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MeetMeMap.com Takes the Effort Out of Giving Travel Directions

Added: (Sat Mar 06 2004)

Pressbox (Press Release) - A new website MeetMeMap.com, debuting today, guarantees to make giving travel directions easy. Whether youíre organising a social outing, business meeting or telling customers how to get to your premises, you will create a MeetMeMap that you send via email or place on your website. A MeetMeMap stores all destination details like meeting time/date and address, and when viewed by the traveller displays door to door travel instructions. The travellerís usual location details are also stored to saved so travel directions are displayed instantly. A MeeMeMap covers public transportation such as: train, rail, bus, ferry as well as walking and driving instructions. All information from different public transport trip planners including timetables, roadmaps and walking maps are consolidated all in one list making it easy to reference and to compare the various options.

If youíre a small business, itís a great way to make it easy for customers to find you. Customers click the MeetMeMap link on your website and all possible ways to get from their location to your premises is instantly listed regardless of where they are.

MeetMeMap was conceived by founder Dylan Jay, when asked why he developed the site, ďTrip planners are helpful for giving transport options but they can be tedious, the same information needs to be entered each time and you need to visit many different sites to get all travel options. I decided to develop MeetMeMap which stores your location details and consolidates the travel information. If someone wants to tell me where to meet then sending me a MeetMeMap is just as easy as sending me an address except that a couple of clicks later all travel options including maps and timetables appear. Easy.Ē

Todayís Internet is a global gigantic mass of information. For many itís difficult to cut through the numerous layers of data to get the information they need quickly. Tools such as MeetMeMaps are accomplish just that by automating repetitive tasks such as form filling. Trip planning has never been better.

Currently the site covers the following cities: Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Sydney Chicago and Washington DC, other places will soon be added to the system soon

Visit http://www.MeetMeMap.com and take the stress out of getting from A to B.

MeetMeMap.com is a service provided by Subjectivise. We develop innovative services utilising technology to make personal decisions easier.

Virginia Choy
Email: info@subjectivise.com

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