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Introducing Secreto 07: Luxury Dry-Aged Beef Launches in the UK

Added: (Mon Nov 23 2015)

Pressbox (Press Release) - F&B Premium Brands are working with De Laet & Van Haver to bring the award-winning dry-aged Secreto 07 to the UK market. Secreto 07 has recently gained international fame after being distributed by the brothers Adrià.

World-renowned butcher Luc De Laet uses only the finest cuts from Rubia Gallega cattle to create Secreto 07, visiting the farms in person to guarantee that the meat is genuine Rubia Gallega. The meat is rubbed with a secret mixture of spices and enzymes by hand prior to being hung for three weeks at a temperature of 2°C and a humidity of -75, then laid on racks for another three weeks. They are turned regularly to ensure full distribution of flavour.

Luc comments:

“I am thrilled to bring Secreto 07 to the UK. I’ve been working in butchery all my life and I have a real passion for meat. Secreto 07 is already loved by a number of Michelin-starred chefs and I believe that anyone tasting the buttery, bone-marrow flavour of this beautiful Rubia Gallega beef will become just as passionate about it as I am!”

F&B Premium Brands Ltd is an import and PR agency for high quality and innovative Belgian delicatessen in the UK and Irish markets. Its director, Denis Renty, adds:

“Like Luc, I have spent my life in the food and beverage industry and I am confident that Secreto 07 is one of the finest dried meats on the market. At F&B Premium Brands we only promote products that we love, produced by people that we trust. Luc is a fantastic butcher and his genuine passion for high-quality meat is perfectly demonstrated by Secreto 07.”

Secreto 07 is already a hit with some of the UK’s best chefs including Phil Howard of two Michelin-starred restaurant The Square who says:

“Just once in a very occasional while one tastes a truly phenomenal product. After 30 years in the industry it takes something really quite special to stop me in my tracks but the Secreto 07 does just that - each and every time I taste it”

Secreto 07 will be available exclusively at Selfridges from mid-December. Selfridges’ Buyer Adrian Boswell comments:

“Secreto 07 is without a doubt the most exciting delicatessen product I have tasted in 2015. The melt in your mouth texture, coupled with its exceptionally balanced flavour makes this product a must have for all food connoisseurs!”


For further information please contact Emily Bird on 07426 161019 or Emily@benunu.com

Notes to Editors

About F&B Premium Brands

F&B Premium Brands Ltd is an import and PR agency for high quality and innovative Belgian delicatessen. The company was started by former chef, sommelier and entrepreneur Denis Renty.

F&B Premium Brands Ltd represents only high quality and innovative food producers mainly from Belgium for the UK and the Irish market. Some products are exclusively produced under the company’s own fine food brand DeliGusto.

Denis Renty was born into the high-end food and beverage industry in Belgium. His mother is a chef and is a great inspiration to Denis, encouraging him to learn about food and drink from a very young age and to have hands on experience in the family restaurant. In his early 20s, Denis established his first business; a coffee shop with great success and has worked as a chef and a sommelier, eventually deciding to combine his passions for food and drink with his love of travel and fascination with the UK market.

Denis rates the UK as one of the world’s most vibrant gastronomic markets, with London being in the top five cities for food and drink. The UK’s exceptional market and huge number of adventurous and world-class chefs make it the ideal home for F&B Premium Brands. Passion is the ethos of F&B Premium Brands who work with companies with the same passion for excellence as the team have themselves.

Passion is the ethos of F&B Premium Brands who only work with companies with a similar passion for excellence. F&B Premium Brands’ dedicated Sales and Marketing team is led by National Account Manager Debbie Julians who has over 20 years of experience in the Food and Drink industry. Debbie and her team work to place the brands of partners/suppliers on the UK map.


About De Laet & Van Haver

De Laet & Van Haver is a high quality butchery business located near Hover, Belgium. It is owned and run by world-renowned butcher Luc De Laet.

De Laet & Van Haver offers the best meat from more than 20 different European cattle breeds which they personally purchase and import. All beef is sourced from farms the company has selected and visited in person.

Luc De Laet has been working with meat since a young age, learning the craft from his uncle and working as an army butcher during his national service in Belgium. He started his own butchery at the age of 22 in Hove, south of Antwerp. His unique philosophy and passion for meat proved exceptionally popular and, alongside his wife, Luc set up a bigger butchery with a bistro – allowing people to choose their meat in the butchery and then have it cooked in the restaurant.

As well as his own restaurant, Luc supplies those of a number of Michelin starred chefs including the former world’s best restaurant, El Bulli, and it is from one of those chefs that he got the inspiration to begin dry-aging beef. Luc personally selects the cattle that he works with, using mainly females, with the exception of the Rubia Gallega used for Secreto 07.

In light of recent revelations that “fake” Rubia Gallega meat has entered the market – meat from other breeds and countries, taken to Spain for slaughter and sold as meat from Rubia Gallega cattle – Luc visits the herds in person to be able to guarantee that it is genuine Rubia Gallega.

Like Denis, Luc believes that the UK market is very open to new experiences and he hopes that he and UK chefs have a lot to learn from each other.


Also of interest: De Laet & Van Haver present The Butcher’s Gin

Taking inspiration from the secret blend of herbs and spices used to create Secreto 07, De Laet & Van Haver is proud to present The Butcher’s Gin. This gin is the first gin based on the herbs and spices used for the preparation of Secreto 07 itself.

The butcher’s gin is a spicy, characterful gin that is best enjoyed with Schweppes premium pink pepper tonic, garnished with a lemon zest, a pinch of pepper and fresh basil leaves.

Product information:

Gin based on the spices and herbs of Secreto 07
Made with juniper, cardamom, coriander, orange zest, angelica, iris root, black pepper.

Country: Belgium
Alcohol percentage: 43°
Volume: 75 cl

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