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Spring'05 - Colourful, Sparkling and Feminine popular

Diamonds and coloured gems like Amethysts, Sapphires, Ruby, Emerald, Jade dominate this Spring. The season celebrates the Tropical, ultra feminine look that goes along with chunky and colourful styles of jewellery. Fruity colours, white and ocean blue are definitely the colours to watch out for. Som(Added: Mon Mar 28 2005)

Sales of Slowmo Movies Show Great Bouncebackability popular

Two novelty DVDs, 'Slowmo Boy' and 'Slowmo Girl', which failed to make any impression on the pre-Christmas market when they were released by bouncingparcels.com in December, have seen sales pick up dramatically since then, simply by adding the phrase "Now with extra bouncebackability" to the packagi(Added: Mon Mar 28 2005)

RecoveryPets.Com Partnering With Rescue Shelters

The average consumer has never heard of a company called RecoveryPets.Com, but if you are a pet owner who has recently lost a pet, you will have wish you had. The company provides a unique tracking service that is internet based for pet owners that register with their service, and now they are takin(Added: Sun Mar 27 2005)


A new service from British engineer Cary Marsh means we can all broadcast our family videos, with amazing quality, on the internet. Friends and family around the world can tune in whenever they like and enjoy: Baby’s first steps, stag-do out takes, grandma’s big song, Dad slipping in a cowpat, yo(Added: Sat Mar 26 2005)

Nice and Easy... fit! popular

DIY demand prompts opening of impressive new showroom West Midlands businessman; Paul Wilding and owner of the recently opened ‘Easy fit Roofs and Conservatories’ based in Birmingham, West Midlands wanted to give DIY enthusiasts the option of something a little bit different, yet affordable,(Added: Fri Mar 25 2005)

Greater Orlando Florida Home Buyers Agent,Launches Home Buyers Website popular

Greater Orlando Florida Home Buyers Agent,Launches Home Buyers Website Is 'your' agent really working for you? Now Home Buyers Have A Choice At Orlando Home Buyers Agent Website. March,25 2005 -- You wouldn't for a lot of good reasons go into a contested divorce proceeding without a(Added: Fri Mar 25 2005)

Mar Menor Holiday Rentals popular

Mar Menor Holiday Rentals Website has been designed to bring together owners of privately owned holiday homes and holiday makers searching for that perfect holiday home to rent, unlike many holiday rental web sites we offer only properties for rent in one area the Mar Menor on the Costa Calida South(Added: Thu Mar 24 2005)

Amsterdam is favourite European destination

Amsterdam is favourite European destination Readers of female interest website FemaleFirst.co.uk have voted Amsterdam as their favourite European destination. Amsterdam came top of the list when compared to all the other major European cities. Paris was voted second favourite, London third(Added: Thu Mar 24 2005)

The New Beauty Secret popular

Summary Save up to 70% on premium brands such as Clinique, Clarins and Elizabeth Arden. Beauty Counter Direct offers a new affordable and more convenient way to buy your favourite brands for less or experiment with new products and colours you've always wanted to try. A new Affordable Way to B(Added: Thu Mar 24 2005)

Organic Festival organisers to roll out national tour

A series of organic festivals is to be rolled out across the country this year to spread the eco-friendly message. A total of 28 exhibitor-led weekend events will be staged in towns and cities the length and breadth of England to put across the healthy living ethos to thousands of people – young an(Added: Tue Mar 22 2005)

Once Upon A Time There Was No Money

Once Upon A Time There Was No Money A revealing book of facts for the past, present and future, it goes on to give scenarios in the world of money and how it affects us all. Then we look at probable future lifestyles of people studying the devastation of a world controlled by money. An interestin(Added: Tue Mar 22 2005)

Getting Hitched Without A Hitch

The average cost of a wedding in the UK is £16,000. Combine this with the desire to make your wedding one of the most memorable days of your life and you have a recipe for high-octane stress. With this sort of pressure it’s not surprising that you want to get it absolutely right first time! The B(Added: Tue Mar 22 2005)

Toyota Parts, Spares and Accessories Ordered Quickly and Easily Online.

Find the best accessories, spares and parts for your Toyota vehicle online at http://www.all-the-best-auto-parts.com/ Get the parts, spares or accessories you need to keep your Toyota maintained in the best possible condition, delivered right to your door.

Looking for the best pri(Added: Tue Mar 22 2005)

Book your next holiday on the move.

Oxfordshire, UK - March 16, 2005 – Discovery Villas Ltd, the holiday home rental specialist, launches the first* ‘PDA and mobile technology friendly’ holiday rental website, aimed at bringing holiday makers and holiday home owners closer together. The new site makes the most of new mobile tec(Added: Sun Mar 20 2005)

The Internet Gives Birth to a Monster Called Spyware

Internet users worldwide, may not realize that there is a monster, known as spyware, that has taken up residence in their computers. Infact, there could be several monsters, going by various names, such as adware, trojans, malware etc. They could be described as cookie monsters of the internet world(Added: Sat Mar 19 2005)

tshirtcandy announces myshop @ tshirtcandy

tshirtcandy announces myshop @ tshirtcandy, a place where anyone can set-up their own garment shop, selling their designs and make a profit. Targeting bands, clubs, societies and aspiring clothing designers, myshop allows you to open your own shop, selling your designs, for no cost whatsoever. A(Added: Fri Mar 18 2005)

Unusual foods popular

LazyboneUK have launched their new Edible section. The section consists of differing kinds of insect candy and Chilli snacks imported from New Mexico. Not the average kind of food you find in your local shop. These hard to find foods have been so successful that many other kinds of foods from around(Added: Thu Mar 17 2005)

Toyota Parts, Spares and Accessories Ordered Quickly and Easily Online

Find the best accessories, spares and parts for your Toyota vehicle online at http://www.all-the-best-auto-parts.com/ Get the parts, spares or accessories you need to keep your Toyota maintained in the best possible condition, delivered right to your door. Looking for the best prices on Toyota pa(Added: Thu Mar 17 2005)

Discover the secret of beautiful skin and lift away the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen is one of the most important proteins found in the human body. While young our collagen still retains all of its moisturising properties and the skin appears smooth and soft with a healthy complexion. From the age of 25 the body produces less and less collagen, reducing at a rate of approx(Added: Thu Mar 17 2005)

Expats lead the way with charity wedding lists

UK couples now living overseas are leading the way in signing up to what could be 2005’s most popular wedding accessory – the charitable wedding list. A growing number of couples planning to marry this year are registering to hold a gift list with The Alternative Wedding List, the UK’s first on-line(Added: Wed Mar 16 2005)

New Acura Parts Resource Site Launches and Offers Thousands of Free Resources for Information on Acu

Webmasters are quickly coming to http://acuraparts.inquirynet.com in order to ensure that their sites are included in this fantastic new resource site. These webmasters immediately see that http://acuraparts.inquirynet.com is obviously a site that they need to be associated with because of its ease(Added: Wed Mar 16 2005)

Cancun is a lot more than springbreakers in new guide book

Cancun, Mexico -- The "Cancun User's Guide 2005" contains 204 pages of candid advice, recommendations and cultural information about Mexico and the Mayas illustrated with photographs, drawings and maps. It will not only help readers save money and have more fun when visiting Can(Added: Wed Mar 16 2005)

Find your pefect villa or apartment in the sun!

www.qualityholidayrentals.com is the new site to tailor make your holiday. There are over 3,000 properties worldwide to searh from. Be it a villa with a pool in the Algarve, an apartment in Tenerife or a luxury hideaway in the Caribbean, they are all here. Add to this the ability to find yo(Added: Wed Mar 16 2005)

Style is Busting Out All Over

WHY WE EXIST Life in the 21st Century is sometimes like living in a pressure cooker. In the UK we work longer hours than anywhere else in Europe. We are constantly bombarded with demands to look good, feel good and do good and to create designer homes fit for the pages of a glossy magazine. We wa(Added: Wed Mar 16 2005)

New Book Reveals How to Discover the Gift of Intuition

For: In-Strategies, Inc., P.O. Box 397, Smyrna, GA 30081. Contact: Darlene Pitts, 770-434-5240, dpitts@in-strategies.com. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Book Reveals How to Discover the Gift of Intuition Smyrna, GA – March 14, 2005 - A new book, DISCOVER YOUR INTUITION, A Practical Guide to (Added: Mon Mar 14 2005)

Solar power your garden popular

britisheco.com - They say the best things in life are free and solar power is definitely a free power source and many would argue it’s the best way to provide electricity in your garden. Ok, so the initial products will cost but after that they’re free to run, with an endless supply of power not add(Added: Mon Mar 14 2005)

Unsuual jewellery and gifts from new online retailer, Fatlip popular

Unusual jewellery and gifts from new online retailer, Fatlip Established during a ten-month trip around South America and South East Asia, Fatlip is based in Devon, UK, and run by husband and wife team, Steve and Sarah Watmore. The company’s new website at www.fatlip.biz offers some unusual jewel(Added: Mon Mar 14 2005)

Beautiful baby swaddling clothes now available in the UK

Cozy Cocoon™, a delightful range of baby swaddling clothing designed to make newborn babies feel safe and sound, is available for the first time in the UK. The Cozy Cocoon™ builds on the wisdom of ancient cultures and swaddles newborns to provide them with warmth, comfort and security. It he(Added: Mon Mar 14 2005)

The Beer Machine, Make Your Own Beer At Home.

The Beer Machine, Beer making kits, Brewery kits. Make your own homemade beers as little as $0.25 with the beer machine, Your personal microbrewery with beer mixes from around the world.(Added: Sat Mar 12 2005)

Luxury discount shopping

You can live the good life without breaking the bank is the motto for livinginstyleonline.com. You have not experienced luxury discount shopping until you have clicked onto our site. Not only do we have a large collection of brand name products that are at a discount, we are growing the largest coll(Added: Thu Mar 10 2005)
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