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Types of pest and ways to control it by using pesticides

Added: (Sun Apr 21 2013)

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There are so many types of pest- some of them which are commonly found in homes are: - ants, cockroach, mosquitoes, dust mites, rodent, bed bugs, fleas, silver fish, flies, termites.

Ants-Ants are commonly found in homes. They mostly attracted to sweet or dead flies. So keep your home clean and dust free, to stop the entry of ants. Seal the place, fill the gaps.

Cockroaches-The life of cockroaches is too long. They scare the human especially women. Cockroaches are mainly found in kitchen. They destroy the grains, food items etc. it is better to control them by using pesticides and insecticides.

Mosquitoes-Mosquitoes are very common and most irritating pest. They bite you and fly; you even canít catch them easily. They cannot make you to go for a sound sleep even. Malaria is one of the common dieses spread by mosquitoes. Spray, coils are very easily available in the market now. One should always keep these arrangements at home.

Dust mites-These are very minute pest, can only be seen through microscope, but can be found in kitchen, wardrobes, book shelves, beddings or clothes. You should wash your clothes with hot water once in a blue moon, clean your books daily, and arrange your wardrobes on weekly basis, to avoid the problem of dust mites because they are allergic too.

Rodents-The most common rodent is rat; need not to tell that they are the one who can destroy the store room that any other pest can. They bite your clothes, books, furniture and can empty your container full of grains. Rodent control is must if in bulk, because they can create a great loss to your property.

Bed bugs- bed bugs are very troublesome, can make your night sleepless, uncomfortable, leaving your body with red marks, itching everywhere. Keep your bed clean, wash your bed sheet weekly, and keep your mattress in sunlight, can only be the precaution for bed bugs.

There are so many pest like discussed above but to come out of this problem pest control Weston is there to help you. As you can only control them up to some extent, but in real life it is not possible to clean your home on daily bases or inspect it from every corner, so using pest control is very important. You can hire an exterminator for this; they are the professional people and will surely come out with positive solution.

Submitted by:Kain Black
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