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Daltechealth.net conducts endurance test and helps you to know the health status of the employee

Added: (Sat Apr 12 2014)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Place 6th March 2014- It is known fact that every organization in today’s world is asking to undergo a pre-assessment exam to confirm and ensure that the candidate is physically and mentally fit to perform that particular job. The main objective of conducting such exam is to increase employee morale, work productivity and workplace safety. These tests are conducted by professional and certified medical review officer or nurse. These people have extreme skills in health assessments. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (1985) have set some physical requirements that have to be fulfilled by the person before undertaking the duties. If the person succeeds in the exam, then he is considered as a productive employee and is capable to resist against the stress in the job and if the match is incorrect, then the person may lack physical capacity, and may have a stress related illness as a result of this work
This pre-placement health assessment plays a key role in every organization where the employee has to meet the set emotional and physical capabilities prior to employment. This helps the employer to know the general health status of the employee. However, every employer expects 100% attendance, good productivity and longevity from the employee and this happens only if he is physically and mentally perfect. Carrying out this assessment let the organization know the employee general health. Increase of medical benefits and employee related insurances have made the employer for evaluating the health of employee before taking him into the job.
Generally, this type of health checks is done in high skilled jobs such as military, air force, defense, etc. Since, these people invest a lot in employee training. Moreover, employee should have endurance to accomplish the tasks in these jobs. Taking a weak person or the person with pre-existing illness may damage the reputation of the organization. There are many occupational health companies who test the employees and give them the status of their health. This benefits both the employee and employer. It means the employee will get to know the pre-existing illness in the early stage and helps him/her to correct it before leading to disability and the employer will know the health condition of the employee.
This pre-assessment exam will cost less and helps to establish a baseline record about the physical condition of the person for epidemiologic and medicolegal purposes. This type of exams is being carried out in most of the government sectors to prevent occupational diseases at an early stage. Doing such medical evaluation empowers the employee to gather comparative data about the disease, its condition and how it affects the work. Furthermore, this gives extra protection for the employees and alerts them in case of any changes in their health condition. This type of testing has to be conducted in every organization to know the health condition of employee and to prevent occupational diseases at an early stage.
The pre-assessment test includes various health exams and documents of health history. Few companies also conduct different type of medical tests on employee, based on their job description. The common tests include checking pulse rate, height, Visual acuity, weight, blood pressure, endurance test, Musculo-skeletal examinations, Kraus-Weber back strength, etc. These tests will let the employer know about the pre-disposing problems in the employee.

After completion of health assessment, a report is handed over to the designated company official. He/she then decides whether the candidate is fit to perform their duties or not. You can get pre-placement health assessment services from many reputed health companies at less expensive rates on visit here http://daltechealth.net/ .

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