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SafeDisk: New encryption solution for Windows

Added: (Sat Nov 18 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) - "SafeDisk" is intended to protect your computer from unauthorized access to information in it. "SafeDisk" makes you sure that only you're able to disclose and read all the confidential information.

By means of "SafeDisk" you may create and use virtual encrypted disks, which look like any another disks. You may create folders, store your documents, programs and databases there. All this information is transparently encrypted and stored in special file - so-called "container" on the primary disk in your computer. You're able to get this information only if you know the password. In its usual mode (after computer is turned on) safe disk is closed and invisible on your system. Password is required to start working with safe disk. Any programs are compatible with safe disk including MS-DOS application run for Windows. It also could be used in LAN.

Reliable Protection
-As against from another programs, your information is always stored encrypted while using "SafeDisk".
-Reliable encryption algorithms developed by independent qualified specialists are used.
-Program is run automatically at Windows startup and works in stealth mode. Thus even protection presence is hidden on your computer.

Efficient Control
-Hot keys to control the program could be redefined.
-You're able to set "SafeDisk" to close safe disk automatically if you don't work on your computer for some predefined period.
-"SafeDisk" may lock your computer at Windows startup or in idle mode.

Emergency Situations
-In emergency you may use emergency mode of closing safe disk by pressing predefined hot keys.
-"Forced" mode lets delete information by typing the special password.
-"SafeDisk" are efficient to protect and keep your passwords from "keyboard spies" programs.

Advanced Reliability
-Safe disk is steady to electrical breakdown and unexpected power crash.
-Program is able to be set on joint work with backup system to let you almost exclude the chance of loss of important information.
-Program runs ScanDisk automatically if it's necessary.

"SafeDisk" supports best encription algorithms: BLOWFISH, SQUARE, RIJNDAEL, GOST and SKIPJACK.

"SafeDisk" price is $79.00. Site/Additional licenses and Online registration available.

"SafeDisk" is intended to work on Windows 95/98/ME. Convenient and easy interface. Detailed User's Guide is enclosed. Free trial version is available.

For more detail about "SafeDisk" please visit to www.safedisk.od.ua

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