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U S WEST.net Protects Customers From Latest Deadly Computer Viruses

Added: (Sun Nov 21 1999)

Pressbox (Press Release) - With Hackers Threatening to 'Celebrate' Y2K with Over 30,000 New Viruses, U S WEST.net Becomes Nation's First Major ISP to Offer Customers Network-Based Computer Virus Protection

Deadly computer viruses that can knock out computers and entire networks will be stopped in their tracks thanks to two new powerful anti-virus tools available to U S WEST.net subscribers from Trend Micro, Inc.

With U S WEST's Anti-Virus service, U S WEST.net customers can prevent their computers from being infected by viruses hidden in e-mail attachments and within e-mails themselves. The new service is available just in time for what many experts are expecting to be a Y2K computer virus epidemic. According to technology consulting firm Gartner Group, U.S. law enforcement officials have received more than 30,000 threats from hackers and other virus authors who say they will release new viruses to 'celebrate' the new millennium.

U S WEST's Anti-Virus service protects customers from even the very latest computer viruses because the Anti-Virus software resides as a hosted application on U S WEST's network and is continually updated by Trend Micro's team of virus doctors to protect customers from the latest viruses to hit the Internet. For example, Trend Micro created a solution to protect customers from last week's 'Bubbleboy' virus within 24 hours of when it was first detected.

"With an estimated 40,000 viruses in existence, and more being created every day, up-to-date network-based virus protection should be as important to a computer user as a keyboard and a mouse," said Joe Zell, president of U S WEST !NTERPRISE Networking. "People often wrongly assume that virus scanning software installed on their computers is an adequate defense against viruses. But computers -- and in some cases entire networks -- can become increasingly vulnerable if the software is not updated weekly if not daily."

With U S WEST Anti-Virus service, known viruses are detected and repaired before an e-mail message and its attachment are delivered to the U S WEST.net recipient. Both the sender and recipient of the e-mail are notified of the virus. In rare cases in which a detected virus can't be immediately repaired, the recipient is directed to delete the infected message without opening it.

U S WEST's Anti-Virus service uses Trend Micro's award-winning InterScanŽ Virus WallŽ to give customers hassle-free detection and repair of viruses found in attachments to e-mail messages. The service also uses Trend's PC-cillin 6(TM), a compatible desktop application that works to keep computer files virus-free.

Computer experts estimate that every day 15 new computer viruses begin snaking their way across the globe to play havoc with hard-drives and e-mail programs. As virus creators become more sophisticated, many of the new Internet infections breeze right past outdated, and often obsolete, versions of virus-scanning software. However, Trend Micro's eDoctor(TM) virus engineers scour the Internet every day to uncover new viruses and malicious code so they can quickly update the system to give customers the highest level of protection available.

U S WEST.net is the nation's first major Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide Trend Micro's e-mail virus-scanning technology to consumers and business customers on an individual basis via a network-hosted platform. U S WEST's Anti-Virus service is just one in a package of enhanced services the company offers to personalize, simplify and secure customers' Internet experience.

The Anti-Virus service adds to U S WEST.net's growing portfolio of value-added Internet services and hosted applications, which include WorldWide Roaming, e-Backup, Online Call Alert and IP Fax. U S WEST Anti-Virus is now available to over 250,000 customers and represents another strong reason for consumers to switch to U S WEST as their ISP.

"U S WEST Anti-Virus makes the Internet a better place for customers, and helps us expand our relationship with U S WEST.net customers," said Zell. "Our goal is to create a portfolio of services available to only U S WEST.net subscribers that provide such value they won't ever give it up."

In addition to the e-mail virus-scanning technology, U S WEST is making available Trend Micro's PC-cillin 6(TM) to provide maximum virus protection to customers using Windows 98, Windows 95, and NT 4.0 operating systems. PC-cillin 6(TM) anti-virus software protects against viruses that may already be on computers, that are transferred via floppy disk, and are downloaded from Internet Web sites, particularly those that provide interactive content powered by Java and ActiveX. Infected or suspect files are sent to a Quarantine Area to prevent the spread of the virus. Customers can also chat on-line with the Trend Micro team for expert advice and support.

U S WEST.net customers can access Anti-Virus services on the U S WEST.net home page at http://www.uswest.net. Protection from e-mail-borne viruses with InterScanŽ Virus WallŽ is offered at $1.50 per month for each residential e-mail account. PC-cillin 6(TM) is available at a discount to U S WEST Anti-Virus customers for a one-time charge of $24.95. For more information, visit the U S WEST Web site at http://www.uswest.com.

About U S WEST

U S WEST (NYSE: USW - news) provides a full range of telecommunications services -- including wireline, wireless PCS, data networking, directory and information services -- to more than 25 million customers nationally and in 14 Western an Midwestern states. More information about U S WEST can be found on the Internet at http://www.uswest.com.

U S WEST !NTERPRISE Networking is the data networking arm of U S WEST, and can be found on the Internet at: http://www.uswest.com/interprise.


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