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Enjoy Serenity in Fraser Suites Kensington Apartments with Apartotels

London, UK, April 25, 2008 Apartotels.co.uk has included a new luxury serviced apartment in its inventory of London Apartments viz. Fraser Suites Kensington in Kensington, London, UK. Fraser Suites Kensington, which is managed by leading serviced residence management, Frasers Hospitality, is a 5-sta(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

The Estate Agency Times Top 100 UK Estate Agencies - The Richest 2008

Mob: 0771 311 6602 Maud@cinnamonpr.com Under Embargo until: 27th April 2008 The Estate Agency Times Top 100 UK Estate Agencies – The Richest 2008 The Estate Agency Times TOP 100 Estate Agencies 2008 (Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Canada Property: Established but Emerging Market

Canada was recently named as the most affordable English speaking country in which to buy a property. Liam Bailey of David Stanley Redfern gave us his take on the potential of the Canadian property market: "I would call Canada, the only established market in the world, where the property market is (Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

My Internet Business Has Launched

A new business is on the horizon and is exploding on the world-wide internet. It promises to be much more than a fly-by-night operation. Darren Gaudry, original founder of Passport to Wealth, has helped to mastermind a company that offers much more than the typical overnight home business success th(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

SPL’s Randall Ritch Sees 114% Increase in Net Revenues Thanks to Commence CRM

According to Larry Caretsky, President of Commence CRM, “We are delighted that SPL is able to gain so much benefit from the technology solutions we provide.” Randall Ritch, Technical Sales Consultant with SPL, Inc. – Hydrocarbon based in Houston shared, “My history with Commence goes back to 1994.(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

CFO’s in Sales and Marketing Vital According to TR Cutler

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on trade shows and marketing promotions, but almost never close the loop to determine the effectiveness of marketing outreach efforts. While a strong vice-president, Marketing Director, or CFO should be paying close attention to these data, without a CRM(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Online Credit Reports For Renters

An accurate and clear credit report is the key to lease an apartment easily. Before renting an apartment, many landlords demand tenant’s credit report to determine their ability to pay the rent. It is a good idea to obtain a copy of your instant online credit reports from any of the three credit bur(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

UPVC Front Doors Could Result In Significant Savings For The Average Household

Edinburgh, UK, 1 March 2008 ( Pressbox ) -- The average household in the UK could save hundreds of pounds annually simply by changing their front door, according to a study into exterior door insulation released by industry watchdog BuyDoor.net.

As a more energy efficient alternative (Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

e-SoftEasy Business Analytics 2.0 - Unique tool that Creates automatic Reports/Charts and PDF Dashbo

Business Intelligence tool that creates Reports, Charts and Dashboards from multiple Database Servers (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, etc), even from MS Excel files. Show easily charts and dashboards in PDF Format and Reports in Excel Format. Also filter, sort and group your date in any wa(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Looking for Investment in a paradise?

There are many real estate companies Phuket which have been extremely implicated in marketing and development of major residential as well as commercial properties in Phuket right from the day the magnificent island was converted into the resort since early 1980s. With the continual changing of life(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

House prices continue to plunge

House prices have fallen for the fifth consecutive month, according to the latest figures from Nationwide, adding to fears that the UK housing market could potentially be facing its worst crash in history. Data from HBOS, the UK’s leading mortgage and savings provider, show that prices fell 2.5%(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)


CMB’s executive committee has discussed the preliminary results recorded for the first quarter 2008 FOR FULL PRESS RELEASE PLEASE GO TO CMB CORPORATE WEBSITE: www.cmb.be Bocimar contributes EUR 9 million (2007: EUR 93 million) to the consolidated result for the first quarter of 2008. As a r(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Lenders letting go of buy-to-let mortgages

In yet another sign of the credit crunch fallout, the buy-to-let property market has been severely hit by the drying-up of lending to landlords. Sixteen lenders have withdrawn buy-to-let mortgages in the past few weeks, most recently Abbey, The Mortgage Works, UCB Home Loans and Britannia Buildi(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Identify Animals and Small Items With GAO RFID¡¯s LF GLASS RFID TAG

For more information contact GAORFID Inc. +1-416-292-0038 x601 http://www.gaorfid.com info@gaorfid.com Identify Animals and Small Items With GAO RFID¡¯s LF GLASS RFID TAG Toronto, March 2008 - The application of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for tracking animals and sma(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Website Design Company in UK launches search engine optimisation service for small business

Kronik Media, the London based website Design Company are now offering a search engine optimisation service that is specially designed with the needs of small to medium sized businesses. Search engine optimisation is a highly specialist field that requires experience and knowledge within the spe(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

T2 client Cintec launches life-saving product

Cintec International has launched its latest innovative product, the Waterwall system, designed to protect people and buildings against the effects of explosions. The new patented product consists of a structure made from internally reinforced PVC coated fabric. It inflates and fills with water w(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)


Finding your dream job isn't easy, but with guidance from a technical recruiter you will be on your way to securing the perfect job. There are two places to search for jobs: off-line and on-line. Newspapers, journals, and face-to-face networking offer only a small portion of the job search oppo(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Dreaming of Quitting Your Day Job to Start a Multi-Million Dollar Business from Scratch?

We all have dreams. Some are sitting in cubicles, dreaming of the day, sometime down the road, when something happens, they meet the right person, the right opportunity comes their way, etc… Dreams are good, they’re a good start, but the chances of anything just happening are pretty slim. One needs (Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Kentucky Hunting Property

Kentucky-land-and-hunting-properties.com offers the best selection of Western Kentucky hunting lands and the regions first and only property management service specifically designed for hunting properties. Kentucky Land and Hunting Properties also helps you to market your property with confidence an(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Pre-Foreclosure Expert Explains Techniques that Actually Work Better in a Depressed Real Estate Mark

When the market is booming and homes are selling, then listings, sales and commissions are the way real estate agents make their living. “It’s all about the laws of supply and demand,” says Jeff Kaller, a real estate investor.“Right now, there are plenty of homes for sale and not a lot of buyers. Th(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Jeff Kaller, Mr. Pre-foreclosure, Shares Five Success Tips for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

In a recent interview, Jeff Kaller, real estate investor, shared five success tips to set business entrepreneurs on the path to financial success. Success tip number one is know how to sell. A business rises and falls on the bottom line. No matter how much one talks about and promotes themselves(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Now is the Time to Live Your Dream and Get on the Road to Financial Freedom, says Jeff Kaller

In a recent interview, Jeff Kaller discussed entrepreneurs and millionaires and how they reached their status. Jeff recommends education through books, conferences, seminars and workshops that focus on the topic one is most interested in. Many entrepreneurs never went to college; some never even fin(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Starling Easy Short Sale Secrets Banks Don’t Want You to Know-Jeff Kaller Reveals Insider Secrets an

Jeff Kaller spent 11 years creating and developing the most powerful information available on short sales, and his most cutting edge strategies are now available on CD, titled “Secrets the Banks Don’t Want You to Know.”.” This Cd is absolutely jammed with real insider techniques designed to help wee(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Jeff Kaller Offers the Opportunity to get Irresistible Pre-Foreclosure Real Estate Investing Secrets

For 15 years Jeff Kaller ran high volume kitchens while his wife Sofia waited tables. They lived paycheck to paycheck, swapping dollars for hours. It was a dead end job, until he lost his home to foreclosure.“That was the best thing that ever happened to me! Now…more than 350 houses later, my system(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Making Profits in Real Estate, Especially When the Market is Down

Jeff Kaller believes finding a great deal in real estate, even if the market is down, means bargains do exist. In comparison to most financial portfolios where there's simply too much risk, real estate is still the most attractive path.Fundamentally the sure way to find a great real estate deal is t(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Jeff Kaller, AKA Mr. Pre-Foreclosure, Explains the P’s & Q’s of Investing in Pre-Foreclosed Properti

“Buying a pre-foreclosure, that is a home not yet in foreclosure, can be a worthwhile investment, whether you use the property as your home or as an investment,” says Jeff Kaller. “There is also an added benefit of helping a distressed homeowner who needs to sell. From a market standpoint, this can (Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Get in on the Mortgage-Meltdown while it’s Hot, says Jeff Kaller. Techniques that only work in a Dep

Jeff Kaller was pumped up and excited when he spoke at a convention recently. He said, “Usually on Saturday’s when I’m not traveling, I have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to catch one of my favorite shows – High Net Worth. This show profiles entrepreneurs, and how they make their fortunes, and of course w(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Brighter Than the Sun

Sun Cellular, formally known as Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc., is a mobile telecommunication service provider in the Philippines. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital Telecommunications Philippines, or Digitel. Digitel is in turn owned by the JG Summit Group with a minority stake (Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

How Low Can You Go? How to Get, and Why You Want, the Lowest Brokers Price Opinion Possible

In a recent interview, Jeff Kaller discussed BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions). A BPO is an estimated probable sale price or suggested list price provided by a broker for research and business purposes. Of course, there is only so much that one can do to influence this value, as it is – much like an app(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)
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