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EFB Beauté presents pulsating products at Medica 2013

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Pressbox (Press Release) - EFB Beauté of France will be presenting its high-tech and designer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) range of products at the Medica 2013 trade show, in Düsseldorf, from 20 to 23 November. The company is part of Eurofeedback Group, a specialist in pulsed-light technology that has been working on the technique of long-lasting hair removal and photorejuvenation for over 12 years and is now one of the major players in the market. EFB Beauté is seeking distributors in the UK and Ireland.

EFB Beauté of France offers a full range of IPL equipment – Anthélia®, Ariane® and Adena® – for clinics, doctors and beauty salons, and EFB Beauté’s experts provide training for optimal use of the company’s equipment. The treatments are already available in more than 20 countries worldwide and, with the company now expanding its presence across Europe, exclusive partners are being sought in the British and Irish markets to distribute EFB Beauté’s IPL equipment.

The range of EFB Beauté’s products will be presented at the Medica 2013 trade show (Stand 17D23A), in Düsseldorf (Western Germany), between 20 and 23 November of this year.

Innovation is essential in this rapidly changing field and the research carried out by EFB Beauté has resulted in the filing of 17 patents, including a worldwide patent for the long-lasting removal of white and blond hair, which had previously been untreatable using IPL. EFB Beauté’s IPL equipment provides quick, painless and customized hair removal based on a client’s skin tone (on a scale of 1 to 6) and on hair colour (black, blond or white).

The company’s patented and certified machines also offer effective and safe treatments for reducing wrinkles and firming the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, erasing pigmented spots and varicosities to even out skin tone, and reducing inflammatory and bacterial acne (which is achieved through better regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands). The outstanding results obtained through the use of EFB Beauté’s pulsed-light technology are internationally recognised by professionals in the fields of beauty and dermatology.

EFB Beauté has an integrated R&D department and the research conducted by its engineers, together with the tests that are performed and the techniques that are employed, enables EFB Beauté to maintain a significant technological advance over its competitors. EFB Beauté’s IPLs are fitted with innovative technologies including, for example, stable-energy production and automatically updated programmes in order to ensure safety and ease of use, as well as optimal treatment efficiency.

IPL phototherapy diffuses a filtered polychromatic light over the body which, in the case of long-term hair removal, is specifically absorbed by the melanin and, in photorejuvenation, by the haemoglobin. The light energy is converted into heat based on a simple and safe process. The rising temperature then stimulates the production of collagen or, at higher temperatures, promotes the coagulation of protein for hair removal treatment or to reduce capillary redness. The diffused light acts gently to achieve visible and conclusive results from the first sessions.

About EFB Beauté

EFB Beauté is part of Eurofeedback Group (or EFB Group). Founded in France in 1989, the company manufactures electronic equipment specifically designed for the space industry and the military, especially pulsed-light tubes. Since 1994, EFB Group has also specialised in the design and production of pulsed-light equipment for the industrial, medical and beauty sectors.

Medica is the world’s largest medical-sector trade show and takes place annually, in November, in Düsseldorf (Germany). In 2013, Medica will be organising an extensive seminar programme in English on a range of topics including infectious diseases, preventative medicine, military medicine, and medical services in emergency situations (such as natural disasters).

EFB Beauté will attend the Medica 2013 trade show (Stand 17D23A), between 20 and 23 November 2013.

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