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How to Reduce Patient Wait Time In Your Practice?

Added: (Wed Mar 20 2019)

Pressbox (Press Release) - For most practices, patient wait time seems like a small part of the patient experience. What they fail to realize is that wait time can have a significant impact on overall patient satisfaction. A survey was conducted by Software. Advice on 5000 patients and it was found that 97% respondents were extremely frustrated due to wait times at their physician’s office. So in order to provide quality care to the patients, it is crucial for practices to reduce their wait time. This is especially needed in the emergency department because every second is critical to a patient’s chance of survival.

Here are a few effective strategies that can be implemented to reduce the wait time and ensure enhanced patient experience:

• It is very important for private practices as well as hospitals to gather patient information before their scheduled appointment. From gathering insurance information and patient history data at the time of appointment scheduling to keeping patient records and referrals ready when the patient arrives, having everything ready before the appointment will prevent delays in check-in.

• An effective tip for physicians to reduce patient wait time is to delegate documentation requirements to other trained staff. For instance, a clinical assistant can take additional documentation tasks in their hand and collect the necessary information related to patient history, prescription management and so on. This will prevent physicians from getting drowned in more administrative tasks and will also speed up the delivery of quality care.

• Every practice or hospital needs to have a policy for no-shows and late arrivals. They not only need to have the rules on paper but also stick to the rules. A time limit needs to be set for late arrivals. For instance, if a patient is more than 30 minutes late, then he/she needs to be told to reschedule. If a patient always comes late or cancels appointments, then charge them a cancellation or late fee. Every patient needs to be made aware of these policies beforehand.

• Some practices implement a mobile queue solution to bring down patient wait time. There are certain apps with the help of which patient can get to see the projected wait times and let the practice staff know if they are running behind schedule. They can join a virtual waiting line even before they come the medical facility and receive updates about their “position” in the queue.

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