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Pressbox (Press Release) - WILL I EVER GET ANY GOOD AT THIS?

By Arcadia Flynn

We take on a new challenge - lets say, speaking in public,
a new business, the internet or marketing and we wonder
if we will ever get any good at ‘it’.

My breakthrough came when I understood what Shinichi
Suzuki taught in his book ‘Nurtured By Love’. He was the
Japanese man who taught kids from the age of three how
to play the violin.

He starts his book with a great story explaining how a
parakeet was taught to speak.

The young bird was bought at the markets, placed in a
cage in the office and given the name of 'Peko Miyazawa’.

Every day the kids would call out to Peko telling him “Peko
is a good little bird”, “Peko good morning” and “How are
you Peko?” Suzuki says that after about three thousand
times and two months the parakeet finally said ‘Peko’.

Question….what would have happened if after a month
and a thousand tries everyone gave up on the parakeet
and said, ‘this parakeet will never speak?’

The same happens in our lives. We take on a new venture
and give up after a few tries and say ‘well it’s not for
me’, when if you would have hung in there just a little bit
longer… who knows what could have happened.

But the best bit about the ‘Peko’ story is yet to come.

His last name, ‘Miyazawa’ was slowly added by everyone
and this time after only one thousand times and one month
the parakeet finally said ‘Miyazawa’.

Question … why the shorter time frame to learn a new word?

The kids would then say “Good morning Peko” and within
two weeks Peko could say good morning.

But it got even better. The kids placed Peko in the
training room and after approximately 100 times the bird
could sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star.’

Suzuki says that ‘ability breeds ability’. The first time
you try to learn a new language, the first few words are
hard, but then bit by bit it gets easier and easier.

It’s like when you first get behind the wheel of your new
car. You need to look where all the switches for the
heater, radio, fan and lights are. But I bet you that after
just a few months your hand could reach out and turn on the
radio, in total darkness.

What is happening is that we are laying down a new program,
a new wiring, in our brain. The first few thin threads of
information have great difficulty, after all it’s all so
new and the brain is inherently lazy.

It does not want to go through all this effort, so it’s
easier to go back to the ‘old’ program. Which unfortunately
for a lot of us is not much.

BUT if you persist, once you have a thin thread take hold
you can build on this and lay more threads and now the
brain has a circuit to fly along, and eventually you will
have a steel cable that can never be broken.

It got to the stage that Suzuki had a cough and within a day
Peko was coughing as well.

I remember when I got on the stage for the first time to
perform my poetry. My legs were trembling, my mind racing
with fear and my hands were shaking and sweating. I
forgot a few of the lines and felt that I had failed miserably.

But I hung in there and now after a couple of years and
having won a few poetry competitions my ability to perform
on the stage has increased dramatically.

Keep in mind, ability breeds ability so hang in there you
will be surprised how far you can really go.

Persistence is the key, so just keep moving in a positive
direction towards your goals and eventually you will reach

Remember Peko Miyazawa.


Arcadia Flynn

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