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Christian All-STar Project

On Sunday - NOV 9th......... www.3chordrecords.net HAS "HUGE" NEWS CONCERNING THE Liberty n' Justice ALBUM "WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION". which features Lou Gramm(Foreigner), Bob Carlisle( Butterfly Kisses ), Michael Sweet (Stryper),John Schlitt (Petra),Greg X Volz (Petra), Jamie Rowe (Guardi(Added: Thu Nov 06 2003)

GOOD MEDICINE Cartoons! Hilarious "Far Side"-type cartoons that will make your sides hurt from LAUGH popular

GOOD MEDICINE cartoons are endorsed by Bil Keane (creator, The Family Circus), Johnny Hart (creator, B.C., The Wizard of Id), John McPherson (creator, Close to Home) and many others! The late Charles Schulz (creator, Peanuts)had this to say: "...GOOD MEDICINE...is VERY funny!...". The GOOD MEDICINE (Added: Thu Nov 06 2003)

New Years Eve popular

Event: Bling Bling Ball - New Years Eve 2003 Location: De Tabley Complex, Ribchester, Lancashire. Capacity: 800 Dress Code: Ball gown/tuxedo Expect to see: Booty-full people & Limos Expect to drink: Champagne (its NYE darling!) The Bling Bling Ball, on new years eve is set to deli(Added: Wed Nov 05 2003)

CDstands.com Launches Wholesale Division For Its CD - DVD Counter Displays. popular

CDstands.com now offers price discounts based on quantity of its 1 Tier and 2 Tier CD display boxes to accommodate the demand from larger companies inside and outside of the independent music industry. In March of 2003, CDstands.com released its own design of CD Counter Display Boxes. Unlike t(Added: Wed Nov 05 2003)

Real Life CSI, Dallas, Sopranos Soap Opera in new book NO GREATER DECEPTION by Sydney Newman Dotson

Real Life CSI, Dallas, Sopranos Soap Opera in new book NO GREATER DECEPTION by Sydney Newman Dotson A fascinating autobiography written with a flair of drama, suspense and dialogue typically found in a novel. It proves life in Texas can be much more fascinating than fiction. Hold onto your bo(Added: Tue Nov 04 2003)

Sterrenveiling site van Mariska Hulscher gaat online

Sterrenveiling site van Mariska Hulscher gaat online Mariska scoort tvbabes voor goede doel DEN HAAG/ZUID HOLLAND, 20031103 -- Mariska Hulscher is naast haar TV werk druk bezig met Sterrenveiling. Je kunt straks bieden op de bijzondere gala-outfits van BN'ers. De opbrengst gaat naar het go(Added: Mon Nov 03 2003)

Award Winning Rock Band Pillar Releases New EP

On November 18, 2003, award winning rock band Pillar will be releasing "Broken Down: The EP." The EP features a new rip-your-face-off rock song called Bring Me Down and five acoustic versions of Pillar favorites, 4 of which were recorded live at a recent show in Tulsa, OK. The band also went in th(Added: Mon Nov 03 2003)

Yaya Diallo CD Release On Onzou Records West African Kanza Music popular

VICTORIA, BC CANADA, Nov. 1 - Kanza is a new concept within the Minianka musical culture. This kind of music is a fusion of the past and the present opening the door to the future. Kanza music was conceived as a means of maintaining interest in traditional music. Live at Club Soda takes a drama(Added: Mon Nov 03 2003)

Out of the Dark and Into the Light, Fire-Dean Makes His Mark

Singer/songwriter Fire-Dean (http://www.firedean.com) is a natural born storyteller. His second album, Custom Deluxe, testifies to that fact, with songs drawing on both his own life experiences and the stories he's gleaned from listening to others, all lightly seasoned with just enough self-deprecat(Added: Mon Nov 03 2003)

Fabio and Rikki Lee Travolta Pose for Pictures at Sam's Club Event

Long compared in the media for their long golden hair, athletic builds, and porcelain features, models Fabio and Rikki Lee Travolta appeared for photographers together during promotional launch of clothing line in Chicago. CHICAGO (November 1, 2003) Romance cover model and commercial spokesman(Added: Mon Nov 03 2003)

Interview with Shocking Texas True Story author Sydney Newman Dotson about soon to be released new b

Interview with Shocking Texas True Story author Sydney Newman Dotson about soon to be released new book NO GREATER DECEPTION I’m sure everyone that reads your book will want to know why you are one of the main characters in your book. Is this a true story about your own personal experience? Or is(Added: Sat Nov 01 2003)

RC Racing USA's new site strives to be the ultimate resource for remote control and R/C car drivers, popular

If think that r/c cars are the things you buy at radio shack or wal-mart then think again. Get a small preview of what the competitive world of r/c racing is all about at www.rcracingusa.net R/C car driver/racer Heather Compton, has built a new website that is just the begining of a huge resourc(Added: Fri Oct 31 2003)

From Africa to the World, Yaya Diallo Unleashes His Music popular

Yaya Diallo is a master drummer. A native of Mali, West Africa, he is the personification of a country celebrated for its rich musical culture and diversity. Motivated by his personal experiences in traditional village life, Yaya expresses his profound knowledge of West African healing arts in his i(Added: Thu Oct 30 2003)

United Global Artists : International Promotion popular

This is one of the most unorthodox & creative sites for Indie [independent] music & bands on the web. It is shifting its focus largely to promotion, after initially providing music industry resources. It has been building it's content for almost two years since 2002 & currently has reached a traffic(Added: Thu Oct 30 2003)

Saucy Monky gets ready to burn up the airwaves popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saucy Monky gets ready to burn up the airwaves “Flicker” makes it to radio as the indie-pop act’s second release from “Celebrity Trash” LOS ANGELES (October 29, 2003) – In preparation for the oncoming holiday season, olivoiL records is releasing a new radio mix of “Flic(Added: Thu Oct 30 2003)

Halloween 25th anniversary DVD ‘trick or treat’ viral campaign to be unleashed

30 October 2003, London, UK Halloween 25th anniversary DVD ‘trick or treat’ viral campaign is unleashed Anchor Bay Entertainment have unleashed their ‘trick or treat’ viral campaign for the 25th anniversary of the Halloween DVD classic horror movie ----Begins---- Anchor Bay Entertainment(Added: Thu Oct 30 2003)



X Wrestling Limited - The Hottest 'Striker' in the Business heading to the UK!

Teesside, England, 29th October 2003 Hot young US Indy wrestler Matt Striker has this afternoon confirmed that he is the latest name coming to the UK for our debut show - 'Revolution' - which takes place in April 2004. Striker, who has competed in NWA:TNA, MLW and Ring of Honor to name a few, ha(Added: Wed Oct 29 2003)

Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts considered for NO GREATER DECEPTION film popular

Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts considered for NO GREATER DECEPTION film There is so much investigative work, that the first actresses that come to mind for the female Nancy Drew roles are Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon. One of them has been c(Added: Wed Oct 29 2003)

Screen Nation @ The Notting Hill Film Festival popular

10 – 15 NOVEMBER 2003 www.nottinghillff.co.uk PRESS RELEASE ++ PRESS RELEASE ++ PRESS RELEASE The Notting Hill Film Festival is a celebration of British filmmakers from around the globe working in our film market today. It acts as a celebration of high quality filmmaking, focusing strictl(Added: Wed Oct 29 2003)

Yaya Diallo West African Kanza Music CD Release popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ONTACT: Stephen Conroy, Producer/Manager Yaya Diallo’s West African Music Onzou Records, http://www.onzou.com Tel.: (250) 383-2403 Email: info@onzou.com YAYA DIALLO CD RELEASE ON ONZOU RECORDS WEST AFRICAN KANZA MUSIC VICTORIA, BC CANADA, Nov(Added: Wed Oct 29 2003)


Single-Minded has launched a series of sophisticated and stylish events for single people in their late thirties, forties and early fifties. Held at prestigious locations around the country, Single-Minded events are relaxed, fun and up market. The events include, live music, prize casinos, speed d(Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)

Death of the Party Will Testify Loudly at Don Hill's popular

NEW YORK -- Death of the Party and some special guests will present evidence about the still-unsolved, 40-year-old murder case of President John F. Kennedy at Don Hill's (http://www.donhills.com) at 511 Greenwich St. at Spring St. on Nov. 4 at 8:45 p.m. Admission is $10. The band, along with (Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)

Shocking Texas True Story Sisters form TWO SISTERS PRODUCTIONS, INC. to produce NO GREATER DECEPTION popular

Shocking Texas True Story Sisters form TWO SISTERS PRODUCTIONS, INC. to produce NO GREATER DECEPTION film! If Ben Affleck and Matt Damon can produce a film, then two bright women from Texas can do it too. This is what happens when you have parents like ours that told us we could do anything we se(Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)

David Nevue: Whisperings of a Revolution?

There is a quiet revolution going on in the music world. As the industry continues to eat itself, to relentlessly screw both artists and consumers alike, musicians are left scrambling. Record labels are devoured by bigger labels, which are appendages to corporate leviathans interested only in short (Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)

Deborah Resto - Sultry Latin Cool popular

The sultry rhythm that claims the beginning - and hell, the whole song - of the Latin pop song, "Let Him Hear My Heart" may remind you of a Toni Braxton excursion, but it is something more complex. Soul sister Deborah Resto entrances you in a romantic mood that, like a good opium den, does not want (Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)

Sultry Latin Jazz Release "Let Him Hear My Heart" popular

Deborah Resto brings sultry Latin jazz to the table with this debut release "Let Him Hear My Heart" on Latin Cool Records. The New York born Puerto Rican charms with an emotive and sensual vocal style. Her sultry intonations are wrapped in Latin rhythms and flawlessly intricate, smooth, contempora(Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)

Har-Bal Releases Newest Version Of Mastering Equalization System popular

Har-Bal International, a joint venture between Australian-based TAQUIS and HDQTRZ Digital Studios in Atlanta, announced the latest release of Har-Bal (Harmonic Balancer) ver. 1.02, a powerful, new mastering equalization system for all Windows systems (95,98,ME, NT, 2000 or XP) that corrects incons(Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)

Joe Burns - Blue Flame Guitar popular

Joe Burns (http://www.joeburnsmusic.com), up and coming guitar hero, wields His trusted stratocaster with both the solemn conviction of a Bible and the thrusting energy of a battle sword. His latest album, Road Runner, embodies the strength, depth, and maturity typical of major bands. You know: loud(Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)

Pillar To Release "Broken Down: The EP" popular

On November 18, 2003, Pillar will be releasing the "Broken Down EP." This EP is specifically for all our fans who have been a constant encouragement to us. Fireproof was originally released in May 2002 (Flicker) and then re-released June 2003 (Geffen). In its first incarnation as an indie relea(Added: Tue Oct 28 2003)
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