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Communication Problems with Teens

Communication problem is a most serious problem with the teens. Teen age is the most important period in anyone’s life. In this period everyone choose his/her career field. So communication makes effect on teen’s life. In teens life some teens face ego problem, which becomes the cause of their misbe(Added: Mon Nov 13 2006)

Bullied Teachers Under Stress: Impacting Health and Performance

For immediate release Mike Moore Phone: 519 753 0702 Fax: 519 754 4794 (Added: Sun Nov 12 2006)

IQ Boosting software

Boost your iq score with this amazing software. Read help inside the software package to understand how it works and how to use it properly to get good test results. You can also visit its homepage http://www.wordofmouthexperiment.com/dedpyhto/IQ-test-trainer.htm(Added: Sun Nov 12 2006)


9 Badgers Hill Virginia Water Surrey GU25 4SB www.actagainstbullying.com 0845 230 2560 PRESS RELEASE Media contact: Louise Burfitt-dons 01344 842243/07876 748518 IMMEDIATE RELEASE SCHOOL ASSAULTS SHOCK ANTI-BULLYING EXPERTS 12.11.06 Virginia Water The National Bullying Su(Added: Sun Nov 12 2006)

NanoWars. Learning science through video gaming.

NanoWars. Learning science through video gaming. London -– 13th November 2006 -- London-based computer game development studio PlayGen has partnered with global nanotechnology consultancy Cientifica to develop an interactive 3d learning game based on nano-sciences and nanotechnology. Aimed at 12(Added: Sat Nov 11 2006)

Disrespectful and Rebellious Teens

Defiant Teens are children that have no respect for authority and mainly disrespect their parents. Back talk when your teenager rudely tells you that you are a tyrant or an idiot has to be one of the hardest things for parents to deal with. Respect for parents is highly valued in every culture. (Added: Sat Nov 11 2006)

New Imprint from Double Dragon Publishing: Audio Series for Writers

Oceanside, CA October, 2006 Double Dragon Publishing, www.double-dragon-ebooks.com, released a new imprint, DDP Radio, Head to Head, A Series of Thirty Audio Classes for Writers, featuring authors Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Kathe Gogolewski, Joyce Faulkner and Allyn Evans. The first two audio classes, (Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Interactive web communications leader launches Beezy, their upgraded ePortfolio; every schoolchild i

London, November 7, 2006 - Spider Networks, the power behind interactive web communications, today launches nationwide an upgrade to its online solution that supports one of the Government's key goals in transforming e-learning in Britain. Called Beezy, the ePortfolio solution enables every schoolch(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Chinese Writing Master 4.0 Teacher's Edition

Launched on 20,Sept 2006, Chinese Writing Master 4.0 Teacher's Edition is an effective, indispensable tool to create teaching materials in seconds. Just copy a chinese character anywhere, you can instantly generate a step by step chinese character stroke order picture and save it in a JPEG f(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Coatbridge College Select TeQuios to Improve Fund Management

Coatbridge College select TeQuios®. Due to the efficiency and reliability of the system for managing student fund payments and the exceptional reputation of TeQuios in the College marketplace. TeQuios will allow all student fund payments processed by Coatbridge College to be managed in a single ap(Added: Thu Nov 09 2006)

Driver Education

TEENAGE DRIVER EDUCATION ON LINE AND HOME STUDY IN CALIFORNIA: Learn in the convince of your home, at times convenient for you ! easy ,fast way to get your learning permit. Cost only $59 ,no hiding fee. Enroll right now ! The Goal of the Driver's Education Course is to prepare students to operate mo(Added: Wed Nov 08 2006)


Students of Dream Harvest College based in Stratford, East London have achieved 100% success. Obeng de Lawrence, Principal of the College said: ' We are proud to announce that all our PGDE graduates that have collected their certificates, [and have the right to work in the UK] managed to secure go(Added: Wed Nov 08 2006)

How to teach your child social skills

Most people realise that being successful in life personally and professionally requires social skills. Think about the successful people you know, they are generally self aware and know how to understand and work effectively with others. Social skills are required to succeed in friendships, school (Added: Wed Nov 08 2006)

Delphian School Poets Accepted to Anthology

Thirty students from the Delphian School in Sheridan, Oregon, have had their poetry accepted for publication in the annual edition of the Pine Tree Poetry Collection. This is a nationwide competition, and the Delphian School has the distinction of having 30 of their poets accepted for publication. (Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

Delphi Academy builds cultural awareness by celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights.

On October 19th, the Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay celebrated Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights. Students, teachers and parents had a great time participating in the celebration while learning more about Diwali, the most popular of the Indian festivals. The event, organized by parents,(Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

Learn From Top Management Gurus

Learning From Top Management Gurus like Jack Canfield, Martin Lindstrom, Zig Ziglar, Dr. John Gray, Al & Laura Ries, Brian Tracy etc. are encapsulated in a very crisp & ready to use format in a unique blog : http://management-gurus.blogspot.com/ Do visit the same and learn from it. (Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

ITpreneurs first to offer COBIT® Courses in Japanese

Tokyo, 2 November 2006. To address the growing need for COBIT competence and knowledge in the Japanese market, ITpreneurs has been able to sucessfully localize and launch the first ever official ISACA® COBIT Foundation CourseTM and COBIT Awareness Course TM in Japanese. The COBIT Foundation ExamTM i(Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

It's a Long Way From Tipperary: Life in the Trenches (1914-1918)

It's a Long Way From Tipperary: Life in the Trenches (1914-1918) The New Curiosity Shop, a college of online learning based in Scotland, launches a new online course about life in the trenches for the ordinary British infantryman during the First World War (1914-1918). Edinburgh, Scotland, (Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

Bipolar Disorder A Depressive Symptoms in Teens

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes extreme mood swings. This condition is also called manic-depressive illness. It may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in a person's mood, energy, and ability to function. D(Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

When your teen’s runaway ….

When your teen’s runaway …. Every day between 1.3 and 2.8 million runaway and homeless youth live on the streets of America. One out of every seven children will run away from home before the age of 18. If your teen has threatened to run away, don’t hesitate to talk to her about it. Inform you(Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish with CLIC IH and improve your day to day knowledge of the Spanish language at all levels .(Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

Fraternity Secrets Revealed: The History and Revelations from One of Their Own

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Laura Donnely, PR by the Book, (512) 809-4618 or laurad@prbythebook.com Fraternity Secrets Revealed: The History and Revelations from One of Their Own (NEW JERSEY) Given the recent scrutiny that Greek organizations have come under, Bruce Kesselman, a graduate(Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

Stop the Pattern of Bullies with Illustrated Children’s Book

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Erika Sumner, PR by the Book, Erika@prbythebook.com, (281)895-7190 Boost Your Children’s Self-Confidence While They Learn about Astronomy (MICHIGAN) Having lunch money stolen by a bully was one of the most traumatizing memories of childhood for many people. Near(Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

Official Launch of Driving Destiny Newsletter

Largo, Maryland (MBN) November 5, 2006 – Award-winning author, Kristi Luv Wilson, has officially launched her online newsletter, Driving Destiny. Driving Destiny is a monthly newsletter which features special author spotlights, topics on women health, finances, depression, and education. A hi(Added: Sun Nov 05 2006)

PreschoolRock.com Holds Hooked on Phonics Product Giveaway to Benefit Low-Income Families

San Francisco, CA, November 6, 2006 -- PreschoolRock.com, a network created for parents and teachers of preschoolers, announces its first monthly giveaway. PreschoolRock.com has partnered with Hooked on Phonics, LLC to award one lucky winner the Super Activity Kit, Hooked on ABCs™. To enter the (Added: Sat Nov 04 2006)

Australian Visa - Students' Visas

Many people would welcome the opportunity to spend some time in Australia studying and they can, as long as certain conditions are met. Firstly they must be proficient in English language, must attend a course or part of a course full time, and that course must be offered by an education or trai(Added: Sat Nov 04 2006)

Kidfluence Television Extends Reach, Partners With Global Broadband Television Company IVNET.TV

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Delray Beach, Florida) – November 5, 2006- CoMatrix Media is developing a new television program entitled Kidfluence TV which focuses on real life issues that effect today’s youth. In a forum setting, parents, teens, tweens, professionals, advocates and other diverse guest(Added: Sat Nov 04 2006)

Negotiation skills open courses in Bradford West Yorkshire

2nd November 2006 Bradford UK-Paramount Learning Ltd and City Training Services have launched a new service to deliver high quality negotiation skills open courses in the heart of Bradford. Paramount and City Training Services have scheduled five negotiation skills courses through 2007 at the newly (Added: Thu Nov 02 2006)

TeachOverseas.info Announces Publication of The Complete Guide to Securing a Job at an International

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ---Begins--- TeachOverseas.info Announces Publication of The Complete Guide to Securing a Job at an International School TeachOverseas.info announces the publication of a book aimed at supplying a step by step guide to the recruitment process for teachers who want to s(Added: Thu Nov 02 2006)

Everyone Is Invited To A day Of Bible Lectures

The public is invited to attend a full day of Bible education on November 12 at Edith Kanakaole Tennis Stadium in Hilo Hawaii. The gates open at 8:00AM for the start of this Special Assembly Day of Bible lectures. The theme for this day of Bible talks is taken from Acts 18:5, “Be Intensely Occ(Added: Wed Nov 01 2006)
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