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Discover the Best 5 Travel Destinations in 2015

Added: (Tue May 03 2016)

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Trying to figure which fantastic location you will be visiting in order to have a vacation can be the hardest part of the holiday. To help you out, here are five of the top worldwide travel destinations for 2015.

Reasons to visit Florianopolis, Brazil

If you have ever wanted to go through South America, this is a very good choice to make. The beautiful city is situated next to the Atlantic Ocean. The tranquil beaches with white sand, along with the unspoiled aspects of nature that you will see, characterize the city in many ways.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Within the boundaries of this city, lives historical legends. The Indians, the explorers, the Spanish colonists, and of course the ancient tribes in the area all met at some point in Machu Picchu. The hidden temples of Machu Picchu City are the main touristic attraction of the area. Contrary to popular belief, Machu Picchu is not a myth; this city belonged to the Incas and was built during the 15th century at 2340 meters above sea level and located between two mountains for strategic reasons. Hiram Bingham was an American explorer, an individual that discovered this place in 1911, a location that is now listed as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

If you have ever been there, you probably understand that there are very few cities as vibrant as Rio. Tourism in Rio de Janeiro, featuring a world-renowned culture and beautiful landmarks, has exploded over the last few years. The nightlife, sun-kissed beaches and incredible festivals are some of the main attractions of the city. The famous Copacabana beach is very popular, or you can also take pictures of the stellar architecture such as the Cristo Redentor which resides on top of the Corcovado Mountain which is regarded as a very important aspect or symbol of the city.

Iguazu Falls (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay)

Situated on the borders between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, the Iguazu Falls are referred to as one of the world's natural wonders. These falls are huge, with a width of 2.7 km. About 80% is located in Argentina, with the remainder of the waterfall in Brazilian territory. They are second only the Niagara Falls as the largest waterfall in the world. Iguazu Falls is a tourist attraction, one that is part of all three countries, and you can see them very nicely by boat.

Number Five: Buenos Aires, Argentina

A cultural melting pot with countless different ingredients, Buenos Aires has an absolutely unique feel to it. It is found on the shores of the La Plata River; it is known for its busy nightlife. On the must see list are some of the city cafes, as well as the government building. The Argentinian republic is ruled by a President, and he resides in a pink home which is well photographed. Florida Street is the city's most important street, and one of Buenos Aires main streets as well as a major commercial center featuring many cafes, restaurants and shops. Jose de San Martin is placed to rest at the Cathedral of Mitropolten, yet another place that should be visited.

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