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Daydreaming can seriously increase your wealth!

Added: (Wed Oct 25 2000)


New book reveals how to make a career from conceiving and selling ideas.

Ace Images is proud to announce a 'How to' book with a difference.
'IMAGINE YOUR WAY TO A FORTUNE: The Secrets of Selling Your Hot Ideas for
Cold Hard Cash' (published September 2000) reveals the secrets of how big
money can, and is being made from selling ideas - ideas for toys, games,
gadgets and gizmos such as Trivial Pursuit, Furby, and Rubik's Cube; for
television entertainment formats like Big Brother, Robot Wars, and Who Wants
To Be A Millionaire?, and for computer games and characters such as Tomb
Raider and Lara Croft.

The book explores a number of exciting markets, highlighting a rich source
of opportunities for anyone with a vivid imagination and the desire to
succeed. Subjects covered include:

- Toys, Games, Gadgets and Gizmos
- Animation Concepts and Characters
- Internet Ventures
- Computer Games
- Television Programme Formats
- Protecting and Submitting your Ideas

The author, Adam S Pope, developed 'IMAGINE YOUR WAY TO A FORTUNE' to demonstrate that it is possible for Joe Public to conceive, market, and license their ideas, if they know how to play the game. Unfortunately, most people
have little or no understanding of what it takes to get an idea into the
marketplace, and will quickly become familiar with the concept of the
rejection slip. This new book aims to change all that by giving the reader a
unique insight into a profession shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Adam S Pope, is a freelance script and creative writer for the animation
industry. When he's not writing comedy sketches about neurotic snakes or
quirky aliens, he can usually be found designing concepts for projects as
diverse as children's toys and games, through to ideas for exciting gadgets
and gizmos. Within the past twelve months alone, Adam has successfully
marketed two funky new animated series for children; an innovative
interactive computer game concept; and a safety/ travel gadget for infants.

'Animation studios, toy manufacturers and other creative companies
frequently tell me that they are swamped with unsolicited ideas for the next Lastminute.com, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? or Lara Croft.' Said Adam S
Pope,at his office near Gloucester. 'Unfortunately 99% of these ideas are rejected, because
their authors fail to observe some very simple, yet essential submission
guidelines and rules.'

And in a nutshell, that's what this book is all about - teaching people how
to join that 1% to ensure that their ideas immediately jump up and grab
development executives by the jugular. 'IMAGINE YOUR WAY TO A FORTUNE' is a step-by-step approach to achieving this, written in a no-nonsense, but often humorous style. Crucially, its chapters include examples of professionally
composed concept documents, enabling the reader to gain an appreciation of
the expectations of company decision-makers. The book also includes case
studies, submission guidelines, relevant industry contacts, and a
confidentiality agreement template that alone is worth its purchase price
many times over.

Malcolm Taylor, a marketing consultant for Business Link UK, acknowledges that the book offers a 'Succinct, but in-depth analysis, of a really important and difficult subject area. A vital reference guide for anyone considering approaching companies with a saleable idea.'

Neville Buchanan, co-founder of Parkville Productions, Cardiff considers it 'An intelligent, informed, and highly entertaining read... the definitive A,B,C of how to compose and submit ideas for animation characters and series.'

And Jo Knighton, a product manager at Tomy UK, notes that 'Product inventors
will substantially increase the chance of their ideas or concepts reaching
the marketplace by following the excellent pointers and advice contained
within this guide'.

'IMAGINE YOUR WAY TO A FORTUNE' is the first step towards turning ideas from
mere tenants of the imagination and into potentially lucrative commercial


- IMAGINE YOUR WAY TO A FORTUNE is published in September 2000, priced
12.99 + 1.95 (p&p) available direct from Ace Images. Orders are usually
despatched upon receipt. Alternatively, the title can also be purchased
online from Amazon at
- A web site promoting the book can be found at www.aceimages.co.uk
- Review copies are available from Ace Images, and we are happy to arrange
Reader Offers to accompany any editorial.
- Photos available on request.


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