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Futurevantage is now SigBizInfo

Added: (Tue Dec 04 2001)


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Subject: futurevantage is now Sig Biz Info
Date: 2nd December 2001
Category : Financial / Information Provision
Distribution : General List, Financial List

The international providers of bank, insurance and financial market information, futurevantage have changed their name to SigBizInfo and launched a new site for the financial services sector. The new web site is at http://sigbiz.info (note the ending is .info not .com).

CEO, Andy Miller explained the change:
``SIG BIZ INFO says it all, short for SIGnificant BIZiness INFOrmation the name explains what we do and marks out our position in this marketplace.

``Our concept is simple : we provide the significant news succinctly wherever it occurs in the world. We make money from not giving people too much. We don't have space to fill we do not drown people with information they don't need. Just what it is important and can be absorbed within their busy schedules.

``Rather than hundreds of items per day, we provide most people with less than 20 items a day of what is really important news to them. As the markets we cover are world-wide ones, so is our coverage.

``Understand this - our coverage is just as vital for those working for companies only operating in one country or for those managers doing so. That's because they need to understand what their competitors are doing and who will be changing their market - and these may well be foreign companies. Also market trends that start in one country very quickly spread world wide now.''


Notes for editors

New brand - new site

The change of brand name occurred on 2nd December 2001 along with the launch of the new internet site.

How SigBizInfo delivers information

The company supplies corporate information by 'Internet feed' direct to companies knowledge systems and intranet servers. The information is also available to view directly on the site http://sigbiz.info by subscription.

Business sectors covered

Currently SigBizInfo provides information on the banking, insurance and financial markets sectors.

Corporate not Personal Information

All information provided is corporate information - that is information about companies, markets and management. SigBizInfo does not provide personal financial information or investment advice.

Dot info domains

The new domain type 'http://xxx.info' came into use in November of this year and is especially designed to identify information providers on the internet. It is an international designation designed for information providers anywhere in the world. The .info replaces the `.com' in the web address. Just in case people get it wrong http://sigbizinfo.com works as well!
Contact information

CEO Andy Miller : +44 (0) 7 905 448 570 andym@sigbiz.info
SigBizInfo Office : +44 (0) 1 442 386 339 gen@sigbiz.info
Address : SigBizInfo Limited
27 Connaught Gardens,
Herts HP4 1SF
Website : http://sigbiz.info

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The Significant Business Information Worldwide

The Significant Business Information Worldwide
Press release

SigBizInfo Limited, 27 Connaught Gardens, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 1SF
CEO Andy Miller +44 7 905 448 570
Tel:+44 (0) 1442 386 339 Email : gen@sigbizinfo.com web : http://sigbizinfo.com
Company registered in England No:4229417

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