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Why Schools Have Incorporated Leadership Development In Their Curriculum

Added: (Tue Jan 18 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Although there are a lot of people who come across the concept of leadership development on a daily basis, they do not fully understand what this is. They think that it is something temporary because they are not sure this concept will be thoroughly understood by each individual. But the fact remains the same. This concept has already been around for quite some time now and it will continue to exist in today’s society. The best way to deal with this is to understand what this is.

Nowadays, this concept has been grasped and incorporated into several colleges and universities. They have seen how leadership training is a vital role in today’s society, which is why they dedicate some time in helping those who truly need such help. Not to mention, there are also a number of independent organizations that have created numerous programs to help those who need such training. But what is this concept really?

Based on the statement released by Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA, a fine line exists between leader development and leadership development. The latter is the field of teaching important qualities and values of being a leader to an individual. This is whether or not he will actually utilize the skills he has learned when he comes to a position of authority. In as much sense as it is, this training incorporates learning sharing, important communication skills, and a capability of motivating other people through a positive social impact. In addition, this stresses the importance of how and when to become a leader.

The reason why individuals need to go through leadership training is because they need to know how and when they should be a leader or a follower. They need to know how they can lead by example when they are placed in a group setting. Lastly, they need to know what the dynamics are when they are chosen to be the leader in a certain group.

Because of the lessons that can be learned through leadership development, this has now become an important part in many curriculums. Lots of schools have considered this as a valuable lesson that each student needs to go through. Apart from getting to learn important leadership skills, these students can use such learning to excel in life, whether they are in or outside the classroom.

By having a leadership training program, schools are able to teach what the important values are to each student. They can be confident that their students graduate from their universities with the right values instilled. This can be a good thing because they will definitely need these leadership development values that they have learned in school. At such a young age, students are already able to become leaders in their own communities.

Submitted by:Blanche Lyles
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