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Natural Stone Guide from the Leading Marble Dealers in India

Added: (Wed Jan 17 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Whether you are starting a new project or planning to renovate your existing home or commercial project, you need to know the perfect stone to give that absolute look of awe to your premises. Along with choosing an appropriate design and the requisite colors, you must also know about the suitable type of stone according to its properties and applicability. Here in this blog we will share which stone is most suitable according to its properties.
1) Marble: The most common material used for construction in commercial projects is Marble. Known for its durability and malleability, marble is the most appropriate choice for use in flooring of any indoor space. But marble is not very suitable for use in an outdoor space as it then becomes susceptible to damage due to weathering. Also marble is easily damaged by oils and acidic liquids hence should not be used as kitchen countertops. Its ability to withstand very high polish makes it the ideal choice to add an extra-luxurious touch to your flooring. The good news is that you can get the best quality marble in India with India being one of the leading exporters of marble.

2) Granite: Granite countertops are very popular in India with its use being increased also as backsplashes. This is majorly because of its high durability and resistance to damage from all types of spills. The high durability and strength with availability in various colors and designs makes it the ideal stone for any type of surface.

3) Sandstone: Sandstone is well known for its high density, and durability. This is the main reason for it being the prime preference for use in any exterior location whether they are walls, pavements, stone paths or even fountain linings. This stone is relatively affordable and has a comparatively easy installation procedure. With its natural availability in a multitude of colors, it may be the perfect stone to add to the grace of your premises.

4) Limestone: Limestone is a stone known for its porosity and softness and hence is mostly used as a base material for veneering. However limestone tiles are treated with certain chemicals to overcome the soft nature of the stone giving it an elegant finish to add to the beauty of any type of flooring. The Kota limestone is one of the most beautiful stones in India and ranges from blue-green to a brown variety. It is a naturally non-slip and non-porous suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.

5) Travertine: Travertine is yet another stone which occurs in varied colors and patterns naturally. This stone requires a highly polished finish so that it does not get damaged easily. Travertine like marble is also porous and needs to be kept away from areas where levels of greasy liquids may soak into it and stain its beauty. There is an air of luxury detailing when you bring polished travertine into your abode. Large pavers used with thin grout lines give the illusion of a vast vista of travertine as far as the eye can see.

6) Quartzite: Though many people may not know this, but quartzite outshines granite in Durability and stain resistance. Hence, if you do not want to use granite, quartzite is the right choice for you. One of the major properties it possesses is its high resistance to wear and tear and weathering. With a glossy finish it can be used to decorate both your countertops as well as for any landscaping project.

7) Onyx: The rare availability of the stone and its potent beauty gives it an upper hand over all other natural stones. This exotic stone is the right choice to be used on any surface whether as wall panels, tabletops, fireplaces or as a small kitchen island. The one issue that you might face with this stone is that it requires extreme maintenance and care due to its highly fragile nature. Onyx can also be utilized with backlights in order to attract more attention to the transparent qualities of the stone. The use of Onyx is not very common and thatís the reason it would act a special touch to your exclusive interior design.

You can use any of these types of stones at your premises in a combination to give that ulterior look of grace to your establishment. The one place where you can find all these varieties of stones customized to suit your requirements is Stoneworld International.

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