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new web site gives all writers a chance to be read

We have all had the dream of seeing our written work in print or even on the big screen and have become frustrated with the lack of opportunity when it comes to approaching publisshers, directors or even producers. Well www.yerwords.com is an exciting new web site that gives that opportunity to t(Added: Wed Aug 16 2006)

Which type of education is better Online or Traditional?

With the rise in the popularity of the internet over the last ten years, the world we live in has been redefined many times. Many of the things that we used to take for granted have completely changed. One area that has been greatly impacted by the internet is education. Not only has the internet(Added: Wed Aug 16 2006)

Strudents Improve study skills with SWeven Secrets of How to Study

Sharon Hill, PA - On any given day 50 percent of our nations 9th grade students are contemplating dropping out of school. In fact in many inner city schools only 50% of the student s who start the 9th grade do not earn a high school diploma. A large percentage of these students lack the study habit (Added: Wed Aug 16 2006)

Montgomery Bible InstitutePrepares to Serve the World

Montgomery Bible Institute and Theological Center has enjoyed a steady flow of students through its small Alabama campus – an average of about 50 students per year since its founding nearly 10 years ago. Now the very small, hands-on school is preparing for a radical shift in operations: going global(Added: Mon Aug 14 2006)

Earn your financial freedom through real-time financial market education !

India faces a huge gap between demand and supply of high quality talent in the financial market. With Indian GPD growing at 8-9% and financial markets on a boom, BLB group see this as a golden opportunity to impart real-time training to educate the 1.1 billion population, involve their greater parti(Added: Mon Aug 14 2006)


México, D. F. a 13 de agosto de 2006. SEÑOR DIRECTOR: La mayoria de las leyes del mundo deben estar basadas en resguardar la integridad y seguridad de las personas y de las naciones; sin embargo, vemos tristemente que no es asi. La guerra entre Israel y el Líbano es algo que entristece. Vem(Added: Sun Aug 13 2006)

Local College Promotes Excellence and the X Factor

Swindon, Wilts, UK, 14th August 2006 Local College Promotes Excellence and the X Factor Here are some questions you are not regularly asked; • Would you like to learn some of the skills Paul McKenna and Derren Brown have? • Would you like to become a certified coach and earn additiona(Added: Sat Aug 12 2006)

Ingrid Holvoet, children with autism, autistic child, distance treatment,self treatment, personal de

Ingrid Holvoet LTA Personal Development: autism treatment (Added: Fri Aug 11 2006)


Hi there. My name is Toby Wilks, and I am a Cambridge qualified English language teacher with over 7 years' experience of teaching many different nationalities at every level. I offer private English language lessons to foreign students at any level, from complete beginners to proficiency level (Added: Fri Aug 11 2006)

Independent schools rewarded for better risk-management

Independent schools are paying too much for insurance because they are subsidising state schools where generally the claims experience is greater. The result is a backlash for the independent sector where the battle to control costs is now at the top of the agenda for bursars and school heads. “(Added: Thu Aug 10 2006)

Perception and Misperception with Troubled Teens

Perception IS reality, and no where is this more evident than in parent-teen relationships. The ways in which parents and teens communicate, solve problems, make decisions and manage stress are greatly affected by their perceptions. Despite the fact that most parent-teen relationships are warm(Added: Thu Aug 10 2006)


México, D. F. a 9 de agosto de 2006. SEÑOR DIRECTOR: Las guerras entre el Libano e Israel ha causado muchas muertes y destruccion. Israel ya amenaza con guerra total si no hay avances diplomaticos. ¿Cuales son los resultados para el que gane? … ¿Sera una victoria verdadera? No existe ningu(Added: Wed Aug 09 2006)

Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) Sends Two Distinguished Students to Study in the Un

Amman, Jordan- (August 2006)- The Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) recently sent two of its distinguished students to the US to take part in a two-semester exchange program. The program, organized by PSUT and the Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois, USA, is held periodically and(Added: Wed Aug 09 2006)

TeachMeIT launches Programming Curriculum for Microsoft ASP.NET

New Jersey, US: TeachMeIT, a leading provider of online courses in IT and desktop applications, has launched the curriculum for Microsoft ASP.NET. Spread over three courses, the curriculum focuses on the basic, intermediate and advanced levels of the ASP.NET technology. Principally designed for lear(Added: Wed Aug 09 2006)

Scope of Online MBA Degree Programs

At some point during your college education, students may wonder whether to pursue MBA Degrees. In this day and age, prospective college students can pursue MBA degrees through an online degree program, entirely via distance education. Because online learning isn’t any different than a traditional c(Added: Wed Aug 09 2006)

Credit your Prior Experience with Online Life Experience Degrees

In the world today, online degree offers the flexibility and convenience many students need to obtain a college education. Unfortunately, many college transcripts fail to show a student’s real-life experience, even if the student has a lot of knowledge in one particular field but no diploma to show (Added: Wed Aug 09 2006)

Accreditation and Online Degrees

Today, the internet offers prospective college students a wealth of information regarding online degrees and other different aspects of the education process, including how to apply for financial aid, how to choose the right college for you and a variety of other information. Thes(Added: Wed Aug 09 2006)

Why Should You Get An Online College Diploma?

The rise of the internet has brought about a wealth of resources and information for people all over the globe. Now, many people are even turning to the web to get a college education, receiving online diplomas entirely via distance education. Acquiring an online college diploma is fast becoming a p(Added: Wed Aug 09 2006)

Online High School Diplomas

It used to be that if a person didn’t graduate from high school, their lives were going to go downhill from there. These days life is a little more flexible, although it still holds true that to hold a decent job you need the bare minimum of a high school education. Luckily, the rise of the digital (Added: Wed Aug 09 2006)

Ingrid Holvoet, attention deficit disorder, personal development, self treatment, distance treatmen

Ingrid Holvoet LTA Personal Development: treatment for ADD(Added: Tue Aug 08 2006)

The Chinese Language Institute, New Delhi Announces the Launch of its Online Courses

New Delhi, India, 10 August 2006 The Chinese Language Institute in New Delhi is pleased to announce the introduction of internet-based conversational Chinese courses on its website www.chinese.in. Created for the busy professional who has limited time for language learning, the Chinese Language I(Added: Tue Aug 08 2006)

Online College Degree Programs

The rise in internet technology has given way to a plethora of information regarding online college degree and online degree programs to prospective college students. With studies showing that online education methods are comparable if not better than a traditional classroom setti(Added: Tue Aug 08 2006)

Power Writing Subliminal Perception Program, a Valuable Back To School Supply

Millions of students will soon return to school armed with notebooks, pens and other tools to help them academically succeed. Yet they may be missing the one tool that can make a huge difference, a tool that gives them the attitude to excel in writing. Writing is an essential skill. Students can(Added: Mon Aug 07 2006)

New Calendar of Knitting and Croshet Events Now Available at Lion Brand Web Site

Manhattan, NY, United States, August 7, 2006 - The Lion Brand Yarn Company (http://www.LionBrand.com) today announced the introduction of an event calendar to their award winning Web site. The new feature will include dates, times and locations for Fiber Festivals, County Fairs, Knit-Outs and other (Added: Sun Aug 06 2006)


México, D. F. a 5 de agosto de 2006. SEÑOR DIRECTOR: El Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas, Kofi Annan, en un discurso sobre el tema de las drogas manifesto que consumir o no consumir drogas depende de una decision —una decision que hay que tomar con conocimiento de causa. Sin embargo(Added: Sat Aug 05 2006)

When teens struggle parents suffer

At first glance there appears to be love hate relationship between teens and their parents. Well, Perhaps hate is too strong word. Teens don’t understand why parents cannot relate to them; after all, they were young once (they were teens, too!). Parents, on the other hand, don’t understand why their(Added: Sat Aug 05 2006)

The Crucial Parent-Teen Relationship

Enjoy them now, they'll soon be teenagers! Warnings like this from friends and relatives, together with media images of adolescents as irresponsible, rebellious troublemakers, can lead parents to expect trouble as their children enter puberty. Parenting teens includes many challenges as well as joys(Added: Fri Aug 04 2006)

Steelpan Instrument Goes Ivy League

New York- A ten-man contingent of New York champion Pantonic Steel Orchestra journeyed to Columbia University to perform, showcase and conduct a workshop on the steelpan instrument to a class of graduate level students. The workshop was part of the Graduate School's "An Introduction To World Music(Added: Fri Aug 04 2006)

New Psychological Novel Teaches Mind-Body Psychology

Dr. Mario E. Martinez is a clinical psychologist and author of the new psychological novel "The Man From Autumn". He uses the novel to indirectly teach his theory of how cultural and spiritual beliefs affect relationships, health and longevity. "The Man From Autumn" is on amazon's UK bestseller lis(Added: Fri Aug 04 2006)

Delphi Academy of San Diego Hosts Parent Seminar on Starting Your Child on the Road to a Brilliant F

A common goal of parents is to help their children find their areas of brilliance and become successful and inspired individuals--those who are productive, confident, and most of all, happy. Delphi Academy of San Diego is sponsoring a seminar to help parents do just that for their children. Lee Eich(Added: Fri Aug 04 2006)
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