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Weekly Hotels Shared Top Amenities of Extended Stay Hotels in America for Family Travelers

Added: (Fri Nov 03 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The spokesperson of leading extended stay search engine and booking portal, namely, Weekly Hotels, shared about top three amenities especially for family travelers. He remarked, “An extended stay hotel is one of the best accommodation options for any traveler. It has so much to offer to its guest. If we talk specifically about family travelers, they just can’t find a better accommodation than an extended stay hotel.”

On a question of ‘why the weekly hotel is the best accommodation for a family on vacations?’, the spokesperson of the Weekly Hotels answered, “When we travel alone, we are likely to compromise on a few things, but, when we travel with our family we are more likely to go for things which can bestow all required essentials and comfort to our family during the whole trip. As we all know accommodation is one of the most important parts of the family tour as it gives enough relaxation to revitalize ourselves to go for a next day of fun trip with full gusto; it has to be comfortable and cozy. The extended stay hotel has everything a family with different nature and age group members need. Thus, it is the best accommodation for family travelers.”

The spokesperson of the Weekly Hotels shared much information about weekly stay hotels in correlation with the family travelers seeking for an extended stay. According to the shared details, below are the top 3 benefits of extended stay hotels for family travelers with quick brief:

1. Hotel room with kitchen

This may sound not so important amenity to many, but, the fact is, this is the most important amenity for the family travelers on an extended stay. Each family can have members from different age group such as kids, old aged people, teenagers, etc. These family members may get hungry on different time and often at odd hours when it is difficult to get food when you have kids or old aged people in your family who can’t control the huger. Also, a few people have specific eating habits and it is difficult to get food of choice when you are in an unknown city or state. Here, in-room kitchenette is extremely beneficial. You can cook your own food as per your choice. Also, you can stir milk or make baby food or a quick meal for yourself or family members.

2. Complimentary Breakfast

When we go out for holidays, we all become negligent about food. Often, the enthusiasm of exploring new places, make us forget important meals of the day. The extended stay hotel offers complimentary breakfast and it ensures each member of the family kick-starts his/ her day without skipping the most important meal of the day. As the extended stay hotel gives grab and go breakfast, you don’t need to wait to get your ordered food; just grab what you like and lead your day with energy.

3. Recreation and Relaxation center access

The Weekly hotels offer access to its recreation and relaxation centers. It includes access to pool, Jacuzzi, game room, spa, casino, etc. This is another amazing amenity for family travelers. When lazy family members are sleeping in the cozy rooms, the other active family members can take benefit of these amenities to add more fun in their trip memories.
The spokesperson of the Weekly Hotels concluded the discussion with an end note, “We shared these details based on real data gathered as feedback from our customers who travel with family and stay in weekly hotels. If you travel with family, you must experience this and see the difference.”

About Weekly Hotels
Weekly Hotels is a leading online portal with 40,000+ extended stay hotels. The portal is popular for finding the best extended stay hotels in America based on different criteria of the users. Also, it offers alluring discounts to the users who book a hotel using their portal.

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