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Cleaning your Ugg boots is also important

Added: (Sat Jan 09 2010)

Pressbox (Press Release) - I think you must know the popularity of Ugg boots and are attracted by their comfortable and warmth. So, I guess you should wear your Ugg boots frequently. As we all know that Ugg boots will make you beautiful. But, do you know how to clean your Ugg boots to keep them new?

Some of the special cleaning products can be very expensive. Are you wondering if there are some simpler strategies that can offer the same results? Following is a list of a few helpful home tips for keeping your Ugg Boots looking as good as when you wore them for the very first time.

When cleaning your Ugg shoes at home, there are a few simple steps to follow. First, very lightly dampen the outside of the boot with some cold water and a soft cloth. Be careful to not fully immerse them in water, that won't work nearly as well. Not only will the lining become totally soaking wet, it will become misshapen.

After dampening with a wet cloth, dilute a solution of general cleaner that is appropriate for use on leather products. Typically mixing one part of cleaning solution to one part water works perfectly. Use a wet sponge to apply to your boots. Using a sponge that has been soaked in clean cold water, you should carefully rinse off the cleaning solution from the boots. Dry the boots by blotting them with paper towels then stuff some extra paper towels into the boots. Newspaper works well, too, and often helps to retain the shape of the boots. Be observant, and do not leave the boots in direct sunlight or close to a direct heat source to dry.

After your Ugg Boots are clean and dry, you will need to use a suede brush or a towel that is lint free to restore the nap on the outside of the boot. If necessary, you may need to take approximately 2 teaspoons of baking powder and 2 teaspoons of corn flour and sprinkle it inside of the boot. Shake it around inside the boot, and shake it out again in the morning. This not only helps absorb any excess moisture that remains inside, but it helps eliminate any odor buildup.

So many people think that buying a pair of right Uggs is very important. But, now, cleaning your Ugg boots and keeping them new are also important because they are fashion and expensive. These shoes can last longer and wear fashionably if you keep them well.


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