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The style and color of the cheap canvas prints should be in line with the layout and style of room

Added: (Sat Apr 12 2014)

Pressbox (Press Release) - China - For each people who purchased the photo canvas prints from the online platform of XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD, the relationship between the design of oil painting and layout of their home should be the most crucial point these consumers must consider. The suggestions below should be the best solution for the former factor.

First, the function of the space determines its application and fashion. The combination of function and Art Deco could be the most crucial factor for interior design. According to the function of the bedrooms, the most suitable wholesale canvas printing should have closely connection with person or the subjects which has closely relationship with people as it could enhance the emotional communication. For the children's bedroom, the best choice should be the abstract giclee prints of childrenĄ¯s theme. The landscape canvas prints dropship could be better hanged on the wall of living room, making the environment become more open and clear while the dinning-room may be linked to some of the flowers and other Still oil painting as it can enhance people's appetite.

Second, the local style decor should coordinate and subordinate to the overall style of the room. That is to say the style of the printed canvas need to in line with the overall style of the room. The cheap canvas prints is the crowning touch of the Interior designation and it should be harmony with the whole interior style. The concise and efficient factor if abstract and modernist oil painting is more appropriate in the space and room with the characteristics of bright, spacious, new decorated style and new timber space. Furthermore, the canvas prints with realistic and classical style could be adapted to the luxurious and elegant decor of room www.enjoycanvas.com . For the cheap canvas prints with impressionist style, whether it is in the hallway or on the bookcase, it can reflect its colorful, light and color effects with a strong decorative effect.

Thirdly, each consumer needs to note color communication which is also crucial point for oil painting selection. That is to say the color of the oil painting needs to isolate with furnishings and interior walls. If the inner space of the room is mainly occupies by the deep stable furniture, the color of the painting should reflect the feeling of simple, elegance and ancient. If the furniture and decoration of the room is bright and simple style, the best choice for the color of the cheap canvas prints should be lively, warm, avant-garde and abstract.

Hope each consumer from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD could pay more attention to these factors when they choose the giclee prints.


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