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Rave review for new Spy thriller

Added: (Sat Nov 04 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) - MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Minnesota author, Douglas De Bono, receives acclaim for his new novel Point of Honor. Booknet, an Internet based book site, absolutely loved the book. A perusal of reader comments on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders indicates Mr. De Bono is being favorably compared to Stephen Coontz, Dale Brown, Stephen Hunter, and Tom Clancy.

The Booknet review is as follows:

Point of Honor is the prequel to Blood Covenant, even though it was published afterwards (don't you just love it when authors do that?), featuring Major Jim Harper. It is set six years after the Gulf War. Saddam Hussein wants revenge, and has managed to acquire a particularly deadly and persistent variant of VX nerve gas from the Chinese. When the Chinese deliver the agent, something goes wrong, and a U-2 spy plane making an unscheduled flight takes photographs of the results.

Harper is sent out with a team of marines and a civilian weapons expert. The civilian should never have been sent on the mission and the marines are unhappy with their orders. Support for the mission is unreliable, and Harper fears he has been sold out, again.

Harper is a good, strong character, and even if you have not met him before, you quickly come to like him. There is a lot of computer stuff in this book, the target of Harpers mission is a Data Canter, apparently the Iraqis use Oracle!

It's not surprising that databases are a subject of the book, since De Bono runs a database consulting firm called 'Systems Consulting'.

The story is quite long, but it gets going quickly and has a good mix of politics, technology and action. Think Dale Brown but with computers rather than aircraft.

The characters in the book are very well portrayed, and you get to learn their personalities very quickly. The reaction of the civilian weapons expert when he ends up in a real combat situation is very well handled.

The book starts of at a good pace, and there are some good scenes, especially when the submarine makes the transfer of the VX, and when the Americans go looking for the sub, yet the book still manages to pick up even more towards the end. I cannot say much without ruining the story, but there is something which could be vaguely described as a game of cat and mouse near the end, and it is a true page turner. I had planned to put the book down to get something to eat at the end of Chapter 28, but kept on reading, and reading, and finished the book! It's not often that happens to me, especially with this genre.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Dale Brown has had control of this kind of market for too long, and he had better watch out!

Booknet’s website is http://www.booknet.org.uk

Mr. De Bono is a life long native Minnesotan, Carleton College graduate, an avid shooter and a second-degree black belt. He manages his own consulting firm in the Twin Cities.

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