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Businessman solves Presidential Stalemate

Added: (Sun Nov 19 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Press Release - For Immediate Release - 11.19.00

Contact: Randal Spence - 510/760-7000

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. In an effort to help end the current election
dilemma, a California marketing consultant is offering a modern twist to an ancient practice.
Randal Spence of Power Marketing Tools, claims to be able find simple solutions to rather
complex business and marketing problems. Enter his new site, PresidentialCoinToss.com into the
growing arena of election-based pundit web sites. Spence proposes to help resolve the current
voting dispute by providing a solid 1 oz. gold coin struck at his own expense with the image of
each candidate on each side. The site offers the viewer the opportunity to enter a voting booth,
flip a gold coin, vote on a resolution and submit opinions on how the viewer would end the

Spence feels the new President has enough problems to face without having any clouds of doubt
following him into office. A simple solution if both parties can agree, is to attend a formal
ceremony whereby they employ the services of a neutral third party to flip the coin high into the
air. Whichever candidate lands face up, gets to keep the coin along with the Presidency. They
can even adopt the "best two out of three" flips as long as they don't get too fussy and demand a
manual recount.

This wouldn't be the first time in history that a voting dispute or deadlock has been resolved via a
flip of a coin, a roll of the dice or the best poker hand. The precedence may already exist to make
the proceedings legal and binding. The alternative is to continue to meander into the new year
with no clear course, and plagued with mountains of red tape and court actions as each party
continues to jockey for the Presidency. A decision by a court or partisan politics will never fully
satisfy either party or the nation's voters. Each candidate's possible course of action, is to let fate
itself decide their future for them. With a fair and impartial flip of a coin, the lawsuits all
disappear, a new leader will emerge fully focused, the country can get on with its business and the
world can once again shake their heads and marvel at a system of government that can survive the
questionable integrity of it's own voting system. How would you propose to resolve the dispute?
Creative resolutions are encouraged on the new site to share with the world.


Contact: Randal Spence - 510/760-7000

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