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Human-Canine Bond -- Experiences that Live in the Heart

Added: (Wed Jun 21 2000)

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Contact: Rochelle Lesser, Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Private Clinician and Co-Director, The Education and Therapy Center
(410) 363-3210; Rochelle@landofpuregold.com ; http://landofpuregold.com


OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND (June 20, 2000) -- Owings Mills resident Rochelle Lesser, a
Nationally Certified School Psychologist who engages in Animal-Assisted Therapy, has designed an
incredible prize-packed FREE ENTRY contest that is open to both high schoolers and adults. What a
perfect time for those home-for-the summer students and vacationing adults to hone up their creative
thinking and writing skills.

The current service dog industry utilizes Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes more than any
other breed as they are extremely well-matched to this kind of vocation, given their high intelligence,
intense social bonding, and established strength. The "TREASURED GOLDEN BONDS
STORYWRITING CONTEST" (http://landofpuregold.com/contest.htm) will thus be celebrating the
Human-Golden bond, recognizing the role that Golden Retrievers & Golden mixes play in improving
one's health, independence, and quality of life. So, the search is on for all of those truly compelling
Golden stories -- the ones that reside only in the heart.

Set to begin on July 10, 2000 and extend throughout the entire summer, over $1,400 in prizes have
already been confirmed for this contest. One winner will receive their choice of a 30 to 40 pound bag
of ultra premium dog food delivered every four weeks for an entire year (a $500 value). There are
$100 treat and toy baskets, a Limited Edition Watercolor Print valued at $130, the new Folkmanis 30"
long Golden puppet valued at $64 (which benefits Canine Companions for Independence), and several
copies of Golden books such as: "Golden Days: Memories of a Golden Retriever," "The Golden
Retriever Companion: A Chronicle of Joy," and "Gas Station Charlie: A True Story about a Real Dog."

Serious about those stories received, a Judging Panel has been formed that includes many noted
authors and experts in the field. Golden authors Arthur Vanderbilt, Catherine O’Driscoll and Doris
Kays Kraushaar will be joined by Dr. Pat Gonser, Executive Director of Pets: Companions in Therapy
& Service, Frank Branchini, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Baltimore County, and
Rochelle Lesser, Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Private Clinician.

Rochelle Lesser, who is "Mom" to only Golden Retriever children, has come to embrace
Animal-Assisted Therapy & Animal-Assisted Activities (http://landofpuregold.com/wheels.htm), and
also Classroom Demonstration work (http://landofpuregold.com/teacher.htm). The recent newspaper
article, "To Woman, Dogs are Worth their Weight in Gold," published in The Baltimore Sun on May 11,
2000, details some of her Golden work (http://landofpuregold.com/sun6.jpg). And the published essay,
"Treasured Golden Bonds" (http://landofpuregold.com/treasure.htm) relates her own reflections
regarding the wonders of the human-canine. And, membership is currently held in these rescue,
specialty, assistance and humane organizations: GRREAT, GoldHeart & Yankee Golden Retriever
Rescues; The Delta Society; Canine Companions for Independence; Pets and People: Companions in
Therapy and Service; Best Friends Animal Sanctuary; ASPCA; Potomac Valley Golden Retriever
Club, Golden Retriever Club of America, and the Oriole Dog Training Club.

The "Treasured Golden Bonds Storywriting Contest" appears at Rochelle Lesser's "Land of PureGold"
website -- a site that has evolved over 3+ years to almost 700 pages and currently welcomes up to one
thousand dog lovers daily. While it is geared toward youngsters and young adults and is immensely
family friendly, the site attracts mostly adult visitors. Built to celebrate the human-animal bond, the site
supports the belief that dogs aren't a child's whole life, but that they can make their lives whole.
Persons follow a 'Golden' Brick Road to the Land of PureGold (http://landofpuregold.com),
experiencing all aspects of Golden living, sporting dog play, and service field work at places such as,
Responsibility Hill (http://landofpuregold.com/work.htm), Miracle Way
(http://landofpuregold.com/miracle.htm) and Cool City (http://landofpuregold.com/cool.htm).

Official contest rules and enry form, writing topics and tips, judging panel biographies, scoring criteria,
and prizes and sponsors can be linked to from the main "Treasured Golden Bonds Storywriting
Contest" page, which is located at http://landofpuregold.com/contest.htm .

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