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Seiko SNK809K1: Absolutely great when itís the outdoors

Added: (Thu May 22 2014)

Pressbox (Press Release) - For a good chunk, nothing exists beyond the Seiko 5 philosophy (reliability and versatility), which makes you feel right home under almost every situation. So itís kind of limiting when you say this field watch is just for the outdoors; the SNK809K1 is suited for every unforgiving environment. You canít help but agree that it fits the bill. Its robust built and military style ensures this is a watch meant to be taken to places. Yet, an appropriate piece when all you want is a trouble-free and reliable daily wear which looks different than dress.

Whether you planned your purchase or just buying it on impulse, stay rest assured youíll win big time with this one. The SEIKO technology makes the SNK809 a unique piece on its own merits.

The good thing about the SNK809K1 is despite its rugged built, it is not an E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S piece with an enormous weight; it is of a size and weight that donít get between you and your free movements. Letís say itís just heavy enough to keep announcing its presence every moment.

The Seiko Velatura watch-face boasts a nice layout with a touch of busyness. Itís a slightly glossy version of black and gives more prominence to the slightly raised markings; also to the day and date. Compared to other watches with dark faces and white markings, these index markers are thicker; yet enhances the overall look of the face.

The SNK809K1 runs on an automatic movement that runs smooth and accurate, giving +8 seconds on either side. Thatís predictable deviation and it makes the Seiko 5 SNK809 a perfect first automatic for anyone venturing into the mechanical world for the first time. And every mechanical collection should have at least one Seiko Sportura Kinetic. This 21-jewel movement is an excellent start; it will get you in the habit of wearing watches the way it should be. Make sure you wear it 8 hours a day during the break-in period and the rest will be breeze.

Now, that might put a few people off but this isnít a watch to be appreciated by all. Itís for them to whom an inoffensive, universal design holds more value. Yet, those with smaller wrists shall find it a boon; it is a watch that goes with every attire (except strictly formal) and never looks odd or out of place. Its basic look gels effectively with business casuals and will help you discover your hidden-love for watches you never realized you had.

All in all, an absolutely stripped down, basic automatic watch designed to take as much ramming as more-than-normal daily usage can give. If you plan to buy a higher end automatic in the future, the Seiko 5 SNK809K1 will set you up for the big day.

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