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Saffron Bonanza – Spanish – Iranian – Kashmiri – Greek – Italian – Saffron!!

Added: (Sun Aug 15 2004)

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Saffron Bonanza – Spanish – Iranian – Kashmiri – Greek – Italian – Saffron!!

At SaffronSpecialist.co.uk saffron is sold from all around the Saffron World. Often the saffron pinched from the crocus flower, is referred to as the most expensive spice in the world and as a truly exotic spice. Both of these are true and at saffronspecialist.co.uk the costumer is offered an abundance of saffron types and sizes.

• Spanish Saffron 1g - £2.00 to 25g - £28.50
Spanish saffron is no doubt the most popular saffron in the world – but this maybe because people haven’t heard about all the others.

• Iranian Saffron 1g - £3.00 to 30g - £33.00
Most of the best quality saffron bought in the world is likely to be from Iran – and that’s because of the sheer amount produced there each year.

• Greek Saffron 1g – £3.00 to 2g - £5.75
In Greece, saffron was used to honour the Gods and Goddesses, including Zeus, the God of the Olympics. Greek Red saffron is either equal to or is just under Iranian saffron in quality.
Greek saffron is also sold in organic.

• Kashmiri Saffron 1g - £4.00 to 5g – £17.50
At the foot of the Himalayas, in the Kashmir region of India, thought by some to be the birth place of saffron's cultivation, saffron grows with the greatest of ease and very little interference, to produce some of the best saffron in the world. Its colour – the strongest indication of its flavour - is the deepest of all saffron – a dark almost maroon red.

• Italian Saffron 1g - £17.00 to 5g - £79.00
A small amount of saffron is produced in Aquila Italy every year. This saffron has a rich history which dates back some 700 years. It was once the most popular saffron in Europe and was the main saffron traded by the Merchants of Venice. It is now revered by chefs and food connoisseurs around the world.

• Organic Saffron 0.5g - £2.50
Organic the new sign of purity, Greek organic saffron offers an organic choice.

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• Professionals in the catering industry, who require larger amounts of saffron, can also contact us. Email requests to sales@saffronspecialist.co.uk

• SaffronSpecialist.co.uk has a host of information on the history, mythology and uses of saffron over the ages.

• ‘Using Saffron’ shows the reader how to buy, store, and cook with saffron.

• All payments through Paypal.

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Website: www.saffronspecialist.co.uk

For further information contact Roxanne Hill @ Saffron Specialist -– info@saffronspecialist.co.uk

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