just one of many that illustrates the government’s emphasis on the importance of energy efficiency in the home. In last Wednesday’s budget, Gordon Brown announced (Added: Mon Mar 26 2007)

Arlington Heights Mayor Honored for Contributions to Environmental Improvements at 2007 Symposium

(Rosemont, IL) — March 15, 2007 — Mayor Arlene J. Mulder of Arlington Heights, IL, Chairperson of the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission, has been honored with the 2007 Gillfillan Award, the University of California Davis, sponsor of the internationally renowned Aviation Noise and Air Quality Sym(Added: Sat Mar 24 2007)

New gold wallpaper range from handpainted wallpaper company

Bespoke handpainted wallpaper company Partridge & Green are excited to be able to introduce a stunning gold wallpaper range which comes in eight shades of gold. Managing Director Oliver Kay says “This product has the opulent feel of gold leaf but without the opulent price tag. We developed it e(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Could the corrupt ever be hanged by the lamppost?

Their lordships of the Supreme Court apparently had Jawaharlal Nehru on their minds when they made a historic observation, and certainly not a pronouncement by any means whatsoever, that everyone wants to loot the country and the only way to get rid of the corrupt is to "hang a few" of them by the n(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Hispanic Leadership Summit Convened in Washington, DC

Participants included Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mel Martinez, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn and Michael Enzi and keynote speaker Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez Distribution Source : ArriveNet Interface Date: Wednesday - March 21, 2007 Washington, DC -- (ArriveNet Interface -(Added: Wed Mar 21 2007)

Punjab Chief Minister's move on river waters disruptive and anti-national

New Delhi, 20th March 2007. Even before settling down to the business of administering the State after the impressive victory in the State Assembly elections, Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has declared that he would amend the law passed by the State Assembly on June 4, 2004 during the (Added: Tue Mar 20 2007)

Musharraf Loses Credibility with America Also

Having played games over terrorism for several years, Pakistan's military establishment now faces a crisis of credibility with the United States, despite their close military and political bonds. The gap between Gen. Pervez Musharraf's promises and his refusal to deliver has widened to an extent tha(Added: Mon Mar 19 2007)

O'Hare Aircraft Noise Levels Decrease in 2006

Aircraft noise levels around O’Hare International Airport declined again in 2006, the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) reported, with the greatest improvements recorded in communities closest to the airport. ONCC officials attributed the aircraft noise reduction around O’Hare Intern(Added: Sun Mar 18 2007)

Imperato to Speak at National Libertarian Conference in Orlando

Orlando, Fl – March 15, 2007 – Today, Daniel Imperato announced that he will be attending and speaking at the National Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) Conference in Orlando this Friday and Saturday March 16-17 at the Orlando International Airport Conference Center. "First of all, (Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Local Government Invests in Oblique Aerial Imaging Solution from The GeoInformation Group

Surrey Heath District Council chooses MultiVision™ to enhance their aerial view 15 March 2007: Cambridge – The GeoInformation® Group, publishers of Cities Revealed aerial photography (www.citiesrevealed.com), announce today that its first customer of MultiVision™ oblique imaging solution is Surr(Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Fractured Verdict Likely in Uttar Pradesh

New Delhi, 15th March, 2007.The Indian political scene is changing with emphasis on more governance and need for meeting the basic demands of people like good roads, medical care, power, education and employment being met by the Government. These demands probably cannot be met overnight and people (Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

How Lalu Prasad Yadav converted Indian Railways into a gold mine

New Delhi, 14th March 2007.As a journalist "covering" the Railway beat for several decades, the present writer recalls a debate he had with a railway officer in the third year of the Janata party rule in 1979 about the best performance of the Railways in the recent past – during the last year of the(Added: Wed Mar 14 2007)

Presidential Candidate and Newly Ordained LACA Chaplain Imperato Calls on Mayor Bloomberg for Suppor

New York – March 13, 2007 – Today 2008 Presidential Candidate and newly ordained LACA (Latin/African American Chaplain's Association) Chaplain, Daniel Imperato called on media mogul and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for support. The Latin/African American Chaplain's Association, recently announ(Added: Tue Mar 13 2007)

CFIUS Reform Finally Recognizes Telecommunications Security

New York – March 13, 2007 - Today, 2008 Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato commented on the recent CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) Reform that was passed by the United States House of Representatives. "First of all, I am happy to see the United States Congre(Added: Tue Mar 13 2007)
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