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Pressbox (Press Release) - If you’re looking for a creative, meaningful, reasonably priced, memorable and trademarkable domain name for your new or existing e-business, don’t visit domain name resellers. For thousands of dollars, they will sell you generic names that refer to nothing in particular and encompass meaningless prefixes and suffixes. Instead, treat your business to a custom-made domain name from www.DNadvisor.com, a brand new division of Corporate Psychology and Mental Fitness™, a training and consulting company whose expertise includes the psychology of business naming and intangible/intellectual property assets and can be found at www.mentalfitness.org. The staff of www.DNadvisor.com will take your unique business philosophy; research emerging market needs and will then create you a dot-com name that will set you apart from the crowd.

According to company founder and CEO, Dr. Yanina Shapiro, “DNadvisor.com sells not merely names, but names with business ideas.” Some examples of Dr. Shapiro’s latest one of a kind trademarkable creations include Bplanscribe.com, resumewits.com, IdeaMerchants.com and HalfEnough.com. Many of the names she has created have been evaluated in excess of $200,000.00. Dr. Shapiro offers creation and consulting services to her clients and strongly recommends that every e-businesses use multiple domain names that point to one’s web site. She states, “This is a very effective and inexpensive web site promotion and marketing tool that will get your company the exposure it needs.”

Dr. Shapiro first became interested in the psychology of naming/language and in how language affects people’s thoughts and actions when she studied psychology and philosophy at Harvard and worked as a psychology professor. Dr. Shapiro has done extensive research and published numerous articles on the relation between language, memory and thought. So, it was only natural, as a management consultant, educator and avid user of the Internet that she became involved in such things as naming, branding and e-business marketing. This knowledge coupled with Dr. Shapiro’s desire to one day fund a non-for-profit organization Mental Fitness Gyms ™ (where people will train their brains for better memory and problem solving skills) led her to cash in on this domain name speculation. To view a list of previously crafted unique domain names, which are offered for sale to finance her non-profit, please visit www.potentdomainnames.com.

Dr. Shapiro’s team of naming consultants includes an assembly of her former academic associates and other creative individuals who are waiting to help you create a trademarkable domain name and will offer business consulting advice. For a limited time, new customers will receive a list of 25-30 available dot-com names and hour-long consultation on business naming needs and then assistance narrowing down the list to 2-3 names, for the very low price of $500.

So, if you’re looking to invest into additional business assets, please visit www.DNadvisor.com and Dr. Shapiro and her staff will create you a domain name unlike any other you have ever seen. And visit www.potentdomainnames.com where they sell VIRTUAL PROPERTY for REAL SUCCESS™ to finance www.mentalfitness.org.

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