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How Paul Newman Unwittingly Revealed the Government's Stash of Free Money for Entrepreneurs

Added: (Wed Jan 03 2001)

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How Paul Newman Unwittingly Revealed the Government's Stash of
Free Money for Entrepreneurs

LOS ANGELES, CA – The government has been taxing our hard-earned dollars for centuries, but a Maryland man takes a cue from Paul Newman and discovers how we can get some of our tax dollars back.

Matthew Lesko, the nation’s leading information broker, has just published a new e-book, Free Money For Entrepreneurs On The Internet, detailing the thousands of hidden, unadvertised government programs that literally hand out cash to help small businesses.

Lesko’s research was partly motivated by the actor Paul Newman, who revealed that the U.S. government had given him thousands of dollars in free money grants to promote his brand of salad dressing overseas.

The world already knows Matthew from his wacky infomercials – you’ve seen him in front of the U.S. Capitol wearing his trademark suit of question marks. He is constantly being sought out by major television shows and has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Oprah, The Late Show With David Letterman, and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Matthew can tell your readers how to:

· Find and obtain free money grants to start or grow their businesses
· Get $5,000 to participate in overseas trade shows
· Get $10,000 for your children to start their own business
· Attend hard-to-find but incredibly cheap government auctions
· Make $500 by reporting telephone solicitors
· Get free legal help

Plus he’s a wonderful interview subject! Take Matthew’s expertise in finding government freebies, add his flamboyant personality -- and you’ve got the recipe for a dynamite feature story. (He drives the only Lexus in the world with yellow polka dots!)

Mark Joyner, Internet millionaire and CEO of Aesop.com, one of the leading Internet marketing companies, says this: “In light of the mad rush for Internet entrepreneurs to carve out a niche on the Web, not to mention the increasing number of dot com failures brought about by lack of capital, there has never been a greater need for a resource bank such as the one Matthew Lesko has compiled in his new book. Matthew is singularly gifted in helping people put the government’s cash resources to work specifically for their own respective businesses.”

After all, not every Internet business these days is a high-profile company supported by millions of dollars in venture capital. Fact is, the majority of Internet entrepreneurs are just normal folks with average incomes seeking ways to get cash to start or grow their businesses. That’s why they love hearing what Matthew Lesko has to say.

To interview Matthew Lesko about Free Money For Entrepreneurs On The Internet, call James Niehaus at
(323)769-3624 or email him at james@foreverweb.com.

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