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Food Lover Takes Stand Against the Current Food Crisis

Added: (Sat Mar 06 2004)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Food is a part of everyone’s existence and yet in the last decade or say a dramatic transformation has been occurring to the entire food system. EatManifesto founder, Virginia Choy said, “I’m concerned about how the dramatic increase in corporate control over food production, processing and sales are affecting our health and the livelihoods of farmers in developing countries. Equally I am angered by the new celebrity and fusion food culture produced by the increasing corporatisation of food. Much written or presented in newspaper food reviews, “gourmet” magazines and fast moving cooking shows trivialise the complexity of ages old cuisines. All in all we are facing a world with less choice for the producers and consumers of food while profits soar for corporations.”

What is the food crisis? Food scares are occurring more and more as quality and standards are eroded. Toxic pesticide residues are being found in 35% of fruit and vegetables in the UK and contaminated meats cause severe illness. The opposition against genetically modified produce grows setting off trade disputes. Farmers in developing countries are being forced out of a livelihood as subsidies for food production in Europe remain and are increasing in the US. Corporate concentration in the food supply from farm to consumer is severely limiting our choices and leading a new generation to ill health caused by fast and processed food.

Meanwhile, the lucrative glamourising of food is creating an industry of over-rated celebrity chefs. Their cookbooks, TV shows and print media flood the airwaves promoting limited views of euro-centric cuisines and ill-conceived east-west fusion food. It’s just money making entertainment not a sincere attempt to educate people on how to respect and enjoy food.

EatManifesto.com is a new website promoting a traditional, sustainable and of course delectable food culture. The site is written for and by regular eaters rather than professional chefs and food critics. Virginia Choy says, “Happy eating is about what tastes good not what’s fashionable or pushed by advertising”.

EatManifesto’s unique format encompasses articles on travel & food, sustainability within the food economy, recommendations on traditional cooking books, eating for health and lists traditional recipes. The scope is broad covering all cuisines, stretching from east to west. The EatManifesto weblog keeps readers up to date with food issues and solutions to change the food system. Detailed guides on the top places to eat in the world, cooking tips, tried and tested traditional menus for your next dinner party, currents news about food issues and recommended cook and health books are all available at the website. In addition the “Manifesto” is a list of action items you can follow to change the current problems with the food economy.

EatManifesto.com is a must “visit” for food lovers with a social conscience.

Indulge yourself now at: http://www.eatmanifesto.com.

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