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Pressbox (Press Release) - Official Xmas Antidote To Big Brother Withdrawal Symptoms
- The Official Computer Game -

This Christmas, following the success of Channel 4’s hit TV phenomenon, fans of the show are able to enjoy the official Big Brother computer game and have the chance to beat Nasty Nick from the comfort of their own home.

Players must select one of 10 cartoon ‘look-alike’ characters of the real life Big Brother contestants and then enter a virtual Big Brother house to play a series of testing tasks and assignments. Through four unique levels, players have the opportunity to collect diary room keys to access video clips of the TV show's most famous moments. Players can then enter an Internet league table of high scorers.

Big Brother - The Game is released by leading games publisher Infogrames price £9.99, an ideal Christmas gift available from all usual stores.
Amanda Farr, Marketing Manager from Infogrames, said “The game will be a must-have antidote for all sufferers of the Big Brother withdrawal symptoms that has set in since the series finished.”

Game 1: Doom Dishes
After selecting one of the ten Big Brother contestants, you are banished to the kitchen of the Big Brother house. Catch flying cutlery, plates, dishes and chinaware before they fall on the floor. Succeed and you obtain a key to the diary room.

Game 2: Take 12
A video puzzle game that includes several tasks that have to be solved to upload a number of unique video clips from the Big Brother TV show. Solve the required number of puzzles and you get a key to the diary room. Fail your task and you are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Game 3: Budget Breaker
Fill the Big Brother store cupboard with items that fall from the top of the screen. Each of them has a different price. The prices of the items you catch are added to your score and subtracted from the grocery budget. Get the budget down to zero and you get a bonus and a new budget. Go over budget and you will be nominated to leave the house.

Game 4: Photo Fun
In this game, you’re a paparazzi photographer who has to snap shots of the contestants before the clock runs out. Once you have three diary room keys, you can enter the diary room and play the bonus game - for extra video clips.
Note To Players……… Big Brother is watching!

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