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Lethalsites.com Invades the Internet!

Added: (Sun Aug 27 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) - New web company makes an interactive site that focuses on the more intense web entertainment sites on the internet

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Ca.- Finding the best of the web from now on will be an extremely easy and fun thing to do now that Lethalsites is online. Because of the huge amounts of new entertainment sites that continually show up on a daily basis, the need for a web company to assemble and spotlight the most entertaining sites for now and the future has never been greater. “We found there was a gaping hole in the “best of” types of websites being done in a professional manner”, stated Rob Mead, president/ceo of Lethalsites. “The internet is slowly evolving into a mass-media home entertainment monster that will encompass 99% of the world’s living room, and we will be a portal for this revolution. With the Playstation2 offering Ethernet and broadband internet access to a potential audience of twenty million people in the near future, we feel that a site such as ours will bring the best websites that feature streaming video/audio clips of action/horror videogames, hard rock/metal, horror/fantasy comics and horror movies together in one place, without a need for the web surfer to constantly patrol the net for hidden and obscure sites that can’t find a good promotional outlet.”

The website can be found at http://www.lethalsites.com , and the site will also be giving away free dvd movies of such hits as “The Matrix” and “Sleepy Hollow” to visitors who are lucky enough to be selected through joining the mailing list for Lethalsites. Finding the most savage sites on the net is only a small part of the Lethalsites agenda. The site also features an enormous selection of free interactive games on the Lethal Interactive page. A visitor could spend at least an entire day just going to all the free games sites on this page that feature “You Don’t Know Jack”, car racing simulations, role playing games for the Playstation, upcoming movie previews, internet heavy metal/hard rock radio stations and a lot of Shockwave enhanced arcade games. The Lethal Horror page brings the best horror movie web sites together on one page, and updates the latest horror sites that are creating an impact on horror movie lovers all over the world. There is a description of the site as well as a direct hyperlink to give the visitor immediate access to experience the works of all the best Italian horror directors, zomibie movies, slasher movies or just gory horror movies in general. The Lethal Videogames page features the best games sites that a visitor can go to and immediately download the latest levels for games such as Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Halflife, and many, many others.

Looking for the latest news in horror movies, heavy metal and videogames? Look no further than the “Lethal News” section on the home page of Lethalsites.com. Here, the web visitor will find a link to previews and reviews of upcoming highly anticipated movies and videogames. “The internet is THE best tool for all the latest breaking news in the entertainment world, and the “Lethal News” section will be constantly updated to keep up with it all,” proclaimed Mead. “If our visitors want to know where to find a review for “Blair Witch 2”, for instance, we will give out a hyperlink directly to that review in a far more timely manner than anybody else. Since we focus only on horror movies and other extreme entertainment genres, our visitors will always be totally in the know when it comes to what movies to see, what videogames to buy, what heavy metal/hard rock cd’s are worth buying, or downloading, and the best online comix sites to go to.” The Heavy Metal Overdose page, for example, features all the best real heavy metal sites that review metal bands, give away free mp3 downloads, preview upcoming major metal releases and give out extensive band history information of groups like “Slayer”, “Testament”, “Six Feet Under” and any obscure Swedish/European bands you can think of. The Lethal comix/graphic art page contains the many sites devoted to the works of artists such as HR Giger, Boris Vallejo and many other great artists that dwell in the more darker side of contempory art. The page also contains many direct links to online horror comics such as “Zombie Commandos from Hell” that is on the adult side of the world of comics. Lethalsites always informs the visitor if the sites contain adult language and graphic images that should not be seen by children.

In conclusion, Lethalsites will be a name brand that every web surfer will know by name in the years to come. The reputation of Lethalsites on message boards and links around the web is already generating a great response from web surfers who are praising this site as one to bookmark and visit on a daily basis. Lethalsites will always feature many pages of links, portals and search engines that are one hundred percent of the highest quality entertainment web sites anywhere, and Lethalsites is looking to the future when the convergence of digitalcable/dvd/internet comes together and everybody can hit the front page and find exactly what they are looking for.

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Rob Mead, slayedx@aol.com or (949) 858-3476


Company Name: Lethalsites
REF URL: http://www.lethalsites.com

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