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Visit Marrakesh - The Exciting Red City

Also known as the ‘Red City’ because of the original red clay on the buildings and houses in the city, Marrakesh is Morocco’s most popular tourist destination with visitors returning there for their Morocco holiday every year!

Founded over 1000 years ago in the Almoravid dynasty but was des(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Visit Thailand's City of Angels

Bangkok was constructed in 1782 and is not only the capital of Thailand but also its largest city and main port. Sometimes known as the ‘City of Angels’ Bangkok is full of surprises, with its many attractions showing of its unique heritage, the fantastic markets and shopping centres along with the v(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

The Tremeloes to perform at the Isle Casino in Coventry

One of today’s most sought-after bands who shot to fame in the 1960s will be performing at The Isle Casino on the outskirts of Bedworth. The Tremeloes had a string of top ten hits with Twist & Shout, Here Comes My Baby, Silence is Golden and Do You Love Me. The Tremeloes still have two members(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Romance

Ever since I saw the movie "Indochine," I've wanted to visit Ha Long Bay. I loved the haunting scenes where Camille and Jean Baptiste, her beloved French soldier (originally her adoptive mother's lover - it's a French film after all) float through the islands in a small junk. Camille's just killed a(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Explore the Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings lies on the West bank of the River Nile, not far from Egypt’s ancient capital Luxor.

The Valley of the Kings consist of two sides, the East Valley and the West Valley which is where most of the royal tombs are situated, many of the tombs in the East Valley were for (Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Experience The Love Story Behind The Taj Mahal

Built by The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1653, the Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in the world and is one the Seven Wonders of the World. Located in Agra in India the Taj Mahal was built as a monument to the Emperor’s beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal who died giving birth to their fourte(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Ayers Rock - The Northern Territory Highlight

Ayers Rock (now officially known as Uluru) is located in Australia’s Northern Territory and is its most famous natural landmark. Located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park it stands at 986 ft high and 5 miles around, also extending underground 1.5 miles, making it the second largest monolith in the w(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Break.com’s Top 50 Viral Videos for 2008 Prove Men Want to See Mishaps and Stunts Online

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 7, 2009 - Break.com, the leading video entertainment website for guys, today named the top 50 viral videos for 2008. Hilarious mishap videos reigned supreme as half of the top 50 videos featured epic fails, pranks, and crazy stunts. From a bride getting pushed into a pool i(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

The Lost City of Machu Picchu

The most visited attraction in Peru and Perhaps one of the most the most famous attractions in the world, Machu Picchu is a truly mesmerising and unforgettable place!

Machu Picchu is translated into “Old Mountain” and is situated above the Urubamba Valley in Peru, 2400 metres above sea leve(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Restaurantes en trujillo

Salones Bizcocho, Restaurante Bizcocho Plaza, en Trujillo, Caceres. 25 ańos de esperiencia en el sector de la hostelería www.restaurantebizcochotrujillo.com(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Teenagers Getting Attracted Towards Mobile Entertainment

With entertainment becoming the buzz word, mobile calls can be effectively used to accompany with it various kinds of entertainment. This is the reason why people are using this option to stay entertained in their life. The users including teenagers thus benefit from mobile entertainment.
(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Get Your Music Started (Music Business in a Box helps aspiring musicians step up)

Three of the best and influential names in the music business came up with a revolutionary package that enables aspiring musicians to hone their musical talent and make it big in the music industry. Famous producer LT Hutton, NYC publicist Ron Berkowitz, and legendary Doc Holiday teamed up to develo(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Novel Written in Ernest Hemingway's Attic Named as one of the Best Books of 2008

San Antonio Express picks Rocket Man as One of the Best of 2008 Novel of Housing Crisis Written in attic of Hemingway Birthplace in Oak Park, Illinois. Oak Park, IL, January 07, 2009 -- Hard to believe a contemporary novel could come out of a dark Victorian attic belonging to Ernest Hemingway. Th(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Sat Jan 17th "Change is NOW!" Exhibit & Live Art Collaboration Inspired by Barack Obama

Sat Jan 17th "Change is NOW!" Exhibit & Live Art Collaboration Inspired by Barack Obama "Change is Now" will be a live art collaboration of the creative talents from a group o. The exhibit will showcase some of the area's finest modern contemporary artists, acclaimed painters and sculptors, insp(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Idol Talk with Abhijeet Sawant

He’s the original Indian Idol, singer Abhijeet Sawant comes to you on live chat, only on Indiatimes on Wednesday January 7, between 1 PM to 1:45 PM. Abhijeet, as everyone who followed that eponymous first season of Indian Idol knows, was the middle-class boy wonder who won the title at the all(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Is it Time for Shirtless Zac Efron Movies?

Starring in Disney Channel’s original movie “High School Musical,” Zac Efron gained recognition among the many teen audiences for both his singing and his acting. And while undoubtedly many young and old fans enjoy seeing Zac perform in his early attempts at theater due to his father’s sugge(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Warhammer Online is very similar to Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft.

The World of Warcraft has its own economy structure and itˇŻs own conventions. But one of the major things that distinguish it from the rest is its innovative Player Vs. Player (PvP) system.In world of warcraft (the most interesting game),farming forwow gold isnˇŻt easy. Actually, itˇŻs not so much (Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Can’t buy me love…Valentine’s Day in a recession.

DATELINE: NORWELL, MA… With Valentine’s Day coming in the not-so-distant future, many recession-strapped Valentines are wondering what they can do for their sweetie this year. Especially since fancy dinners at five-star restaurants, bouquets of flowers and treating your Valentine to a day of(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Who of the Watchmen Characters Start off Dead?

This is not to ruin the story to anybody who hasn’t heard about the Watchmen characters. But since it’s a very popular comic book series released in the mid-1980s, it wouldn’t be that heart-shattering to say that The Comedian starts the story dead. The Comedian, or otherwise known as Edwar(Added: Wed Jan 07 2009)

Starcraft 2: Continuing a Great Legacy

Producers and game developers struggle to make the next most addictive, mind-blowing and life-changing entertainment software the gaming community has ever seen. But with many titles and genres out there, not counting the independently created software, every new game appears to have been either a m(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Get Fit...Have Fun ...with the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Get Fit...Have Fun ...with the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Many parents are already familiar with the quality and safety of Fisher Price products and they are thrilled with this latest addition to this famous toy line. Children are anticipating receiving this cycle as a gift(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Ticketexecutive.com –The best place to get Entertainment Tickets

Ticketexecutive is a ticket broker specializing in hard-to-get tickets for all entertainment, sports and theatre tickets redistribution has great seats and prices. Ticketexecutive.com aims to be the preferred choice for millions of fans online by providing the best in tickets and the most honest dea(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Ever wondered how Santa knows exactly what gift you desire? Gifti.us unveils the secret – and makes

Everyone is familiar with the rush and bustle of buying those “last-minute” gifts that will appear so tattletale when given to the recipient. This is no big deal of course; however, you can be left feeling ill at ease even though the person expresses his gratitude for the gift. To keep questioning o(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

TheVOD.net DVD, VOD & Toy Superstore

TheVOD.net DVD, VOD & Toy Superstore(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Midas Launches a New Showroom

Midas, Jordan's leading furniture retail outlet, has launched a new office furniture showroom in the Jordan Radio and TV street seven minutes away from Abdoun bridge. This development is made as part of the Company’s diligent efforts to satisfy furnishing needs for all market strata. Now, wheth(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Entertainment Book

Entertainment Book Coupon 2006 In our entertainment coupon book 2006 we have included more hotels, restaurants, movie halls, shopping malls offering great discounts which will enable you to spend less money and get better services. http://entertainment-coupon-book-2006.info(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Mobile Phones Ringtones

Mobile Phones Ringtones Find Free Help From Top Experts. Fix Your Mobile Phones Ringtones http://freecingularringtone.info (Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Britney in love with Indian choreographer

Randhawa is fuming over claims that Britney has started a love affair with dance expert Sandip Soparrkar, who choreographed the video for her hit single Womanizer.

Now, Randhawa, who says she has been dating Sandip for four-and-a-half years, has warned the pop star to stay away from her m(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Realizing the Need to See Shirtless Male Celebrities

Dangerously bordering between a healthy habit to an obsessive fetish, perusing images of shirtless male celebrities have slowly crept into the daily routines of most teenage daughters, mothers, and even grandmothers. Apparently, a lot of men also seem to include this ritual in their daily tasks, no (Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)

Beginner Piano Website Claims 'Learn To Play Piano In Under 10 Minutes'

Learn to play the piano in a matter of minutes might not be as ridiculous as it sounds. The beginners piano website have just been distributing a how to video on You Tube and other video sharing sites that states just this. By teaching you the notes of the keyboard and a few basic chords the begi(Added: Tue Jan 06 2009)
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