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Royal Navel Support for Maths A level

Added: (Thu Feb 21 2002)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Royal Navy support for Maths A’level

With falling numbers of maths students at A Level exacerbated by last year’s high failure rate at AS Level, the launch of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Service to Education website www.rn-maths.co.uk is timely.

Students and teachers have praised the site since its launch in November 2001:

“The site works well within its engineering context and makes the maths more relevant. The cross-referencing with Key Skills is useful. There was an enthusiastic response by students to the link between maths and naval engineering.”
Charles Galloway, Deanery CE High School

“The maths behind the site was at the right level and the scenarios used make it more interesting. I thought the site was visually impressive with strong mathematical exercises to do.”
Student, Ivybridge Community College

Maths in Engineering is a ‘must see’ online destination for any A Level maths student. It covers significant areas of the AS and A2 examination specification, and brings maths to life by demonstrating how it is used in a range of true-to life situations and problems that make the most of the potential of the internet.

By placing students in the ‘hot seat’ and giving them situations to resolve that they would face daily as an Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy, www.rn-maths.co.uk demonstrates how maths can be a central part of the working lives that many students aspire to. Students can complete complex navigational tasks and see some of the maths used behind defence and attack systems used on board Royal Navy ships.

Maths and Engineering in Action comprises four self-contained modules that focus on projectile motion, vectors, calculus and probability. Students are given a scenario and can work independently to calculate the solutions, or are taken step-by-step through the workings required. On-screen graphics and a calculator provide support and each module takes 2-3 hours of teaching time to complete.

Developed by Education Connections Ltd on behalf of the Royal Navy, the site was created in conjunction with Royal Navy engineers, maths teachers and students, and with the help of the Technology Colleges Trust, ensuring that the site is relevant, up-to-date, and fun for students to use.

The site is updated monthly with new challenges, downloads from the Royal Navy and information about the many maths-related careers available in the Royal Navy today. The
volume of maths tutorials and activities will make the site an invaluable revision tool for AS and A Level students, who can use the site to ensure their basic skills are up to scratch and test themselves with new problems to solve.

“www.rn-maths.co.uk adds a new perspective to Applied Mathematics whilst giving students an insight into the workings of the Royal Navy. By targeting
A-level Mathematics students we hope to highlight the excellent career opportunities that the Royal Navy has to offer in the field of engineering.”

Lieutenant Barrie Harvey, Engineer Recruiter, Directorate Naval Recruiting

If you have any questions, or would like information about the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Service to Education, please call the helpline on 0870 333 0423.

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