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What’s really happening with Bitcoin, is the end nigh?

Added: (Mon Feb 26 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England this week asserted Bitcoin has failed as a currency. In Mr Carney’s assertion, Bitcoin doesn’t have a value, nor can it be easily be used to buy items or services.

Bitcoin’s value has risen and plummeted with unerring regularity in recent months and is currently floundering. However, in the latter months of 2017 each Bitcoin was worth approximately $19150 and it now trading around $10,000. On this evidence, the craze surrounding Bitcoin seems to have ended.

Mr Carney told students at London’s Regent University: “It has pretty much failed thus far. Nobody uses it as a medium of exchange.”

In Incuhub’s assessment, there are many reasons why this has failed, many of which Mr Carney rightly identified. However, there’s also a lack of education about how to trade and where to trade; it seems an exclusive club. This isn’t the sole responsibility of Bitcoin, all crypto-currency is welcomed by an elite few.

With many investment analysts offering a “Sell” verdict for Bitcoin holders, there are other areas for investors to plough their funds. The UK is still a hub for passionate professionals who are innovating yet can’t find their route to market. The list of success stories of those who have been backed by angel investors is vast, and something the country can be rightly proud of.

At Incuhub, we have launched a business dedicated to assist investors meet credible, qualified professionals who need some assistance to ensure they meet their potential. With highly qualified and experienced professionals involved in the business, investors can meet and feel assured that they are surrounded by like-minded success-stories like them.

David Breith, Managing Director for Incuhub, commented: “Bitcoin’s volatility seems to be ongoing. We have established Incuhub to get behind nascent businesses to get the support they need to see their product or service reach fruition. Whilst nothing in life is certain, we only work with the programmes most likely to reach their goals; our qualification and the validity of the professionals approaching us is investigated and then supported. We are always looking to work with new investors who are keen to offer capital to good-news stories rather than hearing more about Bitcoin flakiness.”

Submitted by:David Breith
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