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Sure Languages offer advice for businesses considering international commerce

Sure Languages, a translation and interpreting company, highlight the importance of language and culture when engaging in international commerce. English is considered by many as the global language of business. However, to excel in international commerce, effective multilingual communication is (Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Sure Languages advise businesses to consider foreign markets as a way to beat the recession

Sure Languages, a translation and interpreting company, advise businesses to consider selling their products and services internationally in order to maintain sales during the economic downturn. With the UK economy not expected to start recovering until at least 2010, many businesses are shiftin(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Specific Market Training System of Hindsight Trading

“Hindsight Trading is a stock market focused successful organization, which delivers day-trading solutions and provides strategic market training.” [For Immediate Release] USA, Feb. 23, 2009 (Press Release) - Hindsight Trading provides specific market training to both novice and experience(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Molly Brown's Swimwear Unveils New Website Design

Molly Brown's Swimwear has recently unveiled a newly redesigned website which can be viewed at http://www.mollybrownsswimwear.com. The highly interactive new design also introduces sleek new features to enhance the online designer swimwear shopping experience. For over 30 years, Molly Brown's has b(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Solution

Guarantee quality with high accuracy in accounts receivable, accounts payable services online accounting services UK, bookkeeping services UK at affordable rates. Outsourcing bookkeeping services is the best accounting company in India and from last 15 years we are popular for our world class ser(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Siemens new Sistore MX Demo

An Operating Division of Siemens AG, Siemens Building Technologies as founded in October 1998, by acquiring the industrial activities of Electrowatt Ltd. Siemens Building Technologies offers safety, security and building automation systems through its four divisions - Building Automation, HVAC Prod(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

RNCOS Launches a New Report- Global Hybrid Car Market Forecast to 2010

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, "Global Hybrid Car Market Forecast to 2010" to its report gallery. Hybrid cars offer significant advantages over conventional vehicles, such as fuel efficiency, low cost per mile, and environmental benefits, and that will drive the future(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Leading Industry Expert to Provide Insight Into How Organizations Can Protect Training and Developme

Upcoming Plateau Systems' Webinar, Featuring Forrester Research Analyst Claire Schooley, Will Focus on How Organizations Can Maximize Their Investments in Training and Development to Weather the Current Economic Storm Plateau Systems, a leading provider of talent management software, services and(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Video Tape Recorders/Players (VTRs/VPRs) Report

Ingenuity and accommodation should be the words for VTR/VPR marketers in the coming years. Digital holds the future and any linear product has to be designed to support it flexibly and affordably. Hard disk, optical and memory cards are the preferred formats, with disk drives getting the most atten(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Are you cut out to be a landlord?

Being a landlord is about more than just owning property. A landlord is a businessman, his let is a business venture and his objective is to run an efficient and profitable service. So what does it take to be both a sound businessman and a landlord? For both it is important to have a keen eye for(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

The timeless city of Venice is the driving force of the tourism in Veneto

At the BIT 2009 there is a big stand for the whole Veneto region that once more is focused on national and international tourism.

In Veneto alone, almost one sixth of the whole national tourism has been registered, this tourism is mainly developed by the Italian touristic attractions (las(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Video Video Test & Measurement Equipment Report

The Test & Measurement arena will continually evolve as new technologies arise and picture/audio specifications and delivery systems change. Marketers of Test & Measurement equipment will have to remain ahead of the game to gain the largest market share. This is just part of the future forecast f(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Video Servers Report

Time critical data retrieval, repurposing, distribution and archival would not be possible without reliable video servers. These units are specifically designed to handle the data intensive environments of broadcast, cable, post house and digital cinema environments. They provide a secure way to sto(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Dubai Investment Properties Sees No Slow Down In The Leasing Process for Sunset

Residences and Offices register strong demand; renowned international luxury brands and new rising stars of the retail world to open exclusive boutiques and concept stores at Sunset Mall. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 23, 2009: Dubai Investment Properties (DIP), one of the leading real es(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Video Monitors Report

To be sure, monitors will change technology, get bigger, thinner and lighter and be more visually dynamic as HD takes hold. Cablers and broadcasters will grab the majority of these units for their variety of monitor needs in newsrooms, production, control room, studio and field operations. Post hous(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Video Disk Recorders Report

When it comes to recording, the future is digital. Whether it is by hard drive or optical disk, video disk recorders are the preference of the industry. They are more reliable; provide better access, high data transfer rates and speed up archival, interconnectivity and editing time in all profession(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Leading executive search and selection firm

GlobalHunt India is a leading executive search and selection firm which specializes in ITES( Business Process Outsourcing) and other Industry verticals (Technology & Telecom, Professional & Financial Services, Life Sciences, Consumer and Engineering) recruitment in geographical span of Asia- Pacific(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Video Compression Encoders/Decoders Report

Marketers will be up against some interesting odds as distribution mediums and algorithms continue to change in our ever-evolving digital world. Compression technologies will have to keep pace with a myriad of distribution channels in the video and television industries. The sky seems limitless when(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Video Up / Down Converters Report

Digital migration will continue the solid future of up/down and even cross converters. Conflicting standards are the saving grace for this product category and will sustain it for quite some time, if not indefinitely. Up converters will likely have the biggest reach as more and more material is swit(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Arvals new Timber Effect Facades

The Arval portfolio of designer steel cladding has recently been expanded by AccelorMittal Construction. The new cladding panels are coated with a corrosion and UV resistant finish and bring a timber effect look to facades. This product aims to meet the needs of builders and architects to make bot(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Terminal Equipment Report

Versatile, adaptable terminal equipment that can fit into both the analog and digital worlds will be a necessity for some time to come. Manufacturers that can meet a variety of needs from telecom, broadcast, production, satellite and remote applications with a combination of video sources are the on(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Whitnel Properties, Inc has enlisted the help of Realtor

Whitnel Properties, Inc has enlisted the help of Realtor Fred Vaccaro to gain more exposure on the internet. Freds company, Scenic Mountain Realty is now listing the property at Haven Heights on the Yancey-Mitchell and McDowell MSL websites. So when you are surfing the web for Western North Carolin(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Telecine / Film Scanners Report

Post-production and cable facilities will continue to drive the telecine/scanner market. Sales volumes are likely to go through the roof as more demand arises for an effective way to transfer film to digital mediums. Digital Intermediate will make scanning and telecine technologies more of an afford(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Green Laser Pointers and Alcohol Breath Tester Spark SourcingMap's Online Sales

February 23rd, 2009, United States: SourcingMap.com, the factory-direct Wholesale Online Superstore, announces that Green Laser Pointers, Alcohol Breath Testers and Business Card Holders have become the bestsellers of last month. "We announce the wholesale bestsellers monthly, in order to offe(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Standards / Formats Converters Report

Standards converters will continue to be a prominent force in the digital world. Demands for newer conversion technology will be the rule. Data migration wont be the only consideration for manufacturers. New distribution methods the world over are creating new challenges and new markets. Converters(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Routing Switchers Report

Routing switchers will continue to evolve as the digital migration completes its evolution. Different signals and formats, along with different facility matrixes will require a variety of routing switchers that can accommodate a variety of tasks and production/broadcast needs. Multi-format capabilit(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro RAID Video Storage Report

It will be interesting to see the evolution of SATA drives with their less expensive protocol and implementation cost. This technology is designed to handle capacity a word that will encapsulate the future. Capacity and lots of it. A reliable way to store and re-distribute huge amounts of data. S(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Production Switchers Report

Production switchers that can accommodate different source material, formats and signals, while still providing versatility, multi-functionality and space-saving features will certainly win in the engineering booth. Gone are the days of single, proprietary models that could only integrate with thems(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Non-Linear Editing Market Research Report

Nonlinear editing has a very secure and lucrative future in the professional television/video industry. Its essential function makes it an undeniable necessity. Versatility and compatibility are certainly some of the biggest considerations that marketers can continue to make as they roll out new ver(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)

Broadcast/Pro Master Control Switchers Report

Obviously, television and video production cannot do without MCs. Programs cannot be pulled together or accomplish any cohesion without a switcher that can go from one programming input to the next. MCs are seen throughout the production world evident in the edit suite, control rooms, remote trucks(Added: Mon Feb 23 2009)
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