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Thinking Small - Premature Baby Clothing Company is Launched

Teddy & Me began trading in February, the company, based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, aims to provide parents of premature and low birth weight babies, with clothing that is suitable for neonatal and home care environments. Mum of one, Sharon Ward, was inspired to set up her business after getting(Added: Sat Mar 22 2008)

Business insurance products from Endsleigh now available at jml Insurance

jml insurance has been introducing Endsleigh Travel, Landlord and Tenant, Home and motor insurance for the last two years. They are now very pleased to have been instructed by Endsleigh to offer commercial business insurance products from Easter. These products are designed for owners of Shops, b(Added: Sat Mar 22 2008)


Hair and Compounds.com, one of the largest hair processing units produces extension stores for genuine human hair and professional extension tools. Unlike most internet retail companies, Hair and Compounds.com, the largest supplier to the film industry serves with the highest productions of premium (Added: Sat Mar 22 2008)

Expandasign | Outdoor Signs | Portable Displays

Expandasign is a leading manufacturer of portable instant advertising. It offers a wide range of banners, outdoor signs, portable displays and banner stands that are best suitable for all indoor and outdoor use.(Added: Sat Mar 22 2008)

On-line Diversity Career Fair Schedule Announced

On-line Diversity Career Fair Schedule Announced Diversity strategy site launches series on-line career fair events LAS VEGAS NV, Strategicdiversity.com has announced that the 2008 On-line Career Fair schedule is now available at www.strategicdiversity.com. The schedule includes dates for upco(Added: Sat Mar 22 2008)

Professional Landcare Network Partners with American Profit Recovery to Assist Members with Debt Col

Farmington Hills, MI: March 21, 2008 — The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) is pleased to announce a partnership with accounts receivable firm, American Profit Recovery (APR) to provide PLANET members with a discounted debt collection program that uses a proactive and diplomatic approach to ha(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

British Bosses flock to buy CEO private number plate

Private number plate CEO 7 has come onto the market for the first time, and is attracting much interest. Particularly after the sale of number plate CEO 1 on ebay. Following some frenzied bidding, registration number CEO 1 sold for a record £154,100 in July 2007. Attracting more than 100 bids, da(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Lingo24 Is Glad to See Iraqi Translators Finally Get Aid

Translation company Lingo24, the initiator of an online petition to support Iraqi interpreters who risked their lives and the lives of their families working for the British troops, welcomes the British government’s aid offer finally being put into practice. Following an extensive campaign in (Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

50% off Scottsdale Vacation Homes April and May 2008

50% off Scottsdale Vacation Homes April and May 2008 Sunbelt Vacation has 32 homes available for rental in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is the best time to go to Arizona. Most people want to travel to Arizona is Jan or Feb, however, its still cold during that time. April and May are the 2 best month(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

About Writing

In this free email course, I'll tell you everything I know about improving your writing, publishing it electronically and in print, and promoting it after the sale. Two questions you should ask: (1) What will it cost me? (2) What does this Michael LaRocca guy know about it? Answer #1 -- It w(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Sunbelt Outsourcing has changed its name to Sunbelt Business Solutions

Ahmedabad, India. 13 March, 2008 - Incorporated as Sunbelt Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd in 2003, the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) unit has made a steady progress to evolve from basic back-office services to offering end-to-end business solutions that meet the Accounting, IT, Marketing and Operationa(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Canadian Looney Value Drives Marketing Efforts among Manufacturing Software Firms

TR Cutler, Inc. was founded by Thomas R. Cutler almost a decade ago. Cutler maintains extraordinary relationships with clients, journalists, editors, trendsetters, and key business leaders worldwide and has become a key resource for those writing about the manufacturing sector. Cutler founded the (Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

5 Questions to ask before purchasing a book online

--> What is it you want to order? Have a clear idea of what you want to order. Do you want to browse through a category, or do you want to read a particular author or do you know the name of the book itself. Most online bookstores let you to browse through them by any of the above topics. When y(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Barcelona property

The city of Barcelona has a total surface of 100 square kilometers, situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Collserola hills on one side and the Llobregat River and the Besos River on the other side. This delimitation creates a relatively small size territory which accommodates around 1.6 mi(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

10 Ways You Can Use Blogs RIGHT NOW

Now that you have got a basic understanding of the ins and outs of blogs, and some options available, you're probably wondering: How does this help my business? How does it help me to stand out? 1. Team Communication. Companies use blogs internally to communicate project status to stakeholders an(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

7 Simple Steps To Profit Without Your Own Product

Most people do not succeed on the internet because they are selling products no one desperately wants. If you want to be truly successful sell only things that people really want to buy! Sounds simple? It is. You only need to find out what people desperately want and then give it to them(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Bankruptcy 101

‘Bankruptcy’ the term that can raise the goose bumps of almost every individual who hears it and even a nervous breakdown to those who confront it. Bankruptcy stands for the situation when a person runs into huge debts and there is hardly any money left with him to repay those debts. The clouds of (Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

6 steps to Adsense Domination

When you make your living online, you realize the need for multiple streams of income. One of the easiest and most lucrative ways to generate a secondary income, which also happens to be passive, is via Google’s Adsense program. I’m sure you’ve read the claims of a few individuals generating(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Applying for a Business Loan

The process of applying for a business loan is a stringent one as compared to the standard procedures in obtaining a home mortgage loan or a personal loan. This is probably due to the fact that business loans contain a greater risk element as compared to other loans. Therefore, lenders need to exerc(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

9 things you must do to maximize your chances of obtaining a small business loan & Alternative Ventu

To get approval for your small business loan application, you must be able to meet the lending criteria set down. Some organizations are more risk averse than others, and will therefore have more stringent criteria. To vastly increase your chances of a successful funding application, you will ne(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

7 Financial Strategies for Transitioning from Salaried to Solo

A 40’s something woman was talking to me the other day about her growing sense of frustration with “working for someone else” and her longing to “do my own thing, drive my own wagon”. But, she said with consternation, “I have family counting on me and a standard of living I don’t want to sacrifice.”(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Achieving Financial Security in an Unreliable Economy

Financial Security is a false concept that developed in American society based on the idea that security comes from the perceived reliability of a regular or planned paycheck. Many people, believing in the commitment of their corporations to their well-being, have found themselves downsized, layed-o(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

3 Elements to a Deal-Sealing Classified ad

Have you ever wondered why your perfectly fine classified ad fails to attract the attention you desire? There should be dozens—no, hundreds—of perspective buyers swamping your e-mail inbox with offers. After all, you are offering a mint baseball card, a vintage coat, pristine used car, those wholesa(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

ShopCorn.in: Integrating social networking and comparison shopping

Rupiz Infotech, a global internet conglomerate has launched ShopCorn.in: an exciting buyer’s comparison community targeted to the Indian clientele. This group is a leading player of the online finance and comparison shopping industry in the UK operating Rupiz Compare. Now they are out to woo the (Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Rupiz Infotech launches ShopCorn.in: A community ‘of the buyers’, ‘by the buyers’ and ‘for the buyer

Rupiz Infotech is preparing to launch ShopCorn.com in the month of April. ShopCorn is a Buyer’s Community exclusively targeted at the Indian market. With their expertise in the e-genre of finance, marketing, shopping, comparison and total communication solutions, they are aiming big.

Accor(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Beware Of Bad Credit Payday Loans

Could bad credit payday loans be the answer consumers with low bank accounts have been looking for? Is there any harm in using these services? Aren't they better than using credit cards or going hungry? Have you seen the commercials? Cute characters promise financial prosperity. Happy, p(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

5 Reasons To Avoid Publish America

Ever since I first wrote about my publishing pitfalls with Publish America, I’ve received a lot of correspondence from writers asking me if they too should avoid publishing with this notorious online POD Company. So, in response to yet another letter from an unpublished author, I’ve been motivated t(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

6 writing tips for starting your writing journey

Tips for your writing journey So, you'd like to be a writer? Congrats! Writing not only is a great way to express yourself, but can provide an income. Keep in mind not all writers make a fortune, some still can’t quit their day job. Below are some tips to start your writing journey. 1. Start(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Magnalight Donates Lights to US Troops in Iraq

Larson Electronics LLC donate lights to the US soldiers stationed in Iraq Kemp,TX,March,21,2008 -- Larson Electronics (www.magnalight.com) continued to donate lights to the US soldiers stationed in Iraq. “In January, we sent some remote control lights and our HML-5M 24 volt handheld lights to Cp(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Discover What Good Writing Is All About

Writing is a form of preserved talk, talk that has been pinned down on paper so the words can be heard again. The basic principles of good writing, apart, from grammatical correctness, might be presented as follows: 1) written sentences should sound like natural speech; 2) the words we use must (Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)
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