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iFindabusiness.com reaches new milestone

iFindabusiness.com reaches 200,000 pages of business information IMT Group plc, which last week launched the iFinda brands across the UK, including the launch of iFindabusiness, a leading directory service has reached a mile stone, of 200,000 pages of business information listing thousands of bus(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

A Tribute to Mercedes Benz Luxury Coupes from 1952 to 1991

The Mercedes luxury coupes embodies forty years of design and styling that has made Mercedes Benz to become one of the most renowned luxury brand in the world.

The story of Mercedes luxury coupes started in the year 1950 in West Germany years later after the Second W(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Baby Benz' Celebrates 25th Anniversary

This year is the 25th anniversary of the original Mercedes-Benz 190 which is branded as the baby Benz in the range. The Mercedes-Benz 190 may be little but it has been able to make big changes in Stuttgart and across the entire automotive industry.

Juergen Hubbert, b(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

The 2007 Mercedes-Benz GL450

Fresh from winning the 2007 SUOTY competition, the Mercedes-Benz GL450 has already become a major player in every other vehicle segment -- so it was only a matter of time before Mercedes-Benz decided to venture into the full-size luxury sport/utility market.

Measuring(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Bryan & Clark Ltd

Bryan & Clark Ltd is a leading specialist supplier of Exhibition and Display Fabrics and Flooring to the Film & TV Industry, Conference & Exhibition Market. We hold stocks of flame-retardant such as Display Felt, Crushed Suede, Casement, Molton and Exhibition Carpets. bryan and clark in park roya(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Vegetable Oil as Substitute for Diesel

The current global warming issue has sparked great interest in the development of newer and cleaner sources of energy aside from fossil fuel. Fossil fuels are non-renewable and when fuels from this resource are burned, they produce harmful gases which trap heat in the atmospher(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

AAA Names Nine New Best Bet Family Cars

Motorists looking for new cars in the market are looking at different areas of a car in choosing the right one for them. Aside from fuel economy and safety, one of the aspects important in choosing a new car is how large the buyer’s family is. A significant number of car b(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Components of the Integrated Marketing Campaign for the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The Mercedes-Benz marketing campaign for the new C-Class is consist of various elements or components using the same slogan the “C-for Yourself” which encourages customers to test-drive the new sedan in order to experience first hand the performance, comfort and quality of C-Cla(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Mercedes-Benz launched an integrated campaign ad for the C-Class with the slogan "C-for Yourself"

In the news: Mercedes-Benz--- the German brand of automobiles, trucks, buses, coaches and auto parts such as the Mercedes brake dust shields -- is starting a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign to promote the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class which will be made available in the (Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

2007 Mercedes-Benz GL 450 Now in Motor Trends Test Fleet

Motor Trend magazine, one of the world's premiere automotive publications has included the new Mercedes-Benz GL 450 on their long term test fleet. The GL 450, the first and only model (as of today) on the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class full size luxury crossover sport utility vehicle (S(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Volkswagen Offers Wolfsburg Edition Passat

In the auto industry, promoting a vehicle involves different strategies and one of which is the production of special editions of a particular model. These special edition models are upgraded version of the non-special edition models.
Such a strategy is used to highlig(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

BMW 5 Series Headed for New York Auto Show

BMW Group will bring the new BMW 5 Series mid size luxury car to New York as it will make its North American debut at the forthcoming York International Auto Show (NYIAS).

Here is what the Munich-based automaker said about the new BMW 5 Series: "A carefully refined e(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

eOneNet.com Sues Internet Marketing Seminars Promoter for Website Copyright Infringement

(Kuala Lumpur, March 22, 2007) eOneNet.com today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur against Success Resources Sdn Bhd, seeking to restrain Success Resources from infringing the copyright of eOneNet.com’s website contents, and copying and using its cont(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Mercedes-Benz to Launch New Marketing Ads for the C-Class

DaimlerChrysler AG's Mercedes-Benz luxury division is commencing a brand new integrated marketing campaign for the company's all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class entry-level luxury sedan. The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class will roll out in market using the "C-for Yourself" slogan. Moreover,(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

AAA, Parents Best Cars for Families List Named 9 New Vehicles

The American Automobile Association (AAA) and the Parents magazine Best Cars for Families list have added nine new vehicles for 2007. The April issue of Parents magazine, which was already released, comes with detailed reviews of each model.
The list was created by combi(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Anthony Franco at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

This year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios 2007 fall season will sponsor and present the elegant fashion creations of Anthony Franco, one of the notable designers in the fashion industry as he was selected as "Mercedes-Benz Presents" Designer. Every season of the(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

2007 Australian Grand Prix: Nice Start For McLaren Mercedes

Fernando Alonso, nicknamed El Nano, qualified second in the recently conducted Australian Grand Prix held in Melbourne on March 18. He was followed closely by Lewis Hamilton, who landed third. Alonso and Hamilton, who both came from Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, have given the team(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

BMW Offers Original Accessories for 3 Series Convertible

BMW Group is offering its customers a wide range of quality BMW parts and accessories to enhance the appearance and driving dynamics of the new BMW 3 Series Convertible. A bunch of aerodynamic package and host of additional interior amenities is offered to add to the two-seater (Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Bush Visits Ford's Kansas Plant

President George W. Bush toured Ford Motor Company’s Kansas assembly plant last Wednesday. The plant builds the first American E85 F-150 trucks and SUV hybrid electric vehicles. The President toured the hybrid assembly line and addressed more than 300 employees about the role Am(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 Team at the 2007 Australian GP

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 Team had a good start of this year's 2007 Formula 1 Grand Prix. The first race this 2007 was held in Melbourne Circuit in Australia last March 18 and two McLaren Mercedes drivers won the 2nd and 3rd spot. Unfortunately, the team did not achieve t(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Chrysler Group Dealers Need Company Update

A group of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge dealers from different parts of the country intends to press, Tom LaSorda, the Chrysler Group CEO, for information regarding the automaker’s future. In this regard, a special meeting is scheduled to happen this week in Florida. The aim of the (Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

GM To Sell The Cheapest Hybrid To Challenge Toyota

To challenge its closest rival, the Toyota Motor Co., General Motors Corp. plans to set forth the cheapest hybrid in the form of the Saturn Aura sedan in the United States. The hybrid sedan is aimed at fuel-conscious customers who want to enjoy affordability and efficiency in on(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Consumer Reports to Review Testing Policies

Last January 4 of this year, Consumer Reports made public the result of their study on rear-facing infant car seats. But on the 18th of the said month, the said report was withdrawn due to fact that the result of the study was found out to be flawed.
What caught the pu(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

President Bush Visits Ford Kansas Plant

In his most recent State of the Union Address, US President George W. Bush stated that one of the goals of the current administration is “to promote energy independence” for the country. He asked the legislators to enact laws aimed at protecting the environment, and he also did(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Build-A-Bedroom announces its site’s objective

Buildbedroom.com, a leading furniture and bedding catalogue site, has announced its primary objective: offering an online catalogue where customers can search for thousands of furniture and bedding products from the top trusted best-selling retailers with an easier-to-use interface filled to make th(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Hydrogen Vehicles Available For Test Drive

Alternative fuels are slowly gaining more and more public support, thanks to the increasing awareness of environmental protection. More and more car manufacturers are pouring in a lot of money in the development of vehicles that will run on alternative fuels. Currently, some a(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Pure BioFuels To Raise Annual Callao Plant Capacity To 52.5M

Pure Biofuels announced the increase of capacity at its primary Callao Port facility, built on a 47,000-square-meter parcel of waterfront land near the capital city of Lima, Peru. With three 17.5 million gallon per year modules, the facility is set to produce an annual capacity (Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

ZAP Releases X Crossover Electric Car Concept Drawings

ZAP, an electric car pioneer, earlier unveiled the concept drawings of its X Crossover SUV on its website. The images are also highlighted in the April 2007 issue of Popular Science in the article titled ‘Who killed the gas guzzler?’ where you can also find an interview with St(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Do you know the secret to online marketing success? Automated passive income is as simple as asking

A while back I helped one of my associates with his online business. He told me that he was stuck in a rut and wanted to know how to get going. This came from a person who has a successful life insurance business, but he was so tired of the rat race and always needing to start all over again every s(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Tech jobs up 83 per cent

Over the past year, the number of Information Technology and Telecommunications jobs posted on MyCareer has increased by 83.5 per cent, while searches for tech jobs have increased by 20 per cent. "We know that IT & T professionals appreciate good site navigation and usability, which is something (Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)
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