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ChequePrinting.Net - An Enterprise Cheque Printing Software

ChequePrinting.Net version 2.0.3, an enterprise cheque printing software that provides a multi-user environment to print and manage your cheques. ChequePrinting.Net provides a complete cheque printing which can print all the cheque elements; include Payee, Date, Amount, A/C Payee Only, Bearer, et(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Daniel Proposes UAW Chrysler Buyout To create Americas First Employee Owned Auto Manufacturer

Imperato Proposes UAW Chrysler Buyout to Create America's First Employee Owned Auto Manufacturer Detroit – March 1, 2007 – Today it was announced, that international businessman Daniel Imperato has been charged by a business consortium to proceed forward with a proposal for the president of the(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Senya announces new IT Training partner

Tuesday 27th February, 2007 - Senya Ltd, which specialises in services and consultancy to the Insurance sector, has announced today that Tecademy Ltd is to be the preferred supplier of IT training to Senya with effect from 1st April 2007. Amit Mandal, Director of IT Services for the group, said 'We (Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Singapore Internet Marketing Seminar Reveals How Individuals Can Earn Income Working From Home

Internet marketing seminar, March 23-26th reveals secrets and strategies employed by internet superstars now available to individuals and families looking to earn supplemental incomes online. Singapore, Malaysia - March 01, 2007 – Internet marketing is not new anymore. Thousands and thousands o(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Ugly duckling restaurant

Ugly Duckling establishment over 15 years ago, we at' The Ugly Duckling' pride ourselves on out recognitions; reflecting excellence both in our cuisine as well as with our sumptuous and delectable ambiance. Ugly Duckling renowned that cretivity is born in the kitchen, and 'The Ugly Duckling' is no (Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Exponential Growth seen in LIC’s Group Business Premium

LIC (Life Insurance Corp. of India) – the largest “Life Insurance” player of India – has recorded tremendous growth of 180%. The growth was witnessed in the group business premium of the corporation during December last year (2006). The firm recorded a new group business premium of Rs 5,900 cror(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Automobile Giants join hands for a Common Cause

Automobile rivals in India are joining hands to find a source to maintain sustainable supply of fuel. Big names such as Eicher Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, and Tata Motors have come together under SIAM’s (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) aegis. They have assembl(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

A decisive spark with the Mercedes spark plug wires

A spark plug is an electrical device found in the cylinder head of an internal combustion engine like that of the Mercedes Benz. It supplies the electrical energy needed to ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, turning the mixture into working energy. The re(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Brake hose: Nerve line of Mercedes brakes

The brake system is the chief failsafe fitted on Mercedes-Benz cars. It retards the motion of the car when the brake pedal is depressed. Chief part of the Mercedes-Benz brake system is the friction brake assembly, composed of a disc and a pair of brake pads on a disc brake assem(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

US Car Makers Has Mixed Performance On Consumer Reports Tests

Consumer Reports recently disclosed the results of their study that focused on predicting the reliability of new vehicles for the 2007 model year. Once again, Asian car makers fared well in terms of reliability and the European brands excelled in performance. Meanwhile, US bran(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

New Car Reliability Predicted By Consumer Reports

One of the attributes of a car that is important to car buyers is its reliability. That is why a brand’s reputation for reliability goes a long way in promoting, marketing and selling their cars. And to aid consumers in choosing the most reliable car in the market, Consumer Re(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Consumer Reports Says Toyota, Honda Dominate Top Picks

Jui Chakravorty, writing for Reuters, reported that the Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan's top automakers, are dominating the influential list of the 10 best new vehicles for 2007. According to Consumer Reports magazine, which has released its top picks for new(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

3-Wheel Bonning Roadster: Mean And Green

A unique Aussie roadster changes the notion that green cars could not be created to be mean. The 3-wheel Bonning Roadster is aimed at proving that mean and green could go together and that being an environment-friendly car does not hinder having a high performance.
The Bo(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Prince George Realtor Promotes Responsibility

This year, Prince George Realtor Tracy Lofroth has opted for a more responsible way of promoting her business. The Arrive Alive Alcohol BreathTester (www.arrivealive.biz) is a disposable alcohol breathalyzer, fits discreetly inside a jacket pocket or purse and prominently features Lofroth's picture (Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Jeep® Brand to present its new line of Jeep Vehicles in Geneva

The 77th International Motor Show in Geneva will become a venue for the Jeep brand to display its expanded range of models which started as three in 2005 and grown to seven in 2007. The current range of Jeep models is by far the most extensive offering of Jeep for its 65 year hi(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Ford Mondeo To Debut At Geneva Motor Show

The all-new Mondeo from Ford Motor Co. returns to the automotive scene with the aim of making a difference. This time around, the Ford Mondeo will be seen possessing more daring kinetic design, flowing energy, and a striking totality. These qualities could be witnessed at this y(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Mazda2-Based Subcompact Coming To U.S.

The Ford Motor Co. announced to its employees that it is developing a much-awaited new subcompact car for the United States and other markets. The subcompact will be based on the new Mazda2.
Mark Fields, Ford’s President for the Americas, told employees about the new subc(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Big 3 Face Global Warming Goad

The top executives of the largest automakers around the globe and the head of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union are set to testify before Congress this month during a high-profile hearing on climate change and the clamor for automakers to do more measures to curb global warmin(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Ford Ups Mullaly’s Bonus

The Ford Motor Co. said Allan Mullaly, the company’s new CEO, will be getting an additional $1M bonus. The board of directors of the company has approved a $6 million stock option bonus, $1 million more than what was previously promised for Mullaly.
Ford said Mullaly’s bo(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Hennessey Powers Up the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600

There is no question about the power that John Hennessey’s highly modified cars delivers. In addition to his 800 hp twin turbo Viper and Ram SRT10 is a 620 hp turbocharged all wheel drive Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600.

Hennessey Performance Engineering are not used to l(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Alternative Fuel Industry Receives Boost from Government

With the recent global warming problem facing the world, different agencies and sectors of the communities are doing their share to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Different industries are making great leaps in the production of alternative f(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Legislation Aims To Make Radar Detector Illegal

Road safety has always been one of the foremost concerns of the government. In order to protect the motoring public, the government needs to implement laws which are aimed to promote the safety of road bound citizens. That is why speed limits have been set and are being enforc(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Mississippi: The Responsibility Of Creating Toyota Highlanders

The search for the plant that would have the capacity and the capability to create new units of the Toyota Highlander has already been done. And the search has sure been successful. See, the Toyota Motor Corporation has already chosen Blue Springs, Mississippi to be the right lo(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Ebay bids for younger auction crowd

In its search for growth, eBay Inc. is starting to go after teenagers’ wallets, teaming with social-networking sites to lure younger customers. The San Jose, Calif., online auctioneer is working on launching a feature for visitors to social-networking company Bebo Inc., which caters largely to te(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Offshoring of healthcare revenue cycle management services to gain traction

Healthcare BPO services provider Zavata India’s $80 million contract from four major hospitals in the US in November last year is likely to set a strong precedent for more contracts involving turnkey end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services. A range of services beginning from the admis(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Three Biggest Problems By U.S. Automakers Named By Michiganders

Recently, the call for better fuel efficiency has been spreading and it is certainly being heard by most motorists. In surveys done all over the country and in Europe, one of the top reasons for buying a new car is to get a vehicle that has a better fuel economy. This is the r(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Mini and Jeep to restate their Iconic Positions in the Industry

Enhancing and maintaining an iconic brand like the Mini and Jeep is never an easy job since customers always expect that the new models would be much better in every aspect especially in terms of design and features.
The Mini brand is focusing on reviving a new generation(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Sapcon instruments launches the next generation Fluido Fork...'Elixir1'

ELIXIR-1 Microprocessor based Fluidofork Model MPSLF At SAPCON we have been successfully using the Vibrating Fork level detection principle for free flowing granular solids since 1983. Subsequently we extended the principle for level detection of liquids and have had a large installation base in(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Jeep King of the Mountain Series Competition

DaimlerChrysler—owner of Jeep® brand and various Jeep auto parts like Jeep brush guard and others--- has announced the beginning of its 2-day Jeep King of the Mountain Series competition which will be held at the base of the Lift 4 this coming Friday and Saturday. The Jeep King (Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Compass Guiding Jeep to the Future

At a closer inspection you can clearly see where the inspiration for the new Compass came from. And from the looks of the new Compass design you can see that it is inspired by Dodge Caliber styling.
The development of the Compass makes sense to its owner DaimlerChrysler (Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

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