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Reset Local Password Pro

Allows you to change passwords for local accounts from a remote computer. No need to go to the remote machine to change local Administrator or other account passwords. Change passwords on a single or multiple computers, simultaneously. A must have utility for any Network or Systems Administrator(Added: Thu Oct 14 2004)

PhotoFit Premiuim - professional panorama photo stitch popular

Professional panorama photo stitch software, PhotoFit Premium, stitches up a high quality single large pictures, up to 1200 M pixels. PhotoFit Premium controls cylindrical, spherical, conformal views while it is inherited user friendly interface and all features from PhotoFit Harmony, like automatic(Added: Thu Oct 14 2004)

PDFSprite PDF Driver advanced version popular

"PDFSprite PDF Driver advanced version 8.0" is one of the best PDF creators in current PDF market.You can create pdf files through almost all windows application by just executing "print" command within the application.It works perfectly on Windows/2000/NT/XP with following outstanding features: (Added: Thu Oct 14 2004)

User Time Control popular

If you are concerned your child may be spending too much time online or playing games -- or you don't want him/her to use your PC when you're either asleep or away from home -- this type of software offers a solution. It allows you to set limits on how much time your child spends on the computer or (Added: Wed Oct 13 2004)

SPAMfighter Pro popular

If you are looking for a Outlook Outlook Express tool to remove spam from your inbox, look no further. SPAMfighter is the tool you are looking for. Simple, reliable and efficient. A lot of anti-spam products rely on filters and other rule based technologies, but spammers work every day to stay out o(Added: Wed Oct 13 2004)

Network Utilities debuts Sygate endpoint security solution at ewt

Network Utilities debuts Sygate endpoint security solution at ewt At ewt, the enterprise wireless technology exhibition and conference, Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd will show for the first time a range of solutions developed by Sygate Technologies Inc, the market leader of endpoint security(Added: Tue Oct 12 2004)

LapiStor opens RAID data storage offices in Italy

LapiStor Ltd, the international RAID data storage specialist, has opened an office in Italy – thus further extending its network of offices and representation across Europe. With offices in UK, Israel and the USA - the new office in Italy is regarded as an important extension of the company’s (Added: Tue Oct 12 2004)

Perfect Privacy

With Perfect Privacy you can easily eliminate your Internet and offline computer usage traces, such as history lists, address bar drop downs, cache, accessed document lists and other tracks that are stored to your computer as you use it. You can eliminate all traces or specify a selection. Cleanup c(Added: Tue Oct 12 2004)

Broadband WiFi now offering new range of ASUS Wireless Networking Equipment popular

Broadband WiFi Limited have added the new range of ASUS products to their available wireless communications devices. Having tested a wide selection of different products to suit a home wireless network, the ASUS wireless devices proved to be the most reliable, sensitive and easy to use as well as b(Added: Tue Oct 12 2004)

CodeFutures FireStorm/DAO Java Code Generator Saves DSNet Over 300 Hours on eCommerce Project

[Denver, CO, October 12, 2004] DSNet, the Ohio-based Web hosting services and consultancy provider, has completed a major overall of an eCommerce Web site using FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition to generate the Java code for a new data persistence tier directly from the database, without any manual Ja(Added: Mon Oct 11 2004)

With Delta Win the “Battle Against the Infrastructure” -- SCOUT² Development Platform Guarantees Qui

With Delta Win the “Battle Against the Infrastructure” -- SCOUT² Development Platform Guarantees Quicker Projects Schmallenberg, Germany - 11th October 2004 Delta Software Technology today announced the release of the latest version of the SCOUT² Development Platform. SCOUT² release 4.0 offers(Added: Mon Oct 11 2004)

Runtime Form Designer Component Suite For Visual Basic

Pune, INDIA – Viklele Associates announces release of Runtime Form Designer Component Suite 1.0. The suite includes all the essential components for developing a form designer application similar to Visual Basic IDE. In this suite, VLFormDesigner has every feature one looks for in an advanced run(Added: Mon Oct 11 2004)

NJ Area PC Users Can Now Safely and Securely Donate Their Old Computers to Urban Renewal’s Computer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: For: Call for PC Help, 29 Peru Road, Clifton, New Jersey 07012 Contact: Joel Hudesman Tel: 973-272-2781 or 516-641-1337 (cell) Email: sales@callforpchelp.com NJ Area PC Users Can Now Safely and Securely Donate Their Old Computers to Urban Renewal’s Computer Traini(Added: Sun Oct 10 2004)

#Calculation Component

#Calculation is an ActiveX component designed for VB/VB.NET/VC++/VJ++/VC#.NET. It is a powerful calculation engine for your applications. This component integrates expression parsing and evaluating. Generally speaking, #Calculation is very useful in two general areas: first, when a formula has to be(Added: Sat Oct 09 2004)

Parvus Unveils New 4-Channel MPEG-4 PC/104-Plus Video and Audio Compressor for Embedded Security and

Parvus MPEG104+ Encoder Captures Four Video Analog Streams in Real Time SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – OCTOBER 8, 2004 – Parvus Corporation expects to soon release its MPEG104+™, a real-time MPEG-4 video compressor / encoder in the PC/104-Plus form factor, ruggedly designed for high reliability surveilla(Added: Fri Oct 08 2004)

Hat Trick for Lucky Sam

Recruitment software providers Swiftpro Ltd are pleased to announce that Sam Phillips, Senior Consultant at Jupitec is September’s lucky winner of the CVPlus Visual FREE prize draw. Sam has worked for Woking based Jupitec, a leading independent global training and IT services provider, for just ove(Added: Fri Oct 08 2004)

Compare PDF

Compare PDF can compare both - related and non-related files. "By keywords" comparison feature highlights common and unique keywords, allowing to compare non-related files. Word-by-word comparison compares files with a common ancestor. Folder comparison function allows to compare two folders and (Added: Fri Oct 08 2004)

Net Detective Receives High Marks In Online Review

Online Detective Software System Gets Highest Rating From Online Review Site 10/07/04 - Net Detective (http://www.the-net-detective.com), the popular online background check and detective software system has received a 5 out of 5 Star rating from online software review site Spy Tools Reviews.com(Added: Thu Oct 07 2004)

MPEG Joiner

MPEG Joiner is an easy-to-use tool to join multiple MPEG files into one larger MPEG file. MPEG Joiner designed to join MPEG files without recompression that allows you to join MPEG files quickly and without reducing quality. But only files with identical parameters (such as frame size, frame rate) c(Added: Thu Oct 07 2004)

Introducing a course on Ethical Hacking

Net-Security-Training, London, has introduced a new course on Ethical Hacking. This is 5-day will teach on how to scan, test, hack and secure your own systems. The intensive lab environment will give you opportunities to gain practical experience. The course will benefit those concerned with network(Added: Thu Oct 07 2004)

Javascript Obfuscator

Stop theft of your JavaScript sources! Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source code into scrambled and completely unreadable form, preventing it from analysing and theft. Javascript Obfuscator can * process javascript tags in html files and all .js files associated with html pages a(Added: Thu Oct 07 2004)

CodeFutures Cuts Software Development Costs By At Least 30% With Java Code Generator

Denver, CO, October 7, 2004] CodeFutures' Java code generator, FireStorm/DAO, makes Java software developers more productive by generating the business logic for accessing relational databases. The result is lower development costs due to much less hand coding, fewer bugs and therefore less testing,(Added: Thu Oct 07 2004)

New Dutch Explorer popular

WinNc.Net is a file manager for Windows XP and 2003/2000/ME/98/95 that replaces the use of the existing Windows Explorer. Developed by a small Dutch multimedia company called Dunes MultiMedia, WinNc uses the same key shortcuts and the same mouse functionality as a well-known DOS file manager, Norton(Added: Thu Oct 07 2004)

Access to all Europe’s websites

European Union websites must be accessible to all, including the 37 million European citizens with a disability. This was an e-Europe Action Plan 2002 goal, which called for public websites to adopt the international Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines by the end of December 2001. Three Eu(Added: Thu Oct 07 2004)


Get ready to dive into a new world that brings back memories of a classic arcade game: PacFish, a colorful takeoff on the Pac-Man-style maze games. PacFish lives in a vivid undersea world. There is plenty to eat in the twisting mazes but PacFish is not alone. There are quite a few enemies, danger(Added: Wed Oct 06 2004)

Broadband WiFi expands to wireless links

A Wireless Internet Service Provider in Wiltshire, Broadband WiFi Ltd., recently diversified their core business, branching out into dedicated wireless data links. One of their early projects was for the NHS in Derby providing a link between their car parks and the main hospital building across the(Added: Wed Oct 06 2004)

Help Development Studio

All modern software applications, no matter how large or small, need to have clear, concise, well-structured, and easily navigated Help systems. Generating such a system is often considered to be a difficult task, however, creating a help file can be as easy as writing a document in a word processor(Added: Wed Oct 06 2004)

eCover 3D

With eCover 3D you can create an unlimited number of covers for your ebooks, CD, DVD, notebook and software boxes. This is more than ebook cover software. With many exclusive special effects like 'page flip' in the open book cover, eCover 3D truly is the new standard in ecover software. You will dis(Added: Wed Oct 06 2004)

Folder Crypto Password

Want to know what the easiest and the safest way to protect your data is? It's encryption and password protection. With Folder Crypto Password, you select a folder or folders to be protected, choose one of ten encryption algorithms, enter a password, and press one button. That's it. Now, no one (Added: Wed Oct 06 2004)

Business Process Automation Technology provides Cimac International with an Invisible Workforce

As one of the worlds leading developers and providers of manufacturing solutions, Cimac International are under constant pressure to excel in the field of project management. Their clients expect effective project management as an inability to react to events quickly can often mean additional overhe(Added: Tue Oct 05 2004)
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