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Sustainability Scholarship Program Readily Available

Added: (Thu Feb 07 2002)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Institute of Global Education
Special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council
Integrated Ecology/Project NatureConnnect
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Dear Editor,

For your convenience this special alert consists of two releases.

1. A short ANNOUNCEMENT (136 words) about a wide ranging nature appreciation scholarship program. It is for your information or for networking to others that might welcome it.

2. A detailed RELEASE (416 words) describing the origins, values and purpose of the scholarship program.

Thank you for considering this notice.

For Thoughtful Passion,

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director
Institute of Global Education
Chair: Greenwich University Applied Ecopsychology
Faculty: Portland State University Extended Studies
Faculty Director: International University of Professional Studies.


Announcing: A nature appreciation scholarship and sustainability training program for people who care about living in respect and peaceful balance with humanity and the environment.

Purpose: To empower people with unique educational tools that enable them to build and help others build responsible relationships with self, society and nature.

Object: To help people help us implement personal and global wellness via the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP). NSTP consists of readily available education, counseling and leadership tools that support the United Nations manifesto for environmentally sound personal growth and social justice

NSTP provides the missing link between the destructive way we learn to think and the profound intelligence that we inherit as part of Nature.

Scholarship Link: http://www.ecopsych.com/iupsapplicants.html

Program Link: http://www.ecopsych.com/iupshomepage.html

Domain Link: http://www.scholarshipdegrees.org

Degree program tuition is based entirely on an applicant's ability to pay via a cooperative scholarship plan.


For Immediate Release:
Friday Harbor, WA, February 3. 2002,

Readily Available Scholarships Created by a Cooperative Coalition

At the Insititute of Global Education, a special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, for Earth Day and Earth Year April 22, 2002-2003, a group of individuals and not-for-profit organizations have established a cooperative scholarship program. Its purpose is to make a unique, intercultural, Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) readily available to the public.

NSTP enables people to increase personal and environmental wellness through thoughtful contacts with natural systems within and around them.

The coalition has formed because its members deeply care about building responsible relationships to preserve the integrity of humanity and ecosystems. The coalition has found that the need for affordable education that reverses our destructive ways with each other and the environment can be met through NSTP. NSTP helps people discover how Nature cooperatively maintains its unpolluted integrity while nurturing diversity.

NSTP provides distant learning, sensory education. Its online activities and readings enable people to make genuine contact with natural systems. Students learn directly from the intelligent support of their origins and spirit in Nature, as well as from each other and mentors worldwide.

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