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Africapoint.com voices perspective on Airlines’ decision to implement zero commissions for flights

AfricaPoint.com, an African specialist travel agent offering online as well as off line travel services, voiced its perspective on Airlines’ decision to withdraw commissions hitherto paid to Travel Agents on ticket bookings. Airlines worldwide are moving towards e-ticketing and zero commission booki(Added: Sat Mar 29 2008)

Honda Throttle Body Spacers: Little Investments that Go a Long Way

Generally speaking, the more air we can get into our lungs, the more we can sustain physical activity. Athletes who live at high altitudes reportedly perform better compared to their sea-level rivals because they have bigger lungs. Conversely, we can pass out when the air gets t(Added: Sat Mar 29 2008)

Honda Tie Rod Ends: Crucial in Steering Your Car

While steering your Honda, you usually pay no mind to how well it turns a corner. This is because of how well-engineered Honda’s steering system is. It works by having the wheels turn at exactly the same pace and along the same plane in any road condition. This means that whenev(Added: Sat Mar 29 2008)

First Steps to Starting Your Own Small Business

You’ve been dreaming about what it would be like to start your own small business. It has been on your mind since you were in school, and there are times, especially on Monday mornings, that you daydream about it. But, you’re not really sure what it would look like. You don’t have the first clue how(Added: Sat Mar 29 2008)

Steamtech Series III offers portable cleaning and sanitizing with no chemicals.

Chino , Ca ( Pressbox ) – March 18, 2008 Steamtech the world’s one of a kind portable steam sanitation solution for cleaning foodservice facilities without the use of chemicals, announces the series III portable cleaning and sanitizing system. CEO Dave Paton says “trying to clean with anything (Added: Sat Mar 29 2008)

Forgive All EBay Sins!

Over the years, I have been amazed at the “blinding” greed and reckless approach to commerce that some business owners have employed. Lying to customers, selling inferior merchandise, and not offering refunds, left a firestorm of irate customers in their wake. Without fail, all of this “ill will” (Added: Sat Mar 29 2008)

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of EBay Buyer’s Fraud.

From everything you’ve heard about the risk of fraud on eBay, you might think it’s only buyers getting scammed – but you couldn’t be more wrong. Here are a few common scams that seller’s fall for every day. The Rubber Cheque. This one obviously isn’t limited to eBay – it’s been going on for (Added: Sat Mar 29 2008)

Want A Credit Card Merchant Account?

Who doesn’t want a credit card merchant account! This special service allows you to process credit card payments from your clients in a number of ways that can help to speedily grow your business. A merchant account has been known to double or triple business profits in a relatively short amount of (Added: Sat Mar 29 2008)


Contact: David Terry IAS Claim Services Phone 800.288.4338 Fax 800.638.9806 1755 N Collins Blvd. Suite 350 Richardson, TX 75080 Press Release [03.28.08 - 12:00 AM] IAS CLAIM SERVICES ANNOUNCES KEY EXECUTIVE PROMOTIONS IAS CLAIM SERVICES ANNOUNCES THE PROMOTION OF THREE KEY EXECUTI(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Bizymoms.com launches a Pay per Impression Advertising Program

Bizymoms.com is in the business of helping at home business owners, especially women. The Bizymoms.com team knows firsthand how hard it can be to get a home business off the ground since they are all home business owners themselves. Everyone at Bizymoms.com believes in three core traits of success f(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Joolop Games the latest business from brand Joolop the creation of Chris Wood

Joolop is the latest company launched by North East web designer Chris Wood, and was born when Chris made a trip to London. Within a month of taking small office space at Forest Gate, near Stratford, Chris won orders worth around £30,000. He decided to stay in London – while keeping his permanent (Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Bathroom Lighting Experts Launch Mirror Demister Pads

London based lighting wholesalers Sparks Direct have launched a new range of affordable mirror demister pads to help keep bathroom mirrors steam free and crystal clear. London, UK - Sparks Direct are renowned for being at the forefront of the lighting and electrical wholesale industry, being the (Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

The cheque’s in the post… but for many businesses it will arrive too late. Bradley Kellard announces

The infamous phrase almost every business owner has heard whilst on the journey to financial freedom. But for over 70% of SME’s this year, the ‘dream’ will be short lived, as poor cash flow takes it’s toll. There is light at the end of tunnel, however, according to a Buckinghamshire based company wh(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Today's Banks Are Not Just For Mortgages, Loans and Investments

In today’s capitalist world where security is one of the utmost concerns, the typical problem facing an individual is financial security. Money-related questions typically asked are: “Where can I keep my money? What is the best way to invest it and make it grow? Who can I borrow money from?” And th(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Solar Panels expert Greenworks improve website adding water conservation section

The new water conservation section on greenworks-energy.co.uk allows UK plumbers to interact with an interactive flash bathroom to explore water saving technology in action. London, UK - Greenworks, part of Graham The Plumbers Merchant, specialise in eco friendly technology for UK builders, plumb(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

World’s first leading green resort hosts first World Travel Green Awards

AquaCity Resort, Slovakia, has been chosen to host the first World Travel `Green’ Awards, to be held in the eco-friendly waterpark and spa over the weekend of 5th – 7th September 2008. The Awards recognise the top achievers in the global travel industry, voted for by travel agents internationall(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

DuPont™ NOMEX® helps reduce burn injuries at chemical plant

The use of heat and flame protective clothing made of DuPont™ NOMEX® has helped to dramatically reduce the rate of accidental burn injury over a four year period at a large chemical plant in South-West Germany. Up until 2003, each year between 20 and 25 accidents involving burns or scalds to arms an(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

New website celebrates 50th ‘buff-day’ for Scotch-Brite pads

The Scotch-Brite floor pad is 50 years old on 25th April 2008 and to celebrate this milestone 3M has launched a website - http://www.3M.co.uk/scotchbritefloorpads - filled with fascinating facts and figures about the product, a timeline showing the development of the floor pads and a competition to (Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Bright and Warm – 3M working with the Professional Recovery Industry

Cardno, manufacturer of products for the vehicle recovery industry, incorporates two innovative materials from 3M, Scotchlite Reflective Material and Thinsulate Insulation. Based in Luton, Cardno manufactures and supplies an entire range of products for more than 3,000 companies in the profession(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

WhyAbe.com Named "Cool Vendor" by Leading Analyst Firm

WhyAbe.com Named "Cool Vendor" by Leading Analyst Firm Vendors selected for the “Cool Vendor report” are Innovative, Impactful and Intriguing WILLOW GROVE, Pennsylvania – April 1, 2008 WhyAbe.com has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the “Cool Vendors in Procurement and Finance, 2(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Imber Court delivers ‘best venue’ for latest Ecademy BlackStar event

Despite venturing outside of a traditional central London venue, the latest BlackStar event hosted at the stylish Imber Court in Surrey has received praise for being one of the best venues so far for BlackStar meetings. Based in East Molesey, the Imber Court Sports Club was easily accessible by r(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Pollia Ventures Receive Acclaim for Client services within the Financial Services Sector

Pollia Ventures was recently recognized for superior services offered to its clients for the second time in a matter of months. Sources say that Pollia, a prominent European financial advisory firm also achieved leading status in December of 2007. A spokesman for the Luxembourg-based broker(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Startup Advice: Advice from Experts to Start your own Business

Most entrepreneurs get paranoid over the idea of starting a business. With so many federal, state, and, local laws governing any business, it becomes crucial to make an informed decision about the venture. Here are a few steps worth considering before your business takes off in full swing Most of u(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Short Sale Success Secrets with Foreclosures

If you're active in real estate investing, you may already realize one of the biggest issues real estate investors face: Finding Great Deals. Foreclosures at a 52-year High With foreclosures at a 52-year high, there are thousands of deals available on the market, if you know where to find th(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Debts.org – Free From Debt, Free To Prosper

Many of us spend the first few months of the year trying to recover from the financial hangover, reports the UK’s leading online debt resource centre debts.org. Recent research has shown that debt laden Britons will have to work for an average of 70 days this year just to earn the money they need to(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

RNCOS Releases Report on Poland Banking Sector Analysis

The leading market research firm RNCOS has released its new report, "Poland Banking Sector Analysis" that provides extensive research and rational analysis on the banking industry of the European country Poland. This report helps clients in analyzing the opportunities, challenges and drivers critica(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Affiliate Marketing Summits in India and China

Summary: Affiliate summits and conferences help in promoting the industry. These are the common platforms where the issues of affiliates and other participants can be addressed. Body: Affiliate marketing has caught everyone by surprise. The rapid pace at which it is developing might soon revolu(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Podcast Released for Managing Your Business Sales in a Recession

Patricia Weber, Sales Accelerator and Business Coach, announces the debut of her Top Salespeople Sales Secrets Podcast. Williamsburg, VA, March 18, 2008 -- Patricia Weber, Sales Accelerator and Business Coach, announces the debut of her Top Salespeople Sales Secrets Podcast. Launched in Februar(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

What To Look For When Choosing Affiliate Programs

So you've decided you want to become an Internet Marketer, huh? Will you sell someone else's products or sell your own? If you choose to sell someone else's products, how will you know what to look for? After all, this is a new venture for you. Or maybe it's not. Maybe you have been trying out s(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)

Credit Card Processing: Legally Beat the System by Passing Processing Fees to Customers

Imposing surcharges on credit card transactions is illegal, and it will only lead to problems. The secret to beating the credit card processing system is not charging more for credit card sales, but instead is charging less for cash sales. It may sound like the same thing, but there is a big differe(Added: Fri Mar 28 2008)
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