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New 150kV @ 1200 Watt Cable-Connected High Voltage Power Supply

New 150kV @ 1200 Watt Cable-Connected High Voltage Power Supply Spellman Expands the Popular SL Series of HVPS HAUPPAUGE, New York- March 9, 2007 -- Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation announces the extension of its popular and versatile SL series high voltage power supplies with the (Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Project Management Careers Clinic Sees Red

On Friday 16th March, Arras People will be running their Red Nose Project Management Career Clinic throughout the day for new and existing project management candidates, in support of Red Nose Day 2007 The Big One. Candidates can choose between advice on their own project management career or gain(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

When America Sneezes, it's because China Sneezed First

Philadelphia, PA March 7, 2007 As the recent stock market activity has shown, America no longer sets the rules in the global financial game. Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), at its worst point, took a 750 point plunge. In addition, last Tuesday's 416 point plunge was the(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Hua Hin properties, land for sale in Hua Hin now available on region's premium website www.chaamho

Hua Hin, Thailand, February 20, 2007 - Hua Hin Properties, Thailand has long been a favorite destination for real-estate buyers looking for four-seasons of fun. In recent decades, properties, land and houses at Hua Hin have become a popular relocation destination for families seeking a more relaxed (Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

E-Warehouse Showcases the Launch of the Dolphin Collection for 2007

March 7, 2007 -- Worldwide Trading Enterprises Ltd the giftware, furniture & stone wholesaler was established in 2002 to supply high quality products from Asia. Working very closely with customers, from the small independent outlets Gift Shops and Furniture Shops to some of the largest Garden Cent(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Practice upto 42 Hazard perception video demo clips based on Macromedia Flash and Windows Media Play

Hazard perception test introduction Hazard perception test forms a second section of the theory test and must be passed at the same time. This part of the theory test requires you to view 14 hazard video clips on the computer screen of approximately one minute each. You are required to wat(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Finding your franchise

So you've decided you're an entrepreneur and want to start your own business, but have opted for the security and good success statistics of a franchise now all you need to do is pick which area you want to work in. And there is a huge range of choices for you to wade through, each with a separ(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Dry-cleaning franchises

Household chores are generally a bore to anybody and everybody, with washing clothes one of the most hated. However, where there's a chore, there's a market and there are always people willing to take advantage of these gaps. Laundries and clothes washing franchises are highly popular, although t(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Intervista a Gianni Mura, stilista della cravatta

Tra gli operatori del Made in Italy di qualit, ci sono veri e propri personaggi particolarmente capaci di abbinare passione e creativit in tutte le loro attivit. Uno di questi senza dubbio Gianni Mura, l'apprezzato stilista della cravatta che, alcuni anni fa, ha aperto un proprio atelier a Mila(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Personal Downline Builders Partners with Voice Broadcasting System iBuzzPro to Increase Sales on a D

March 7, 2007, St. Petersburg, FL. Free Premium Leads.com or PersonalDownlineBuilder.com --Voice Broadcasting System Ibuzz Pro and downline creator Personal Downline Builders have partnered to offer the home based business owner the solution to creating quality prospects on a daily basis and havin(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Plain Advice Limited Launches Free Presentation Training Video Podcast Series

Plain Advice Limited, a marketing consultancy born and bred in Yorkshire, have launched a series of short video podcasts that will build into a complete guide to giving effective and memorable presentations. Presenting is a bit like driving, said Chris Bell, company founder and Chief Sensible Off(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)


Both online and mortar-and-brick businesses increasingly find English indispensable. Fortune 500 Companies spend $6 Billion a year to teach employees basic English, according to one recent report. A research study concluded that poor English disturbs the large English-language customer base for outs(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

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GMAC's ResCap in Trouble

Back in the days banks refused to loan money if the reason for it is to purchase a car. During those times its not considered practical for someone to loan for mere luxury. Such attitude of the banks has frustrated automakers like General Motors which naturally wanted for peopl(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

GM after 70 years of being no.1: bowing down to Toyota?

Toyota Motors have been very open about their plan of grabbing the number one spot from General Motors this year. And sadly, with the present turn of events for General Motors it is not impossible for it to lose its post to Toyota.

According to analysts for this year(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

An Extraordinary Camaraderie inside GM's Powertrain Plant in Bay City

Amidst the deafening sound of clanging steel is a camaraderie that is so amazing and found inside General Motors Powertrain plant in Bay City. Workers in this plant say that they dont have any ill feelings toward the decision of GM to cut costs even if it means losing their job(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

GM's 17 Middle East Dealers Awarded with Chairmans Challenge Award

General Motorsworlds number 1 automaker and maker of quality GM fuel savers -- as a way of encouraging its dealers around the Middle East to become even more productive and to surpass their targets in terms of sales volumes of different brands like Chevrolet, Cadillac, HUMMER,(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

GM's Holden to lay-off 600 workers

In the news: General Motors Corp.s GM Australian unit has announced last Monday that it will shed 15% of its workforce at its Elizabeth plant in South Australia State by the end of April. GM Holden Ltd. will offer voluntary redundancy packages to 600 workers who will be include(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

GMs Defective Speedometers Incite Lawsuits

Mr. Kevin Zwicker felt that something was wrong with his 2004 Chevy Suburban; no its wasnt about the GM grilles but the speedometer when it indicated that he was traveling at 10 mph even though he was driving at or near the speed limit on Interstate 5.

Mr. Zwickers(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

General Motors asking for extension in filing its annual report

General Motors Corporation, the worlds number 1 automaker and famous producer of quality GM headlight covers is experiencing accounting problems which is causing the automaker delays in filing its annual report with federal regulators and was asking for extension after the Thur(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

SkyLYNX offers Skype Asterisk-like, IP-PBX features

Taipei, Taiwan 03/05/2007 ZiPCOM Corporation, the leading VoIP product provider based on Taiwan, announced today SkyLYNX, a Skype IP-PBX, Asterisk-like group-ware for Skype community. SkyLYNX provides most popular PBX features, such as auto-attendant, IVR, conference, and call recordings. Group use(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Energy Conversion Devices Initiates Succession Plan

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD Ovonics), a leader in the development of advanced production technology and alternative energy products, earlier announced the first in a series of management strategies in accordance the company's succession plan.
ECD Ovonics said it(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Dodge Introduces Web Chat To Win Customers

Dodge intends to light the wick of shoppers buying intuition by creating a link on its website that takes visitors to a live chat page where they can speak to customer service representatives. The live chat feature of the Dodge website is created to respond to potential customer(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Modern Autos Meet Refined Headlights

It is either you evolve or you dissolve. This maxim also extends to the auto industry. This is why automakers are struggling to formulate the most advanced auto feature to set it far apart from its rivals. In connection with auto headlights technology, sophistication has also in(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Create your own Online Community Business

You know of My Space and U-Tube. Are you part of them? Have you imagined having an on-line community of your very own? Do you love real estate, surfing, soccer, music, the stock market, belly dancing? On the line is a class which will teach you to create and maintain your very own on line commu(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Chrysler Reports Increased Sale Outside North America

While Chrysler may have reported a reduction in their sales in North America, a bright spot appeared for them in the form of increased sales outside of North America. The Chrysler group recently announced their sales figure for those regions outside of North America. The report stated that the(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Aston Martin May Be Sold This Week

Ford is experiencing the worst problem that it has faced in its entire existence. As a part of their restructuring plan, aside from cutting down the number of vehicles delivered to rental fleet, they have announced that one of their luxury brands has been put up in the market a(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Blue Collar Brands Decreases Hold On Car Buyers

Car makers have already posted their sales figures for the month of February. While Toyota and General Motors showed an increase on their number of vehicles sold for the month, Ford and Chrysler have shown reduced sales figures. All in all, the total auto sales last month has (Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

Fuel Efficient Cars At The Geneva Auto Show

The current biggest issue in the automotive industry is how to produce vehicles which will help in the protection of the environment. Global warming is an issue that has to be addressed immediately and car makers are joining the fray to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases bei(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

BMW Diesel Engines To Be Made Available For U.S. Market

The increasing prices of gasoline in the U.S. have forced a huge number of motorists to turn their backs on gas guzzling vehicles. Furthermore, car makers are developing fuel efficient vehicles to reduce the countrys dependence on imported oil. The demand for fuel efficient v(Added: Wed Mar 07 2007)

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